May He bless you with understanding of this truth...

Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are,

and the things which shall be hereafter...

Revelation 1:19

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Chapters Sixteen - Twenty

Chapter Sixteen

Wednesday, November 15, 2006



The remainder of 1972 was more of a getting-used-to-everything time.


However, in January 1973 the big move happened. Omega moved from the Washington, D. C. area to underground Albuquerque, New Mexico. I will just refer to this new complex as 'Albuquerque' from this point on.  Really, I just wanted to show you I really do know how to spell 'Albuquerque.'  I refer to Albuquerque as AlbaTurkey.  My little pet name for a place I still truly love, and was my new home then.


I will say, talk about 'alien technology', you should have seen the move.  A major-sized crew came in (I guess you could call them North Universal Van Lines or something) and moved the entire place in five hours.  That's what I call efficiency.  The old headquarters had ten floors and stuff everywhere.  FIVE HOURS.  Can you imagine that? 


It was amazing to watch. The fourteen of us were like little kids. We got in everyone's way.  Kind of like watching a building being built.  You know, you stand around and watch in amazement as things get done. Well, that was us.


The movers showed up in transports, big ones, I might add.  They have these skid-type thingies that they piled everything on.  We found out they call them 'pallets.'  Original, isn't it?  I told you, the Visitors have a sense of humor, too.


Anyway, these pallets float through the air and are controlled by thought.  We watched as one guy actually moved fifty of the pallets in at one time.  Each pallet must receive its own thought wave.  Talk about multitasking…


The really amazing thing was HOW they loaded the pallets.  They levitated everything onto the pallets.  Yep, you read it right, levitated stuff of all kinds.  Imagine sitting at the dinner table and the salt is at the other end.  However, you really don't want to bother anyone to get it for you.  Hey, just think it across the table into your hand.  I'm still working on that one.  As Earthlings we're just not advanced enough yet.  Being an Earthling sure has its disadvantages, I'll tell you.


Anyway, everything was ready to be moved to Albuquerque in five hours.  Just before we left, the cleaning crew came in.  I guess we can call them Milky-Way Maids or something.  They certainly worked better than Merry-Maids.  In just a mere two hours, the entire complex was spotless.  And I do mean spotless.


We all left and headed for Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.  Great place New Mexico.  Clean air, open, bright blue skies, mountains and dry and hot.  I love it.  As most of you know, Ann and I still live in New Mexico, only now in southwestern New Mexico, the Deming area.  However, those beautiful blue skies have become white with chemtrails.



Chapter Seventeen

Wednesday, November 15, 2006



Mandatory procedure for a major movement of ships is that all ships within Earth's atmosphere must travel beyond light speeds.  This is for security reasons. So people on the surface cannot see the ships flying to and fro. As I said, Earthling's cannot see beyond light speed.


Neat thing was we could see beyond light speed through the ship's computers projected on to the screens in front of us. I've always wished I could see beyond light speed without the need of the computer. Oh well, I am as He wishes me to be. His will be done.


So, we all, and I mean ALL, left the D.C. area together.  WOW.  Looks like we got us a convoy.  We were goofing around and having all sorts of fun during that trip.  Sagittarius and I were doing rolls, deep-dives, back flips and just having a great time. Then we heard someone make that throat-clearing sound.  We guessed enough was enough and stopped playing around.


We entered the new complex, headquarters, station, you'll hear me call it all of the above and more. Bear with me…I've never really settled on one name for it.


WHOA!  This place was much larger than the D.C. complex.  In fact, it was probably fifteen times size of the D. C. complex.  It was HUGE.


Everything was the typical stark white, even the hallways here were white.  Sag (that's what I still call Sagittarius today) and I went-a-lookin'.  What a place.  We needed a map to get around.  The complex was exactly the 1973 size of the City of Albuquerque, only underground. Five miles underground.


