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Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are,

and the things which shall be hereafter...

Revelation 1:19

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Chapters Twenty-Six - Thirty

Chapter Twenty-Six

Monday, November 20, 2006



After breakfast we joined the colonel as we watched his men getting ready for their day.  There were seven helicopters sitting on the runway.  Six were armed with everything from rockets, machine guns to knives and pistols.  Each helicopter was to carry six men.  Forty-two men, plus the colonel, Sag and me.


Next to one of the helicopters sat a small bulldozer.  That's strange.  We wondered what it was for, but we never asked the question out loud.  We guessed we would find out eventually.


We did eventually find out what the bulldozer was for.


After about an hour of standing and watching the preparations for the day, we took off to parts unknown.  I asked the colonel where we were headed.  His reply was somewhat eerie.  The colonel's answer was, "I know you gentlemen have a higher clearance than mine, but if you don't know where we are going, it gives you deniability."  Both Sag and I felt a chill run down our spines.  Stay cool, was my suggestion to Sag.


We flew slightly to the northwest for about fifteen minutes.  The helicopters were all in formation except for the seventh helicopter, he was nowhere in sight.


The jungle really got thick in this area and we couldn't see much on the ground.  Suddenly, the helicopters split up into some different formation, picked up speed and starting moving closer to the treetops.


Then it happened…all hell broke loose.


The helicopters started firing on a small clearing in the jungle.  The helicopter pilots were good.  They actually flew into that small clearing and started strafing the village which sat in the clearing.


As Sag and I hung onto the sides by the open doors we could see the targets below now.  The targets were civilians, we thought.  These guys were shooting anything that moved and I do mean anything.


They fired upon men, women, children, the elderly and even all the animals in the village.  It was a massacre.  A vicious, bloody, uncalled-for massacre.


The strafing continued for a good ten minutes.  I'm telling you, the noise was deafening even for me and I am legally deaf.  The smell of cordite was thick in the air.  There were spent machine gun shells everywhere.  You needed to watch where you put your feet or you could roll right on out the door there were so many of them.


The soldiers whooped and hollered.  They seemed to be keeping a running total of the "little bastard gooks."  However, not in the usual manner.  "One more momma-san down."  "That little shit will never make it to gook-hood."  "Bye-bye, granpa-san."  This is what Sag and I were hearing as the soldiers fired upon the villagers.


We then felt the helicopters slowing as they descended to an LZ (landing zone) where everyone immediately jumped from the helicopters firing their weapons.


Some of the soldiers were throwing hand grenades, some firing shotguns, some firing pistols that didn't look like military issue and there were two men with these backpack-type things on.  Weird looking things these were.  These guys were being protected by the other soldiers.


The frenetic activity calmed.  It got quiet at first, then we heard the moans and cries of the villagers.  Sag and I thought we would lose our breakfasts. 


As things settled some, the soldiers walked around the village shooting anyone or anything that was still alive or just barely moving.  About five minutes after that, it quieted down drastically. 


It was an extremely eerie quiet.  The smell of cordite hung heavily in the air, as did the smell of blood and human and animal body parts.  At this point all Sag and I could think of was to thank Jona for deadening our emotions.  We could only imagine how we would have felt if he hadn't.


We walked around trying to 'fit in' as we were supposed to be 'basically' in charge of this operation being the soldiers 'bosses' and all.  Sag and I tried not to let our feelings show.  We 'surveyed'  the area with the colonel.  It was sickening.  It was inhuman.  All this for a war we lost anyway.  Our government in action.  Your tax dollars hard at work kept entering our minds.


At least it was finally over, Sag and I thought, then we could get out here and head home.


Boy, were we wrong.


Next thing we heard was that whop-whop-whop of an approaching helicopter.  It sounded somewhat different from the sound made by the other helicopters.


Sag and I found out why it sounded differently.


A helicopter, the seventh one we assumed, started descending to the LZ.  The big difference?  There was the small bulldozer hanging from cables attached to the helicopter.


What the…was our next thought.


When it came to rest on the ground, the soldiers unhooked the small 'dozer from the cables.  The helicopter landed on the other side of the LZ.  They started the bulldozer, letting it warm up, we were told by the colonel.


