Triangular Craft

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Hi, All,

We've changed the look of our web site and made some adjustments.

The Local UFO Photos page contains photos of what appear to be the

'regular' type UFOs.  The new pages, The Deming Lights, contain

photos of the lights Ann and I have been seeing and photographing

since March, 2005.


First, let me explain what I mean by 'regular type UFOs.'  These are

UFOs that appear to be a solid object, like a triangle or a saucer.  The

Deming Lights appear to be more on the form of energy and not a

solid type craft.  These are very similar to the Marfa Lights of Marfa,

Texas.  Marfa's Legendary Lights.


Ann and I have been studying the photos of the lights since March,

2005, and they appear to be a pure energy which has the ability

to change shape, color, size and location.


These lights, at times, appear to come from inside of the mountains to

our east approximately 5-18 miles from our house.  At times, these

lights 'sit' on the mountains.  Sometimes these lights hang above

or hover about the mountain tops.  Sometimes the lights just 'appear'

above the mountains and move in different directions.


Over the years, there have been many people who believe there might

be a 'society, group, race (I hate that word), or a people of a highly

advanced evolutionary state' living deep inside Earth.  We are two

who believe this to be true.  God made man in His own image,

therefore, they are human beings.


Ann and I believe that a 'human being' is not synonymous with or

limited to planet Earth.  These are called "Earthlings."  Human beings

living on planet Earth.  A human being who resides on the planet Zeta

Reticuli is called a Zeta Reticulan, which is a human being of a

more advanced evolutionary state.


Ann and I will keep getting pictures of the lights we've been seeing.

We'll keep taking them until they either disappear or make contact.

Actually, both Ann and I hope contact will be made.  And, I might

add, soon, very soon!


In the meantime, enjoy the photos.  Take a look at our histories,

see our web pages Ann, Her Father & Roswell and Omega Agency.


Dennis & Ann Bossack (DNA)

Deming, New Mexico, USA


These photos were taken September 19, 2003, at 7:30pm, MDT.

This triangle was hovering between our house and Interstate 10, north of us.





These photographs were taken from our house 22 miles east of Deming, NM.

Approximate distance to triangle is 6 miles. (Ann thought at first that the craft

was closer to the horizon a distance of approximately 35 miles.)

A tripod was used taking these photographs.

The photos were taken on Tuesday, July 22, 2002.