Sag and I found the cafeteria.  Stark white, immaculately clean and a great smell coming from the kitchen area. We were like two kids in a brand-new playground. Again, of course, we were in everyone's way. So Sag and I let that aroma from the kitchen lure us in. 


We walked into the kitchen to find Mr. C preparing dinner and Mrs. C baking cookies.  One thing I neglected to mention were Mrs. C's cookies.  Those cookies are Universally famous.  They are the best cookies I have ever eaten.  And I've eaten my fair share of cookies, I'll tell ya.


Sag and I stood around and 'helped out' in the kitchen for a while.  By 'helping out' I mean we  helped devour Mrs. C's cookies and some ice-cold milk.  I've always enjoyed 'helping out' in the kitchen.  Mrs. C's cookies are the size of small dinner plates and literally heavenly tasting, melt-in-your-mouth wonderful.  Given our current government, they would classify those cookies as addictive substances, they're so good.  A great bit of information for all those of us watching our weight.  Those will not put one single ounce of weight on your body.


As with most food of the future, the food is good for you.  Our bodies can and do use everything that goes into everything we eat in the complex.  Foods are grown naturally on other planets.  I don't mean organically, I mean naturally. 


The soil on advanced planets is perfect.  It's clean, all natural, Hand of God.  The water is pure, clean, and a touch sweet.  The air is so clean the Sun hurts your eyes.  No pesticides are used on advanced planets.  No fertilizer is used either.  The soil never needs it. 


And, Visitors are NOT vegetarians.  They eat everything.  The Visitors believe God put the animals on the surface for us to eat.  Even their version of hot dogs are good for you.  Everything people eat in the future is used by the body, everything.  Know how good that fat around a piece of grilled steak looks?  Well, feel free to enjoy it.  The body WILL use it.


So, while I'm talking about this I might as well fill you in on Mr. & Mrs. C.  They are from the planet Tyre (pronounced Ti-Ree).  They have been on Earth since 1929 when Omega first put a complex here. Mr. C is a spry 1409 years old.  Mrs. C is even a spryer 1401 years old.  Most Visitors' life spans end around 1500 years.  Their nicknames, Mr. & Mrs. C are derived from their respective jobs.  Mr. C is a chef.  Mrs. C is a dessert chef.  I once asked Mr. C what their name really is.  He told me it's too hard for an Earthling to pronounce or spell, but their last name does begin with a C...therefore, everyone just calls us Mr. & Mrs. C. Ann didn't know this about their name and when I began to tell her of the universally famous cookies, Ann would ask about Mrs. Cookie almost every day.  Soon, it became just "Mrs. C."  Just as quickly, her husband became "Mr. C" especially for Ann and her umpteen thousand questions.  The nicknames stuck.  Universally.


However, unlike Earthlings, when Visitors get old, they one day lie down to sleep for the night and never wake up. Now don't get me wrong. Visitors still have certain diseases and can pass on earlier than usual due to those sicknesses.


Some cancers are still present in the future.  However, when those cancers hit, they work quickly.  A type of Alzheimer's is still present on advanced planets.  Although this type is fatal, it does not necessarily make a Visitor violent or dangerous to themselves.


Unfortunately, sinus problems, arthritis, some allergies and some childhood diseases are still hanging around.


Don't be discouraged, there are ways to ease pain, to help slow down arthritis and quickly heal those childhood diseases. But the main thing is the evolutionary stage of the Visitors. That evolution (evolution NOT from monkeys, Darwin got it wrong) is what keeps the Visitors healthy and on top of things.  More about evolution later.


All Visitors no longer have tonsils, appendix, gall bladder, adenoids or spleen.  Most female Visitors do still have a menstrual cycle. Those exceptions are the Reticulans and the Pleiadians.



Chapter Eighteen

Wednesday, November 15, 2006



There are different stages of evolution. But, first, let me reiterate, evolution does not necessarily have anything to with man coming from monkeys or one-celled amoeba living in the slime and muck. Evolution is part of God's Plan. Man evolves into a better man. Monkeys and apes do not evolve to become man, they evolve to become better monkeys and apes.