Then after a short warm-up period, the soldier driving the bulldozer started moving toward the village.


When the bulldozer reached the village, the driver/soldier started pushing everything into one pile and I do mean everything.  Need I say more?


When the pile was as big as it was going to get, the two soldiers with the strange backpacks moved toward it.  Instantly, fire was being sprayed onto the pile.  These were flamethrowers.  These guys were burning any evidence.  As the pile burned the soldiers stayed with it.  When it had burned to ashes, the soldiers picked through it to make sure there were no "big pieces" left.


The 'dozer driver carved a small rut in the ground next to the smoking pile and proceeded to push the ashes and remains into the rut.  A soldier threw white powder on the remains.  The 'dozer driver covered the rut and they were ready to leave.


These guys had their jobs down to a science.  The whole thing took three hours from start to finish.


The colonel, Sag and I climbed into a helicopter and headed for Da Nang. 


When we reached base, we thanked the colonel, thought/called for Mr. Z and were taken back to our hiding place where we first came in.  We were picked up by Mr. Z, Supe and the other guy about twenty-five minutes later. Picking us up was called a "snatch-and-go" when the ship barely touches the ground just long enough for us to hop onboard and takes off at top speed.


Sag and I sat quietly on the way home.


Mr. Z never asked or said a thing…



Chapter Twenty-Seven

Monday, November 20, 2006



Sag and I met with Jona and Mr. Z that afternoon.  We were debriefed, so to speak, about the happenings concerning our mission.  We explained what took  place and how heinous it was.  We told Jona and Mr. Z that our government has carried their desire to win this war way too far.


We talked about exactly how we felt and why we felt what we felt.  We commented that even though our emotions were deadened we still could feel an emotional buildup within us. 


Mr. Z was stifling his feelings, but Jona had zero emotional reaction to our story.  Later, Mr. Z would explain to us that Jona, as an advanced Visitor who has personally witnessed End Times on other planets, just expects certain things to go certain ways, therefore, resulting in zero emotion on Jona's part.


That made sense to us at the time.


As for Sag and me, well, we saw things differently.  We needed to get away for  awhile and collect our thoughts and emotions.


Mr. Z said it was a good idea.


Sag and I planned a trip to Tyre (say it Ty REE).  Tyre is a planet seventy-million light years from Earth.  Tyre, we thought, would be a great place to visit as Tyrians are a pacifistic people.  Sag and I decided to leave in the morning.


Boy, couple of days in Vietnam and this is how we felt.  I could only imagine how our troops felt, some of them being in-country for a couple of years at a time.


That evening Sag and I stayed pretty much to ourselves.  We didn't eat much and didn't have much to say.  We just kept running our trip through our heads time after time.  Neither one of us slept well that night.


About four in the morning we both woke and decided to head out right then.


We walked to the hangar to setup a clearance time, then to our ship and moved our ship to the main hangar.  We got instant clearance, which is the way it usually happens.


We set off for the wild black yonder…



Chapter Twenty-Eight

Monday, November 20, 2006



While Sag and I were gone for some R & R, Jona and Mr. Z went about assigning missions to the rest of the fifteen.


Aquarius was assigned to the National Security Agency, computer division.  Aquarius also held an above-top-secret clearance.  Aquarius really showed an aptitude and a real interest in the computers.  Computers in the 1970s were virtually unheard of, but we all know how that turned out.  Our government, at that time, was using computers on a daily basis and in a major way.


I would venture to say that Aquarius was one of the very first computer hackers on the scene.  He really had a knack for computers and electronics. Aquarius eventually truly fell in love with the whole computer-hacking thing.


Although there are fifteen of us chosen for this job with Omega, not all of us became close.  Sag, Aquarius and I became close friends.  That's still true today.


It's a good thing to have friends who are similar and watch your back.  Sag is as daring as I am, or I was. I've never been fifty-five before, Ann reminds me, when I attempt to do things and feel I shouldn't have any trouble doing those things. I do them and completely wear myself out.  She's right, you know.  Wise woman, my Ann is.


