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Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are,

and the things which shall be hereafter...

Revelation 1:19

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Chapters Thirty-Six - Forty

Chapter Thirty-Six

Friday, November 24, 2006



In the words of Mr. Peabody (Rocky & Bullwinkle Show), "It's time to step into the 'way back machine' to the year 1947."


I am sure most of you know about the Roswell Incident of 1947.  For those who might not, here's a run down about what really took place that day.


First, let's start with the date of the Roswell Incident.  The date was July 4, 1947.  There has never been an exact date given to this event.  Many people have their own guess at the date, but July 4, 1947, is the correct date.


Why, July 4, you might ask?  It was the perfect day for a coverup.  It was Independence Day.  The Roswell Army Air Field was working with a skeleton crew as the war was over and there was no threat of any kind toward the United States.


Remember, this was just two years after the U.S. dropped two atomic bombs on Japan.  The world was quiet…for the time being.  The American people were happy, content and the economy was beginning its boom.  The American people felt safe after World War II ended.  There was a major baby-boom underway.  Things were looking good, great in fact.


With only a skeleton crew guarding the base, and those guards not worried about anything, it was quiet at the Roswell Army Air Field.  Just the way the powers-that-be wanted it.


I know you've all heard about the rancher who found the debris scattered around a pasture.  But wait, here's the real story…


So many people who have researched the Roswell Incident, have missed a very significant point in the whole scenario.  Mack Brazel, the ranch foreman who 'found' the debris was barely scratching out a living on the sheep ranch of J.B. Foster, thirty miles southeast of Corona, New Mexico.


As I said, the economic boom was just starting, not yet in full swing and times were still a little tight.  Mr. Brazel was getting by, but just barely.


Gee, shortly after Mr. Brazel 'discovered' the debris on the ranch, Mr. Brazel suddenly purchased a brand new pickup truck, also new clothes and had money to burn around town. 


Coincidence?  I think not.


Now the rest of the story.  Mr. Brazel was out checking the stock when he happened upon all these military types setting up cameras and other types of equipment.  There were trucks and cars everywhere and a fair amount of people all working diligently at their jobs.


All in the middle-of-nowhere New Mexico.


Of course, Mr. Brazel was curious.  He approached the area and, of course, was immediately stopped from entering.


Okay, the people running this little show had a problem.  They never expected to find anyone out here, especially during the holiday time.


As it turned out, one of the military men knew Mr. Brazel.  He talked with his superiors and the decision was made to use Mr. Brazel, if need be.  Which, in the long run, was exactly what they did.


Also, remember that some Roswell researchers have said that the radar operators on the Roswell base stated they saw radar blips the night of the fourth.  Of course, the blips acted very erratically and they couldn't make sense out of the blips.


The coincidences are building.  Welcome to yet another government coverup.



Chapter Thirty-Seven

Friday, November 24, 2006



On the night of July 4, 1947, the Roswell Incident was born.


General Roger Ramey and other government officials were present on the scene of the crash.  What occurred was a small group of rogue Zeta Reticulans made an attempt to move Earth's evolution along just a little.


These rogue Reticulans arranged a meeting with General Ramey and the other government officials in which they would demonstrate the flying techniques of the ships.  This would be accomplished by having three Army Air Corps pilots on each of the two ships that would be present.


There were two Reticulans that night, one per ship.  As the ships were flying over the meeting area that night, the Reticulans taught the pilots how to use their thoughts to fly the ships.  Things were going just fine, the pilots were really getting the hang of flying by thought.


Then, suddenly, as does happen quite often in the desert, lightening strikes started over the area.  Ann and I have always thought this was a sign from God telling the Reticulans they were interfering. 


Well, the Reticulans told the pilots there was nothing to worry about, just keep their minds on the flying.


Easier said than done.


Yeah, it really was easier said than done.  A lightening bolt hit one of the ships and the Earth pilot lost his train of thought.  With that the ship took a nose-dive right for the desert floor.


Seeing this, the Earth pilot of the other ship lost his train of thought.  Luckily, the Reticulan in the second ship gained control of it and that ship skipped off the ground.


The first ship and crew weren't so lucky.  It bounced, skipped and crashed, boring a nice-sized rut in the earth.  Then stopped suddenly with a jerk.


When emergency personnel made it to the ship, they couldn't open the hatch.  The second ship landed, the Reticulan from the second ship opened the door of the first.


They found three dead American pilots and one severely injured Reticulan.


Now General Ramey and crew had three dead men they needed to account for.  What would they do now?  How could they get around this? 


Enter Mack Brazel.


This is when they decided to use Mr. Brazel.  A discovery of something like this would surely take people's minds off the three dead men, except, of course, for their families, who were compensated nicely, quickly and very quietly.


The next problem really shook up the general and his crew.  More ships, with more Reticulans showed up within just a few minutes after finding the dead and injured people.