Ever visited some of those old houses in New England, where the doors are small and the ceilings are low? I have and at five feet eight inches I felt like a giant having to stoop to get through the doorway. Notice now that people are getting taller. Most Hispanics were of a short stature. No more. Evolution. People changing.


The reason the Reticulans look different from most Visitors is the fact that they are one of the oldest planets in the known Universe.  Evolution kicked in.  The Reticulans are an average of three feet six inches tall, and weigh approximately sixty to seventy pounds.  They have no hair and they possess no genitals.


Now some might say, as I've heard before, "these are aliens who are trying to hybridize Earthlings."  WRONG, WRONG and WRONG.  Just because they do not have genitals doesn't mean they cannot reproduce. Instead of procreation in the usual manner, Reticulans still produce eggs and sperm. But the difference is they have those eggs and sperm removed at an early age, stored for future use, then their offspring are born invitro. Invitro is basically a test-tube baby. Of course, due to the advanced nature of the Visitors' invitro, it's not a bad thing.  The baby still belongs to a mother and a father. The DNA can be matched to prove who are the parents.  It's their baby, only the females do not 'carry' the baby in the same manner Earthlings do. Ann says this sounds like pregnancy heaven.


This is also the case for the Pleiadians of whom I will speak about later.


The Virums are the longest known living planet and society in the known Universe. However, the Virums procreate in the same manner Earthlings do. More on the Virums later.


Evolution takes place everyday, every minute, all the time on all planets, be they advanced or not advanced. Evolution is part of God's Plan. God created man and woman, animals and all creatures great and small.


Remember, God created man in His own image…



Chapter Nineteen

Wednesday, November 15, 2006



The month of January 1973 was mostly a settling-in at the new compound. However, in late January 1973, Jona came to the fourteen of us (Mr. Z mainly stayed at headquarters. His days of galloping around the globe were finished, which is how he preferred it) with our first mission or assignment if you prefer.


Apparently, somehow, some way, some of Earth's government officials found out about the Visitors being here on Earth.  For years the fourteen of us wondered how this could have happened.


Jona wanted us to put on a demonstration for these Earthlings. WHOA!  Isn't that considered interference?  Jona reminded us that the Plajarans told us there would be things that were strange, different, nasty or whatever, but remember, Jona said, you will always be forgiven. 


Well, Jona is, after all, Omega station chief on Earth.  He's from one of the oldest planets in the Universe, so we all guessed Jona knew what he was doing.  Besides, Jona was our immediate boss.  And, Jona was in constant contact with the Plajarans.


The fourteen of us really believed that Jona would not do anything to jeopardize our lives or his.


As it turned out Jona had a demonstration set up for January 25, 1973, 11:30pm MST. This was to take place at a special, secure location.  From what we were told, we would be flying our ships over, through and around this area. This was January, winter in Wyoming, so it was as cold as all-get-out which kept the locals indoors for the night. The area was to be manned by military, government officials, technicians with top-secret clearances and some foreign officials.


Jona warned us not to land the ships at anytime.  We were to slowly fly over, do some maneuvers, pick up speed but stay below light speed so we could be seen.  And most of all, Jona said, do not open the hatch at any time.


Otay, Panky! We had our first assignment. Strange, but our first. We talked about the interference problem, but all decided, with Mr. Z's help, it would be just fine and it really wouldn't be considered interference as long as technology was not shared. We slept pretty much okay that night.


The fourteen of us did a few practise runs and moves we would use on that night. We all felt reassured we would do a good job. But we remained a little tense over this coming demonstration. Something just didn't feel right.


We prepped and prepped for the night and it finally arrived. Jona said he would lead us to the coordinates where the demonstration was to be held.  We followed Jona who then backed off a short distance remaining out of sight.


