May He bless you with understanding of this truth...

Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are,

and the things which shall be hereafter...

Revelation 1:19

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Chapters Forty-One - Forty-Five

Chapter Forty-One

Monday, December 4, 2006



In this chapter I will address some of the questions and myths people have about Visitors.


They are called Visitors simply because that's what they are doing on Earth…visiting.


There is no such thing as a 'green shape-shifting reptilian alien.'  Simply put, God made man in His own image.  Genesis 1:27, "So God created man in his [own] image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."


When speaking of Visitors (aliens), the UFO community cannot or will not understand this simple verse from the Bible.


Another thing the UFO community has major trouble understanding is the term 'human being' when speaking of Visitors (aliens). 


Human being is a classification.  Human being does NOT mean Earth or Earthling.  As human beings on planet Earth, do we not come from various places or various origins? 


I am Polish and Irish and originally from New York.  Does this not make me a human being?  Some may not think so, but I am.  Currently, I live in New Mexico, USA.  Does this make me a 'non-human being'?


Human beings can and do come from everywhere around the Universe.  There are human beings from Virum, Tyre, Reticuli and so on.  We are all human beings, just from somewhere else.


Evolution.  Evolution is, in fact, part of God's plan.  It has nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with coming from monkeys or up from the slime.  Evolution is a process of advancement or growth.  Nothing more.


God put Adam and Eve on this planet.  They didn't come from monkeys or slime.  They came from the Hand of God.  Again, I refer you to Genesis 1:27.


As God made man in His own image, He also made us different from one another.  Does being different mean we are not human beings?  Not at all.


As Earthlings, let us step away from our arrogant, egocentric ways and beliefs.


We ARE NOT the first people God placed in the Universe.  In fact, we are one of the youngest planets in the Universe.


Because of our youth, we are arrogant and egocentric, believing we are the most advanced peoples in the great unknown.


The difference between people is what makes some believe that Visitors are demons, or fallen angels.  This is only because they are so advanced from Earthlings.


Due to Visitor technology, Earthling's arrogance makes us believe Visitors MUST be evil.  This cannot be more wrong.


Think back to the computer boom of the 1990s.  When computers started becoming a part of our everyday lives, did we look upon computers as evil?  Of course not.  That's silly.  It's advancement, plain and simple.


However, as unadvanced Earthlings we do have prejudices.  Admit it.  We all have them or have had them.


Talk to a white person from a nice middle class family from the suburbs and ask them how they felt while driving through Harlem or any other ghetto.  You find they were nervous, tense and very frightened.  Why?  Because they were in a neighborhood which is predominantly black (I'm not being politically correct by choice).  This lack of understanding of someone else's culture and beliefs frightens people.  It's all a lack of understanding. 


When people do not understand something, they become frightened.  Childish, isn't it?


Because we do not yet have a real understanding of Visitors, they must be evil or bad.  Wrong.  They are just different.


Think about this.  We ALL have a different fingerprint, something which makes each one of us unique.  Would this be cause for classifying someone as an 'alien'?


Ridiculous, isn't it?


That's exactly what people do when they refer to Visitors as 'aliens', 'fallen angels' or 'demons.' 


The big problem with people's understanding of Visitors is, in fact, that they ARE different.


And remember the words of Aldous Huxley, "An unexciting truth may be eclipsed by a thrilling lie."



Chapter Forty-Two

Monday, December 4, 2006



Visitors are different in many ways from Earthlings.


As Earthlings, we might use five percent of our brain.  Just average Visitors use seventy-five percent of their brains.  Big difference. 


Some Visitors have evolved in many different ways.  Reticulans, for instance, no longer carry their babies during pregnancy.  They now have their babies in vitro.  In vitro pregnancy makes for a more efficient society with nonexistent complications from childbirth and pregnancy.


Not all Visitors have children in this manner.  The Virums who are the most advanced society in the known Universe still carry their babies as Earthlings do.  They have 'basically' the same labor, weight gain and so on.


Ann and I just learned about Virum birth recently.


