May He bless you with understanding of this truth...

Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are,

and the things which shall be hereafter...

Revelation 1:19

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Chapters Thirty-One - Thirty-Five

Chapter Thirty-One

Wednesday, November 22, 2006



Sag and I finally made it to Tyre.  The Tyrians are nice people.  They look very much like us Earthlings, in fact, if you met Tyrians on the streets of your hometown, you wouldn't think there was anything different about them.  Of course, their intellect is much higher than ours, but hey, they are advanced.  We are not.  Not yet anyway.


The Tyrians are average height, five feet ten inches to six feet and above, just like Earthlings.  In fact, the only very slight difference one can make out is their skin.  The Tyrian Ann met in her shop, UFO LAB, in Old Town, Albuquerque, was average height, very dark hair, brown eyes, but upon close inspection--Ann was standing directly behind this man and noticed his skin. In fact, she stared for a couple of minutes at his neck above his striped t-shirt and below his hair.  His skin had large round pores each in the middle of a square that were noticeable being this close to him.


Tyre is also very similar to Earth.  The Tyrian sky is blue.  Their water is greenish-blue.  The grass is green, very green and lush.  The trees are the same as ours here on Earth.  Maple trees, pine trees, oak and so on are everywhere you look.  The trees, plants, shrubs and bushes all bloom fully and beautifully during their respective seasons.


However, nighttime is really nice on Tyre.  In fact, if you were a romantic, it would be the perfect spot for a romantic dinner, stroll on the beach and so on.  Tyre has two moons.  The closest moon is roughly the same distance as our moon is to Earth.  The second moon is approximately half that distance behind and to the right of the first moon.


The weather on Tyre is exactly like Earth's.  They have four seasons, winter, summer, spring and fall.  Fall is great on Tyre as the coming winter changes the trees' colors.  The trees are very healthy on Tyre, as on all advanced planets, and when they change color for the approaching winter, it is a spectacular sight.


Hopefully, at some future time Earth will be like this.


Sag and I spent three days on Tyre.  As I said, Tyre is a beautiful planet, however, the people are total pacifists.  I mean complete and total pacifists.  After three days of pacifism being pumped into us every time someone asked about Earth, finally got to us.


Nice planet, Tyre, but way too much pacifism for Sag and me.


We headed home…



Chapter Thirty-Two

Wednesday, November 22, 2006



We made it home safely, of course.  It was good to be back home on our own nasty little planet.


Sag and I hung around headquarters for about a week before we got another mission.  Jona assured us this mission would be far better than the last.


Sag and I worried now when we heard Jona speak like that.  Well, Jona was right this time.  Sag and I were to attend a state dinner for some visiting dignitaries from the Middle East sponsored by the State Department in Washington, D.C.  This is kiss up time for the big oil boys.  The guest of honor was the king of Saudi Arabia. 


Jona informed us that tuxedos were required for the evening.  Great, monkey suits.  Sag and I were just happy we didn't have to go back to Vietnam.  Over the years Sag and I (me more than Sag) spent a goodly amount of time in Vietnam attached with Phoenix.  This would be better, a lot better.


We were to mingle with the mucky-mucks and gather any intel we heard, saw or felt.  We were to introduce ourselves to these people, many of whom are Elite, by the names Jona would give us to use.


Jona supplied us with passports, drivers' licenses, credit cards, library cards and so forth all with our new names on them.  I cannot tell you Sag's name as Sag has still not been revealed.  I came in out of the cold, so to speak, in 1997.  The name Jona had me use was one I was familiar with already.  It was a name I'd used during my time working with my Italian friends back in New York,  Robert DeAngelo.  For those who might have heard of this name…I am Robert.


Capricorn, not having worked any mission yet, was assigned as our chauffeur.  To this day, Sag and I still tease Cappy about his little chauffeur's hat and outfit.  Jona even had Cappy wear white gloves.  Boys being boys, we ribbed him unmercifully about it.  Cappy's a great guy with a damn good sense of humor and took the ribbing as it was meant, just fooling around due to our nervousness. 


The vehicle was a Lincoln Town Car limousine, black, long and sleek.  Sag, Cappy and I wondered where this limo was being hidden as we had searched Omega headquarters thoroughly, or so we thought.


The limo was loaded on a ship for transportation to the Virginian countryside where it would be off-loaded and drive us to the dinner.  Why Virginia I never knew, we were supposed to be coming from New York, wrong direction.