The rest of the fifteen were assigned to CIA, FBI, BATF and all the other alphabet agencies.  We all had above-top-secret clearances.  The clearances Jona arranged for us allowed us access to any place, and I do mean any place, within many governments worldwide.


Our jobs with Omega, through a contact Jona developed, put us right-smack-dab in the middle of The Elite.  We were to become one with them, blend in, become family to them.  Winning their confidence and being accepted, of course, was the first thing we needed to do.  This was not an easy task.  However, each of us prevailed and became 'family' to The Elite members.


I've always found it amazing how relaxed the powerful are when it comes to worrying about intrusion into their inner circle.  The Elite act as if it could not, and will never, happen.  They still possess this attitude, even though fifteen of us infiltrated their lives, jobs and families.


For the fifteen of us, this was a good thing, a very good thing.


Throughout our careers, we found ourselves in places such as the White House, the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, FBI, virtually any and all government agencies.  I found Area 51 to be extremely interesting and spent quite a lot of time there over the years.


Area 51 is a research and development (R&D) facility in the middle-of-nowhere Nevada.  Research and development of all sorts of weapons is the specialty of Area 51 scientists.  Area 51, without a doubt, is the single most secure facility on this planet, outside of Omega headquarters, of course.


I am sorry to say there are no UFOs from outer space in Area 51.  There are, however, UFOs being designed by Area 51 scientists.  This is German technology given to us during Operation Paper Clip.


Operation Paper Clip was a very interesting endevour in itself.  German scientists were smuggled out of war-time Germany, just before Hitler lost the war, and brought to the United States to continue their work under the auspices of the CIA, NSA and other subversive agencies within our government.


Now, remember, you need to give credit where credit is due.  These scientists were brilliant.  Unbelievably so. 


They brought us genetic manipulation, mind control, UFO technology (or so they thought), various forms of warped and perverted psychiatry and psychology.  They also brought us biological and chemical technology for weapons.  They conceived ways to help our leaders, The Elite, control the everyday minds of everyday people.  This is how the term 'Sheeple' became popular. 


These were wonderfully brilliant people--sick, perverted, out-of-touch with humanity--but brilliant.  Frighteningly brilliant.   


And our leaders loved them and gave them just about free reign.


Anyway, Area 51 always held my interest.  I loved the place.


The scientists at Area 51 have invented airplanes which many people mistake for UFOs because these planes just do not fit into the imagination of normal decent people.


I had to always remind myself that I was in a nasty and dangerous place when I visited Area 51.  In this place one slip could get you killed.


Over the years as the commanders of Area 51 relaxed with my frequent visits, I became a pain in the neck for them.  I started planning my trips to Area 51 in wee hours of the morning.  I did this because every time I visited Area 51 the commander, his aides and entourage would meet me and treat me as if I were the president of the United States.


It really started to bug them when I changed my visit times.  They hated being awoken in the wee, early hours of the morning.  I lived by the words pay back's a bitch.  I truly enjoyed annoying them as there was nothing they could do about it or no one to complain to about it.  My clearance was just too high, even for them.


It took them a while, but they finally got it.  They started leaving me to freely roam Area 51 with orders not to bother me, question me, intimidate me or annoy me.  It was fun while it lasted.


However, one must always keep his ego in check.


One morning while visiting Area 51 I wanted to smoke a cigarette.  Of course, even back then there were designated smoking areas.  I headed for a door I'd never been through before, when I was stopped by a security guard.  Of course, feeling my oats, I very aggressively demanded from the guard to know if he knew exactly who I was.  I continued by loudly telling him that if he insisted on harassing me he would find himself guarding polar bears in the Artic.


Oh, but ego can also make one snap back into reality.


He kept stuttering, stammering and trying to say something as I kept on reading him the riot act.  Then, with an arrogant tone in my voice (you need to show you belong in places such as these, it can keep you alive) I demanded he speak up.


He looked me square in the eye, apologized for bothering me and said you just need to wear this badge before you step through that door, sir.  Why? I demanded as he tried to hand me the badge.  His answer chilled me to the bone.  He said the badge was holographic and could be spotted by the snipers guarding this area.  If the snipers didn't see the badge, they were ordered to take a head shot on anyone not wearing the badge.  It didn't matter who that person was, rules were rules in Area 51.