These newly arrived Reticulans demanded their people back and said they were taking the ships.


The leader of those Reticulans was Jona.  General Ramey told Jona he was keeping the Reticulans as prisoners and the ships as evidence.


Jona's reply was simply, "We will see about that."


General Ramey moved his men in to surround Jona and the other Reticulans in Jona's retrieval party.  I was told Jona just calmly looked around, looked the general directly in the eye and asked, "Would you really like to see the outcome of using violence in this situation?"


Ramey looked around, a frustrated look on his face as he realized he was probably out-gunned by technology he knew nothing about.


Ramey gave in.


Jona had his crew arrest the Reticulans, take control of the undamaged ship, and remove the power plant from the severely damaged ship.  Jona told Ramey that he can keep the ship but not the engine.  Jona knew that technology such as this must never get into the hands of a nonadvanced people.  It would be far too dangerous.


Jona secured his prisoners, the undamaged ship and headed to Zeta II Reticuli.


General Ramey was left with what he thought was an empty hull.


There was debris scattered everywhere from the crash.  Ramey had his men start to clean up the area when an idea struck him.


Mack Brazel.


Ramey had his men leave some debris where Brazel would find it.  He knew Brazel would be curious and return to the area to see what he could find out about what was going on.


Well, sure as the sun rising, Mr. Brazel returned the next morning and found the scattered debris.  He dismounted his horse.  He picked up several pieces, closely scrutinizing each one.  It was strange indeed.


Mr. Brazel took some of the debris to the sheriff in Roswell and just told the sheriff he found this strange stuff in one of his pastures.  Remember, Mr. Brazel was being paid to keep his mouth shut.  Of course, this is what was expected by General Ramey.


The sheriff called the air field and reported the strange debris to someone there.  At first, the sheriff thought Brazel was crazy or had been drinking or had spent too long in the sunshine...something.  But the debris was strange, very strange.


Ramey sent Major Jesse Marcel (senior) to investigate the 'debris field.'


Major Marcel, who knew nothing of the set up, was completely awed by what he saw.  He noticed the strange texture of the material and the way it felt and behaved.  Major Marcel gathered some of the debris and headed back to the air field.



Chapter Thirty-Eight

Friday, November 24, 2006



Major Jesse Marcel, Sr. stopped by his home before heading back to the air field.  He wanted his wife and son to see and touch this strange stuff. 

While his son, Jesse Marcel, Jr. was looking this strange metal over, Jesse Jr. saw the I-beam in a folded piece of this metal.  He also 'crumpled' a piece of the metal. Putting it back on the kitchen table, he watched as it unfolded itself to a smooth surface. Shiny, totally free of wrinkles.


Jesse, Jr. was given a gift that night.  He was able to remember the I-beam, exactly as he saw it.  The strangely abbreviated shapes and their unique color, Jesse remembers to this day.


Major Marcel gathered up the debris and headed for the base.  The rest remains a mystery…The Roswell Incident coverup came to life.


As for the rogue Reticulans, they were taken to Zeta II Reticuli, jailed, very quickly put on trial, and were found guilty of Interference.  Interference is a serious crime on advanced planets.  This crime was punishable by termination.  We, on Earth, call it the death penalty.  Punishment was swift and painless for the two rogues.


Another very interesting fact was uncovered a few days later. These two rogue Reticulans were well known to Jona.  They were Jona's brother and cousin.  Jona administered the punishment himself.


Boy, that's abiding by the law.  To put your own brother and cousin to death for their crime and carrying out the sentence yourself is unheard of on an unadvanced planet. 


The councils of the various planets and the Omega Council now looked upon Jona as an exceptional individual.  A hero, even.


Despite what some say, no one really ever saw the bodies of the so-called dead aliens that were kept at the air field, then moved to parts unknown.


The bodies of those dead pilots were quickly decaying in the summer heat.  Thus, becoming almost unrecognizable, 'alien-like.'


This fit perfectly into the cover-up.


Despite what many have said about seeing the 'alien' bodies, actually very few, and I do mean very few, people have seen the bodies.  There have been some who have seen the pilots' bodies from a distance, but never close enough to get a good look.


So many things that took place during the early part of the Roswell Incident had that 'Houdini' feel about them.  You're shown what the government wanted you to see, but it was all misdirection.  This still works today.


There have been many witnesses to the actual crash that happened Friday, July 4, 1947, but very, very few have seen the bodies.


Think about this.  Does it really make sense to you that the military, attempting a cover-up, would bring in a civilian undertaker?


Set the stories in motion.  Get all the different stories flowing through the media and the townsfolk. 


It's all misdirection…



Chapter Thirty-Nine

Friday, November 24, 2006



Although very few have actually seen the bodies, many have seen the crashed ship and debris.


Ann's father, Lt. Richard Clayton Harris, Jr., was one such witness.  As the air field's Budget and Fiscal Officer (accounting and finance officer today) Ann's father was responsible for all the funds flowing out and in of the air field concerning the crashed UFO. 