Anyway, the trip was uneventful and pleasant.  The scenery was very nice lush, green rolling hills.  We arrived at the hotel where the dinner was being held.  Showtime, we said.  We really hoped this worked.  After all, our faces were not recognizable to anyone. We were nobodies.  We were nervous, extremely nervous, but we calmly handed our invitations to the Secret Service agent at the door and were admitted in to the dinner. 


This event was hosted by the Secretary of State William P. Rogers.  What we couldn't figure out was why there were Secret Service everywhere.  We found out soon enough.  President Richard M. Nixon was introduced about thirty minutes after we entered.  Opps, we guessed Jona forgot to mention that detail. 


We had no trouble and there was no suspisions by our being there.  The evening went like clockwork.  Of course, as we introduced ourselves, Sag and I noticed these people acted as if they knew us.  We'd never met these people before this evening.  As it turned out it was all just an act.  These people wanted to appear to know everybody, just in case they missed someone who might be important.  Typical politicians…phonies.


We did get to shake hands with Nixon and he asked us if we were in the military.  We told him we just got back from Vietnam.  He was friendly enough until he asked what we did there.  We told him…Special Forces, Classified Status.  He welcomed us home and moved on.


Gee, did we say something wrong?  Nope, ol' Nixon just knew, that's all.


Nixon didn't know about Omega but he surely knew about Phoenix and their nasty little deeds.


Okay, so the evening actually was very enjoyable despite all the phonies.  However, we did  make some very good contacts at all levels.  The evening was a success. 


Great!  Now let's get the hell out here, Sag said.


We headed for the limo but were stopped short by two Secret Service agents just before we got to the car.  Uh oh, damn.  Do we run or what?  Luckily, Cappy witnessed the whole thing.  Cappy was right on top of things and spoke to Jona and Mr. Z about what just happened.


The Secret Service agents 'told' us to come with them.  These guys never heard about asking someone to do something.  They were very demanding.  Okay, we're dead, we both thought.


The agents took us to an elevator where we all went to the tenth floor.  What the...?  We walked down the hall to a door that had two more Secret Service agents standing on either side of it.


One agent knocked on the door and an unseen voice in a strange accent said, "Come…"



Chapter Thirty-Three

Wednesday, November 22, 2006



Shock almost knocked the two of us off our feet.  Sitting in the living-room area of that gorgeous suite were President Nixon and Henry Kissinger.  Henry A. Kissinger would be appointed Secretary of State, September, 1973, just two months away.


Sag and I thought to each other, oh, damn, a presidential firing squad...or something was coming next.


Drinks were served and the waiter left the suite.  Nixon looked at the Secret Service agent standing by the door and nodded to him. He, too, stepped out of the suite.


We were alone in this room with the President of the United States and the soon-to-be appointed Secretary of State.  Talk about blown away, but we kept our cool.  We were ice, rock solid, an oak.  Then why were our legs shaking?


We found out later, Jona had tapped us (telepathically) when we met Nixon earlier in the evening.  Jona also tapped Nixon and Kissinger.  Jona gave them a message (telepathically) that Sag and I were two people both Kissinger and Nixon 'needed' to know.


When we found this out later we kind of jumped on Jona for not informing us that this was coming.  Jona told us that surprise was best in this situation.  So we found out the hard way.


The four of us talked for about one hour.  We spoke about Vietnam, Project Phoenix, The Elite 'uncles' we had and the general state of things in the United States of America.


When it was time to leave, Kissinger told us to stop by his office anytime we were in town.  He never gave us a business card or telephone number with which to contact him if we did stop by.  However, after a few seconds, he said to us that our security level would allow us entry to his office, the White House or wherever we might go when we were in D.C., and to just feel free to use it  anytime.


The Secret Service agents escorted us to our car, wished us a good night and off we went.


Cappy spent his time waiting for us by wiping (invisible) spects off of the limo, he told us.  Only in reality, Cappy was sweeping it for bugs.  The electronic kind.  We were free to speak openly in the limo Cappy told us.  Of course, he wanted to know what was going on.  Why did they stop us?  Jona had apparently told Cappy nothing beforehand either. 


Sag and I filled Cappy in on what took place and on our conversation with the president and Kissinger.  Both Sag and I agreed on liking Kissinger very much.  Highly intelligent man, he is.  Ann and I still pay close attention to Kissinger when he speaks about anything.  The man is definitely informed.  Over the years, I've learned to read 'between the lines' very well.  Ann had learned the same during the years before we met.