Well, I looked him straight in the eye and headed for a different door to go through and have my smoke.


Okay, young, arrogant, snippy, but definitely NOT stupid…



Chapter Twenty-Nine

Monday, November 20, 2006



Although the flight to Tyre would take us approximately forty-five minutes, the trip took us more than six hours.


Sag and I needed to get away for a bit.  We'd had two missions so far, learned a great deal and now between all that and this last mission, we felt it was owed to us to cruise around and see what's really out here.


I can tell you this…it IS phenomenally beautiful in deep space.  There are nebulae of different colors and shapes everywhere.  The planets, alive or not, are all breathtakingly wonderful to see.  Stars twinkling everywhere, for what seems to go on forever in unpolluted, clear space.  Of course, even at this early stage, our government has 'junk' floating everywhere in Earth's space.  In 1973, it was a literal junkyard out there and is much worse today.


I've briefly mentioned that the ships work on thought.  This process is totally natural.  There are no 'skull caps' to wear, there are no touch panels which read your mind, there's just the pilot and co-pilot being read by the computer.  The computer is an artificial life-form which can psychically connect to humans.  This connection makes it possible for the ship itself to avoid dangers hanging in space.  If the computer detects something in the path of the ship, it will alter the ship's course and avoid the problem.  If the computer detects some instant danger the computer can move the ship faster than a human can to avoid disaster. 


It took some getting used to this technology.  Imagine stepping into a ship, thinking where you want to go and the only real thought you need to be aware of is the thought with which you tell the computer to go and the ship takes off.


The ship knows the protocols that need to be followed, such as leaving Earth must only be at above light speed.  No orbiting Earth within its atmospheres.  These are safety rules.  They minimize the risk of being seen.


Here I was, at the age of twenty-two and I was going were no Earthling had gone before (Thanks, Captain Kirk).


An interesting point is the time factor.  Amazingly, when one travels through deep space at these speeds, one does not age.  Sag and I also realized that the deeper into space we went, the faster the ship moved.  The computer was designed to read the planned speeds we travelled.  However, not the speeds we actually did travel.  Strange, but, hey, that's advanced Visitor technology for you.


Now, you didn't really think I would leave out how these ships work, did you?


There are many forms of energy in space.  Types and forms of energy Earthlings will not discover for centuries maybe even millennia to come.  However, the basis for all these energies is electromagnetic energy.  Electromagnetic energy powers everything.  I mean, literally everything.  The planets are electromagnetic.  We are electromagnetic.  Literally everything is based in electromagnetics.  What we on Earth have yet to discover are the levels of electromagnetics.  Those are truly some of the secrets of the Universe.  We'll learn those in time.


The ship's engine, motor, power plant or whatever one chooses to call it is also magnetically based.  I cannot completely and totally explain it all to you as this technology can also be used, and is used, to produce the weapon I spoke of earlier.  However, I can speak about the basics.


The engine is usually in a box no larger than a regular shoe box.  It uses opposing magnets and spins.  The magnets start spinning through the computer's power (the computers are never shut down) and the magnets spin at an unbelievable speed which then picks up on the Universal energy making the spinning motion phenomenally fast.  This creates the lift and the ship will be engulfed in Universal energy and can fly and do anything.  It's a completely natural process of energy collection and collision. Yes, it is actually a collision of energies.  Basically, it is an extremely advanced form of a simple internal-combustion engine.


This entire process takes approximately one-billionth of a second, Earth time.


Although there have been engines driven in a similar manner on Earth, the problem on Earth is the magnets.  Most of the magnets used for flying are found throughout the Universe and even on Earth, except for one.  Close, but not on Earth.


The triangular shape was found to be the most aerodynamic shape for deep-space travel.  This discovery was made by the Virums quite a few million years ago.  The discs were used in the early days of UFO sightings mostly because they are expendable.  It is the same idea as using an older automobile for local car racing.  If it crashes or gets fired upon and hit, no great loss.