Lt. Richard Clayton Harris, Jr., did, in fact, witness the crash the night of July 4, 1947.  He had to know everything so he could properly bury/hide the funds.


In an interview he gave with Kevin Randall for Strange Universe, which first aired February 12, 1997, Ann's dad stated it was a "spaceship" and said, "there was a gouge in the earth where it scooted along, then went airborne a couple of miles, 3 - 4, and just didn't have anymore gas and landed over there."


Kevin Randall corroborated that Ann's dad was, in fact, the man in charge of the money at the Roswell Army Air Field, 1947.  Mr. Randall further stated that he never thought to follow the money trail.  This was one important fact Mr. Randall said he overlooked.


After fifty years of silence, Ann's dad gave this interview still under the threat of death if anyone spoke about it.  On August 12, 1997, exactly six months to the day the interview first aired, Ann's dad was murdered under very strange circumstances.


Ann's father was found by his caregiver at 10:00am, Wednesday, August 13, 1997, in the living room of his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


The medical examiner said it looked as if he had fallen, hit his head on an adobe wall, leaving a six inch hole (Ann saw the forensic ruler taped to the wall above the hole), crushed the back of his head and broke his neck.


Makes sense being that Ann's dad was eighty-two years old, needing to use a walker or cane and was now a frail man.  However, there are circumstances which make no sense at all.


Ann's father's body was found by the couch in the living room.  The hole in the wall was about ten feet from where his body was found.  How does a man, eighty-two years old, 'fall' into an adobe wall, crushing his skull and breaking his neck, get up and move ten feet away from the wall?


Why were his cane and walker found in places he would never leave them?


Why were his slippers found at the other end of the room (dining area), one on each side of the room?


Why were there three semi-circular purple bruise marks on his face and forehead?


Why was there a blood trail fifteen feet to the other side of the room by and on the telephone?


Why was the ADT alarm system (still one of the best on the market) still active, yet never tripped?


Why was his toothbrush found on the floor beneath the hole in the wall?


What was a dark SUV doing behind his house across the alley in the vacant lot (this was seen by a neighbor)?


And, why was the CIA investigating the death of an elderly frail man along with the Albuquerque Police Department?


These questions remain unanswered to this day.  It took Ann three years to get a copy of the coroner's report and much trouble to get that.  It was also least three pages missing.


The cover up of the Roswell Incident was of major importance to our government.


You will be warned once, then terminated…



Chapter Forty

Friday, November 24, 2006



Continuing with Ann, Her Father and Roswell.


Here is a photograph of Ann's dad in his office during the Fourth of July weekend.  His entire staff was working due to the crash.  Curiously though, there is an extra person in this photo…Ann's mother.


The red circle indicates Ann's father. 

The yellow circle indicates Ann's mother.


With all the secrecy going on at this time, why would a civilian, wife or not, be allowed in the office where the money was being juggled? 


As the Visitors told us later, Ann's mom was original CIA.  She was involved in witnessing the flights of the two ships, helped set it up (through the newly formed CIA), witnessed the crash and the retrieval of the Reticulans and the ships.


Ann's mother had an interesting career with the CIA.  She was involved in things from the Roswell crash to MKULTRA to Sandia National Labs.


When Ann was two years old and her father was sent TDY (temporary duty) to Florida.  The family went along, and Ann was kidnapped, her mother told her.  I'll let Ann write this part herself.  Yes, all Mother ever told me was that I was kidnapped, gone for about three hours, brought back and that I was fine.  This is all I knew--no further information whatsoever from my mother.  Not until just a few years ago, when Dennis and I lived in Rhode Island, did he tell me that I had been visited.  I was "kidnapped" and taken to a ship.  I was "downloaded" with as much data as my two-year old mind could handle.  This is how I knew that Dennis spoke the truth when we actually met forty-eight years later. The truth has the ring of truth to it.  I had heard it all before.


Ann has always said that when the Creator formed the foundations of Earth, she was meant for me. 


I do believe this.  I've been married once before and so has Ann.  Both of our marriages were either not meant to last or not meant to be.  Ann and I had a connection, we both believe, since before each of our births.  Talk about soul mates.


Ann has always known what I've written in my book, before we even met September 9, 1997.  Whenever I spoke, Ann always said it has the ring of truth about it.


Please take note that I am posting my book on our website for all to read freely.  I have no, and have never had, any intentions of making money from this project.  I have lectured in the past with my only compensation being travel, food and hotel expenses.


Man cannot serve both God and mammon (money).


The truth is for all to know, read and hear.  Jesus Christ said it best, "He who has an ear, let him hear."


The truth shall make you free.  The truth is free.


This book is non-fiction.  This is my life.  It's here for all to read.  It's here because it is His will…enjoy and learn the truth.



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