Salum, Tyler and Stave (Jeremiah) who are the three main people of Omega on Earth, have just recently gotten married and had children.  Salum is the leader of Omega Agency universally.  Tyler is Salum's second-in-command and Stave is Salum's protégé`.  All are stationed on Earth to observe our coming End Time.


Salum married Cellom and they recently had triplets, Salum, Jr., Cellom and Ann Sarah.  Tyler married Esther, they recently had a boy named Tyler.  Stave married Liyla and they recently had a boy named Jeremiah (Jera for short).


Hey, be thankful I didn't write it in 'begats.'


All these children were conceived, carried and birthed in the usual manner.  All the parents were married before a 'representative' which is similar to a justice of the peace or judge on Virum.  All were married before the eyes of God.


All the Visitors believe in God and His Word.  They live by it.  One day people will come to understand that God truly does exist.  Some might learn it the hard way, others the not-so-hard way.  But, God does exist.   


Triplets are a very rare occurrence on Virum, in fact, there have only been six sets of triplets in Virum's total history.  Now there are seven sets.


Salum is a legend throughout the known Universe.  Most people, from all planets, either know Salum or know of him.  Salum heads a military unit known as the Elite.  They are highly trained and their main job is to protect the Universe, the planets and the people. 


It has come to our attention in the last year that Salum is also a chosen person.  Chosen by God for a job he does not yet know...but he is ready to carry out the wishes of the Creator.


When we first met Salum he was seven feet in height.  The average Virum male is six feet five inches to six feet eight inches tall, long blond hair (middle of the back) and with a muscular physique.  The Virums are and have always been the 'ambassadors' for first contact on all advanced planets in the known Universe.


During the last year, Salum has grown to a height of ten feet and now weighs seven hundred pounds.  An awesome sight, for sure.  Salum's hair falls to the middle of his knees, is platinum blond and straight.  Needless to say, Salum dwarfs Arnold Schwarzenegger and all other bodybuilders.


As do all Visitors, they have the ability to read minds.  This is only done with permission as it entails invasion of privacy.  There are a few cases in which that is ignored for security reasons.  They can speak telepathically.  They can levitate, and they can control their strength as needed.


The Virum brain runs from the head, as does ours, down the back of the neck and across their shoulders.  Actually, the Virums use approximately eighty-five percent of their brains.  Big difference compared to our usage of only a meager five percent.


The Virums have been around for millions of millennia.  Virum is also the only planet that had no End Time.  Christ did visit Virum, but there was no need for an End Time as the Virums were born with good sense and understood God's Words from the start.


The remainder of the seven hundred fifty-two advanced planets have all been through an End Time, as will we…soon, it seems.


Again, I remind you of the words of Aldous Huxley, "An unexciting truth may be eclipsed by a thrilling lie."



Chapter Forty-Three

Monday, December 4, 2006



I'll explain about the Pleiadians and Reticulans in this chapter and hopefully clear up some of the myths and untruths about the Visitors.


The first thing I'd like to say is that neither the Pleiadians nor the Reticulans are "gray."  They are, however, an ash white, but most assuredly not gray.


People claim to have seen "gray aliens."  I will explain this later.


Another thing I'd like to make very clear is about the Pleiadians.  No one alive at this time on planet Earth  has ever seen a Pleiadian.  Nope, not even Billy Meier.


The reason I can say this with such confidence is the fact that Pleiadians have been going through an evolutionary change for the last one thousand years. 


During an evolutionary change, a planet basically shuts down.  The planet is patrolled by the Virum Military Elite to ensure there is no interference during this time of major change on the planet.


The Pleiadians looked very similar to the Reticulans.  They averaged about three foot six inches in height, approximately sixty-five to seventy-five pounds.  They were ash white, not gray.  They have very large, dark almond-shaped eyes (I'll explain the eyes later).  They had no hair or genitals. 


As the Reticulans are not, THEY WERE NOT REPTILIAN.  Ain't no such animal.