Chapter Thirty

Monday, November 20, 2006



The skin of the ship is also an artificial intelligence.  The original product is an ore mined on the planet Al-lok.  The ore is a black substance and has been used since deep-space travel was possible.


Because of its texture and makeup the ore is a natural substance much like our own skin.  The difference is this ore is mined in chunks, crushed to a powder (a very fine powder) mixed with water (the same water we all drink) and spread into molds to shape it for use on the ships.  This ore is also used in many, many other products throughout the Universe.


So, I'm sure some of you are asking what if that skin gets a wound or tear in it?


Many of you have seen the Roswell I-Beam replica, I'm sure.  The I-Beam is a schematic of the ships containing all sorts of information for the ship itself, the computer and any emergency situation that might arise. 


One of those symbols on the I-Beam tells how to repair a tear or break in the skin.  It's a very simple process really.  If a tear occurs, the ship will instantly notify the pilot and adjust the internal atmospheric conditions to support life temporarily.  There are multiple ways of repairing a tear or break. 


The best way is to find a living planet, land the ship and find a rabbit.  Yep, a rabbit.  The fur of the rabbit is actually very close to the ore of which the skin of the ship is constructed.  Get fur samples, grind them up, add water, just enough to make a pasty substance (on the thick side) apply it to the tear or hole and allow it to dry for the better part of half an hour.  Get back in the ship and continue your journey.  Of course, it's always better to get the ship repaired properly when arriving some place where that can be done.


As a last-ditch effort, if a rabbit cannot be found, the pilot's hair will do.  This, of course, would be a very temporary fix and repair now becomes a necessity.  A major problem with this is being a Reticulan.  Reticulan's have no hair.  Therefore most Reticulans will carry with them some of the ore which makes up the skin.  This, however, takes more time to dry thoroughly and is pretty much a dirty job as the fine powder might get into the computers or engine of the ship.


All the ships carry suits which can be worn in zero atmosphere.  These suits are nothing, and I do mean nothing, like the suits used by NASA and our astronauts. 


The suit covers the entire body, has a helmet, with face plate but is thinner and much lighter than those used by NASA.


The suit has a belt.  On this belt is a small box-like device which converts the outside atmosphere into breathable air for the wearer.  This device will last up to twenty-four hours.


If, by some strange chance, the ship is struck by something, or goes down and crashes the pilot's seat of the ship is instantly engulfed in a tube-like object.  This tube will save the pilot or pilots from death.  Under the seats are where the suits are stored so the pilot and passengers have quick and easy access to them safely.  Upon impact, the tube deploys in an instant.


Advanced technology is amazing.


The triangular ships will never crash.  They will always right themselves and land on their undersides.  However, the impact will be hard and potentially dangerous.  The discs are another story. 


The discs can and have crashed.  We all have heard about the Roswell Incident in 1947.  The discs were replaced by the triangles because of this incident.  A better ship was needed for deep-space travel.


As it turned out, not only were triangles safer, but faster too.  The triangular shape allows the ship to cut through the various atmospheres making for faster, smoother flight.


By the way, all the ships used by the Visitors are silent.  I mean silent.  They make zero, nada, zilch, no sound whatsoever. "UFOs" made by Earthlings, in places such as Area 51, mostly use a means of propulsion which does make noise or sounds.  The Earthling-made "UFOs" sometimes use nuclear propulsion, which is why people have seen 'burn marks' where a "UFO" either landed or took off.


Of course, the Visitors know the perils of using nuclear power and therefore don't.  Earthlings have much to learn.  Earthlings also lack maturity when it comes to the various powers and energies found on Earth.  Most governments, scientists and engineers only want to get their inventions working and never really look at what these inventions could do to man or environment.  Arrogance, stupidity and a lack of caring for mankind prevails on Earth.  It's sad, but true. seems totally hopeless.


Another bit of information about the Visitors' ships is they do not have landing gear or legs upon which they land.  Simply, they never actually land.  They do hover within inches of the ground, but never actually touch down. 


Therefore, there are never impressions left by a real UFO landing.  When a ship 'lands' let's say, on Earth, there is no trace of the 'landing' at all.  A landing could not even be detected by the Visitors themselves, much less Earthlings.



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