Ann and I have learned that politicians do not lie, they just twist the truth to sound like they said something entirely different.  You have to pay attention to catch it, but it's always there.  Never fails.


Cappy drove us to a different spot in the Virginia countryside.  Mr. Z and two security guys were there to meet us.  The limo was loaded onto the ship and we headed for home underneath Albuquerque once more.



Chapter Thirty-Four

Wednesday, November 22, 2006



This was an extremely productive mission.  We made some good contacts and one great contact.  Things were shaping up and starting to go our way.  Of course, making contacts such as these could have a downside and could possibly be very dangerous.


I will briefly recap some of our other missions instead of going into detail as I'm sure most of you prefer to read about the Visitors and UFOs.


During a time in the later seventies, Jona had me purchase a tractor-trailer from a major trucking company.  I spent four years getting into the particular mission I was on.  The mission concerned running guns into Mexico for a man who later became a deputy secretary of state. 


This man headed a ring setting up arms transfers both for the Mexican insurgents, Mexican government, drug cartels and various other Latin nations. 


I did manage to get in with this man and his people and ran the guns for approximately two and one-half years into Mexico. 


The mission ended with this man's movement up the political ladder.  He was becoming too public and needed to back off his current position and activities.


I spent a lot of time in Area 51, NSA, Vietnam, the United States and China over the years.


I was present in China for the Tiananmen Square protests in 1989.  Actually I was a guest of Deng Xiaoping, the leader of the People's Republic of China at the time.


During that time, I got to review the Chinese troops as a visiting dignitary.  I can tell you this, our government is lying to us about the strength of the Chinese military.


We hear the Chinese military is two-hundred million troops under arms.  This is not so.  The Chinese infantry alone is two-hundred million strong.  The entire Chinese military is more than four-hundred-fifty million troops under arms and all trained in combat, unlike our military.


This can make a major difference on how a conflict involving China and other nations will turn out.


This is also why China has Chinese troops south of the U.S.-Mexico border.  China can easily afford to spare troops to post in North America.


For those of you who are not aware of these Chinese troops south of the U.S.-Mexico border, let me fill you in.


Prior to January 10, 2003, I was contacted, covertly, by two Border Patrol agents concerning Chinese troops south of the U.S.-Mexico border which were seen fifteen miles north of the border in New Mexico.


These two agents told me that they have seen, spoken with and stopped three to four thousand Chinese troops on the U.S. side of the border in New Mexico.  This took place fifteen miles due south of our home.


The agents said the Chinese were cooperative and pleasant and gave no resistance.  Of course, that was after the agents contacted their sector and informed them of the Chinese troops on American soil.


The agents were told to wait with the Chinese and someone would be there to help them with the situation.  A short while later a U.S. Marine unit showed up.  The two colonels, Chinese and American, seemed to know each other and were acting friendly toward one another, slapping backs, shaking hands and so on.  Shortly after that, the Marine colonel told the agents everything was under control and they could return to their station. 


The Chinese troops turned south, crossed the border and were gone.  They were "on manuevers" was the reason given for being there.


Take note of the current headlines concerning U.S. troops not having the strength to fight Iran or other nations due to the lack of manpower in our military.  China, retaining most-favored-trade-nation status with the U.S. would claim to be protecting its best customers by providing troops for martial law in the U.S.--if needed.



Chapter Thirty-Five

Wednesday, November 22, 2006



Throughout my career I spent much time within the bowels of the National Security Agency (NSA) where I freely roamed the computers, offices, high-security areas and even the vaults.  This, of course, was due to my above-top-secret 'Elite' clearance.  Thanks to Jona and his contact.


While perusing the computers, I've discovered many bits of very interesting information.  Information about various wars and conflicts started by the U.S. around the world, yet covered up to appear as if the U.S. had nothing to do with any of it.


There have been various assassinations cross the globe, carried out by the NSA, CIA or their 'interests' abroad.  One of the assassination intels really caught my eye.  This was the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  I have discovered who ordered his assassination and why.  Of course, due to family of the man who ordered it still being alive, I will not publish his name.


While working at the NSA in 1996, a very unusual incident occurred.  One day we were told there would be a special delivery coming into the vault at NSA and the employees were told that when this delivery entered the building everyone was to remain at their desks and not to leave them until they were given the 'all clear' to do so.