They were not demons or fallen angels, simply, they are people, just like you and I are, human beings.  The difference is the evolutionary stage which they are in.


As this evolutionary change occurs, the Pleiadians will become 'light.'  Actually, just a pure form of energy, which is known as Universal energy.  The life-giving force of the entire Universe.


As I sit and write this (December 2006) the Pleiadians are currently ten years from the completion of this evolutionary shift.


What happens is the entire population of the shifting planet goes into a state of 'suspended animation' so to speak.  During this state the entire population will physically change into light beings or energy. The entire process takes one thousand years.


So, Mr. Meier could not have visited with Pleiadians unless Mr. Meier was more than a thousand years old himself.  Consequently, none of Eduard (Billy) Meier's photographs is of real spaceships.  Furthermore, Billy Meier was not contacted by anyone.  He began to become a really famous one-armed Swiss farmer when a cult formed around him.


There are a few Pleiadians who have completed this evolutionary change, but they cannot, would not, leave their planet until the change is totally complete.  Leaving the planet at this time would bring complications upon the populace of Pleiadia.


As responsible, highly mature people, the Pleiadians would never think of jeopardizing the rest of their people just for a trip off their planet. 


Selfishness is not found in Visitors.  Maturity, trustworthiness, and responsibility are.



Chapter Forty-Four

Monday, December 4, 2006



The Reticulans.


Zeta II Reticuli is the third oldest planet in the known Universe.  Virum is the oldest, followed by Pleiadia, then Zeta II Reticuli, Lidum, Tyre and so on.


The Reticulans looked very similar to the Pleiadians with their large almond-shaped dark eyes.  They, too, are three feet six inches in height and weigh about the same.  They are hairless and have no genitals. 


The Reticulans, as the Pleiadians, are not demons or fallen angels.  They, too, are human beings, just like you and I are.


Because they look so different from us Earthlings, most people on Earth cannot fathom that advanced people just might look differently than we do.


I have argued with ufologists over the years to no avail.  I am now quite certain that "Stupidity hinders thought" (a Dennisism). 


It has always amazed me how intelligent people, especially those holding masters degrees and PhDs, could be so close-minded and set in their ways.  Scientists themselves appear to be the worst.  It really seems the more education a person gets, the more their minds slam shut.


It's a shame...they are missing so much.


Getting back to the Reticulans.  The Reticulans have always been a private people.  Very introverted, yet very outspoken.  Strange, I know, but that's the way it is with them.


Reticulans shy away from touching.  They tend to stay around Reticulans and only mix with others when necessary.


They are very much a private people.  Maybe too private.  More on that later.


The touching done by Jona and Aviel in the early parts of our relationships was considered very strange and caught the attention of many Visitors.


One of the reasons we believe that they touched me was due to the fact that both Ann and I have a small, very small, amount of Reticulan DNA.  This was added to us at our births.  We've been told the only reason for this is to make us strong.


I was still-born.  As many of you know, I have had heart problems (doctors' exams have shown no blockage in my arteries);  I have had a mild stroke, resulting in the loss of vision on the right side of both eyes.  I have had necrotizing fasciitis (the flesh-eating bacteria) and lost my left testicle plus a pound and a half of flesh and tissue.  I have had a brand-new ladder break while I was twenty feet off the ground (fixing Christmas lights) resulting in damage to an artery in my leg, and an eighty-percent loss of the use of my right shoulder.  By the way, for years I was a volunteer firefighter in my home town.  I know how to use ladders.  We no longer do Christmas lights--and we no longer do ladders.


I have also been dead three times throughout my life.  Only one death, though, included a 'near-death experience.'  Yes, there was the bright white tunnel of light and I saw my father and uncles.


There is a reason I've included some of my history in with this chapter on the Reticulans.  And, as they say, "But wait!  There's more!"


The main reason I believe I've survived all this is because of the added Reticulan DNA.  Maybe that's why I'm bald?  The Reticulan look!  Gee, I get their baldness, not their brains.


Anyway, the Reticulans have been a major influence in so much of the technology and life-in-general around the known Universe.


The Reticulans have had so much to do with so much throughout the history of the known Universe.  Maybe too much…



Chapter Forty-Five

Monday, December 4, 2006



I cannot stress enough my concern with the UFO Community.


The sources used by the UFO Community have always baffled me greatly.  Amazingly, a good portion of the 'famous' ufologists have NEVER even seen a UFO, yet they are the so-called experts.


The other most popular source within the UFO Community are military personnel, whether active or retired.


The members of the UFO Community hang on every word these 'experts' spew forth.  But let any military person, retired or active, speak about current affairs and they are liars and are covering everything up.


Does this make any sense at all?


One thing that truly blows me away is that most of these ufo 'experts' use their credentials as proof, yet at the same time consider most people stupid.  Which is why they become the 'experts.'


We all have our attributes and strengths.  We all have knowledge and understanding.  But when it comes to UFOs and Visitors it seems only the highly educated are listened to.


Again I ask, does this make any sense at all?


Ever notice how few 'experts' have been visited by 'aliens'?  Most visitations seem to take place among the regular, average people, not the highly educated, retired or active military or people connected with government agencies or agendas.


These so-called 'experts' if not military or highly educated, are, or have been, connected with or worked for either a government contractor or a government entity.  Yet, let a nuclear scientist say a nuclear device is safe and he's lying to everyone.  But, let that same person speak about UFOs or Visitors and he instantly becomes an expert and is believed in everything he says concerning UFOs and Visitors.


Sorry to say, but those believing this are falling for government tactics.  Whether knowingly or not these so-called experts are being used by the government to spew lies and misinformation.


Folks, wake up, think about it.  Does it make any sense at all that the main well-known ufologists are, or have been, connected to the government in one way or another?


Remember this.  Ann's father was murdered because he spoke the truth about the Roswell Incident.  So, why is that so many of those who claim to 'know' have not been killed?  This is how our government works, always has and always will.  Attempts on my life have been many over the recent years.  Yet, how many 'UFO experts" have been killed?  NONE.


Please take note that so many ufologists whether government connected or not have the same story:  Aliens are bad and evil.  UFOs are bad and evil.


Albert Einstein was a brilliant man, probably more brilliant than ninety-nine percent of the people on this planet.  Did we all classify Einstein as a demon, fallen angel, bad or evil?  Of course not.  He's was just smarter than most of us.  And, are you aware of Einstein's brilliant sense of humor?


That's exactly what I'm saying when I speak about the Visitors.


There are far too many people in the UFO Community who only believe the outrageous, far-fetched tales of  'aliens' doing   something akin to black magic or some such.


Visitors (aliens) are people.  Just like we are.  They might look differently than we do.  They might be smarter than we are.  They are most assuredly more advanced than we are.


Does this make them evil or bad?  Practitioners of magic?


We were once all children.  Remember those days of learning to walk, feed yourself, clean yourself and so on.  This is exactly what the very young planet Earth is going through right at this very second.  We're children in the vast Universe.  We're still learning and we have a lot to learn yet.


However, we stay the course we’re headed down now, we just might not make it.


There is so much talk currently about the people of Earth needing to put aside their differences and learn to live together.  So many speak about needing to trust and learn from one another.  And people are doing just that.  However, they are trusting the wrong voices.


Have you ever heard anything or seen anything that proves Visitors performed terrorist attacks anywhere on Earth?  No.  Yet we have an enemy here on Earth that is very dangerous.  Far too many people are believing the lies and tales spun through Islam.  It's been proven Muslims are an enemy of the people of this planet. 


Islam and all religions, Earthlings, our governments and our citizens are solely responsible for the terrorism perpetrated on Earth.  Yet somehow, it's the Visitors who are evil or fallen angels.


I just don't get it…sorry.


Earthlings are young and immature.  Downright stupid at times.  Yet the blame is put on those we know very little about.  All because they are different than we are.  Earthlings are not taking responsibility for their choices and actions. 


Again, I ask you, does this make any sense at all?



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