I did have plans to go back to Albuquerque that evening, but because of this strange order from the bosses at NSA, I decided to stay a few more days and find out what's going on.


That day was the very next day.  Everyone sat at their desks waiting to see what was happening.  About ten minutes after the order was announced, a group of approximately one hundred NSA agents escorted one man carrying a box into the vault area.  Five minutes after they entered the vault area, the 'all clear' was given.


Okay, I'm supposed to be nosy, it's my job.  I took pride in my work.  I was extremely dedicated to my job and cause.


That night, I used my rank and clearance to enter the vault.  I had the right to go anywhere I wanted without question because I was really 'Elite' to those who mattered at NSA.  I could be, and was, trusted with knowing the secrets.


I entered the vault and found the box that the one man was carrying.  It was three feet by two and a half feet by one foot thick.  The box looked harmless enough.  It was closed and tied with twine, nothing else.  I was very nonchalant about my movements, body language and actions as the vault was monitored every second of every day.  I just went about my business as usual.


I walked over to the box, untied it and removed the lid.  The box contained what seemed to be a pouch made of animal skin and closed with a leather strap tied around it.  It looked old, but in excellent shape.  I was worried that I might damage it if it was too old or ancient.  I found a pair of white cotton gloves on a shelf nearby.  These gloves are used to handle many different ancient artifacts stored in this vault.  This appeared to be but one more.


I need to tell you now that Jona and all Omega personnel can see and hear what the fifteen of us are doing at all times.  This is accomplished in two ways.  One, mental telepathy can be used.  And, the second way is through the thirty implants in our bodies from Omega.  The implants allow them to see what we see, to hear what we hear and to monitor our body functions, such as heart condition, heart rate, respiratory rate and so on.


I lifted the pouch from the box, untied the leather strap, unfolded the pouch and looked upon an old document written in a language I've never seen before.


Jona and his crew instantly started translating the document.  Of course, first they had to discover what language it was written in.


They found the correct language and started reading to me telepathically.


The first paragraph started with, "Break a piece of wood and you will find me.  Lift a stone and I will be there."  It continued with,  "The church of God is within you and within all men."  WHOA!  What is this?!


The ending of the document nearly floored us all, Visitors included.  It ended with, "This is my gospel, written in my hand, the Words of Jesus Christ."  Floored is really putting it mildly.


There was another pouch under the first.  It turned out to be the Gospel of Mary, Mother of Jesus, documenting when the role of women in the Bible changed drastically making women equal to men.


I literally got dizzy and my knees went weak.


Jona ordered me out of there ASAP.  Like right now.  Hey, you don't have to tell me twice…I'm outta here.


We have arranged pick-us-up locations for emergencies only.  I was directed to go to one and was picked up almost immediately by a triangular ship. 


We found out later these were, in fact, real documents.  They are the hidden gospels of Jesus Christ and His Mother Mary.


The Vatican found these two gospels almost eighteen-hundred years ago.  Where exactly, we're not sure.  But the Vatican had them until they transferred them to the vault of the NSA for safer keeping.


Contained in the documents, Christ spoke of His church.  He explained His church.  His church is man (male and female equally) not a building.  He went on to say that the foundation of that church was the Word of God, His father and the Bible.  God gave man the ability of free will and free choice.  It was up to each person to make the right choices.


This would destroy all organized religion if it ever got out.  Which is exactly why the Vatican had it hidden in their vaults.  As Christianity started changing, it was moved to the safest vault on the planet, the NSA vault.


The coverups and conspiracies we uncovered were awesome, scary, devious, incredible.  These are all documented and copied and kept now on the planet Virum for safe keeping.


Control of the people has always been the main idea behind the Elite.  I might add that the Elite and the Roman Catholic church are one in the same.


As time moves on, you will witness the power of the Elite.


The Elite are the leaders of the New World Order.  The Illuminati, the Bilderberg, the Knights Templar, the antiChrists:  There are many names used for the barbaric New World Order leadership.  It all boils down to being the very same people, no matter which name you choose.  As the old saying goes...a rose by any other name...


But, they are the ten families that run the entire world.  The people who make the decisions for your life.  The people who dictate every move each of you will make throughout your lives.


We know them as the pharmaceutical-petrochemical corporations.


We know them as the Federal Reserve Bank.


We know them as our presidents, past, present and future.


We’ll come to know them as our captors...



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