We hung in some low clouds about forty miles to the south of our destination where Jona filled us in on some last minute details.  Nothing he hadn't already explained to us.  We were early so we waited in those clouds for about fifteen minutes.


Jona gave us a telepathic 'thumbs-up' and off we went.


As it turned out, the place where the demonstration was held would be a very famous area in the near future.


We crested Devil's Tower, over the top to the east side of the monumental formation.  When we looked down, the place was crawling with all sorts of people and machinery and technology.  Yep, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Steven Spielberg was later given the whole scenario in a dream. He did a great job with it, too.


Well, as I said, we crested that tower, swooped in, but not too low. We flew over the heads of people surrounding the equipment set up there.  Flash bulbs popped, lights dimmed and brightened. 


There was no music.  Sorry.  No flashing melodic light show, either.  Sorry.  It was just a sterile area lined with all sorts of equipment and cameras.


One man, we guessed the only brave guy in the bunch, stepped out away from the crowd, walked away from all the lights and cameras.  The man had guts, I'll tell you. I certainly wouldn't stand out in the open as these ships buzzed right over my head.  However, this guy did and seemed to really love it.


I'm the gutsy one, so I headed directly for this guy.  I pulled up at the last minute…he never flinched. The guy just stood there. I'll give him a show he'll never forget, I thought.


I pulled up out of sight. I headed for a spot not more than fifteen feet in front of this guy where I planned to stop this thing on a dime and give this guy nine and half cents change. That'll make him move.


It didn't. I sat there watching him through my screens. The guy had a huge set, for sure.  I decided to 'walk' the ship right up to this guy.  So I did.  To my surprise he just stood there, very still.  As I said earlier this would really be frightening having one of these forty footers coming at you.


I stopped the ship within one foot of this guy.  What he did next surprised me and everyone else.  He just calmly, innocently, reached out and touched the ship.  He actually stroked it. This man had zero fear. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I have never forgotten the courage of Jacques Vallee.


So, with that I just hit it and took off straight up.  Out of sight and I headed back to headquarters.


Well, as it turned out there were some repercussions about this demonstration.  More on that one later.


By the way, the Visitors have the ability to send messages through dreams.  Again, that is how Spielberg got the idea for the movie.  Of course, we didn't swap anybody and no 'aliens' appeared at the door. What they saw, was what they got. But, it certainly was a lot more than most people have seen to this date.


And...I guess it was exciting.



Chapter Twenty

Wednesday, November 15, 2006



It really was an exciting assignment.  This was the first time we flew our ships without Jona literally watching over our shoulders.  We were on our own with that assignment.  I feel it went very well.  Although we still had an uneasy feeling about it.  I guess Earthlings were starting to scare us.


The rest of January, February and March, we mostly stayed around headquarters, practised flying, and set up our computers for future assignments. 


And, Jona taught us to fly the big ship.  However, Jona took us individually when he taught us the big ship.  At five hundred feet per side and ten feet tall this ship handled differently.  It seemed a little slower than the smaller ships.  It seemed to turn with more resistance than the smaller ones.  The difference in the handling wasn't because of its size, Jona told me.  The difference was the power draw the big ship had, which is different than most other ships.  Jona told me that the ships all handled exactly the same because they all lacked the one piece of equipment that only this big ship had.


That piece of equipment turned out to be a weapon.  This weapon is unlike anything ever dreamed of on Earth.  Jona stated that it is more powerful than twenty major nukes.  The only difference was this weapon didn't blow stuff up…it killed life, living matter…faster than instantly. 


I thought Visitors were pacifists, I said to Jona.  No, no, was his reply.  We are peaceful people, but not pacifists.  If need be, we will defend ourselves.  The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, To every [thing there is] a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up [that which is] planted; a time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; a time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; a time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; a time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.


Also have you ever noticed when we talk about the Universe, Jona continued, we always say 'the known Universe?'  My reply was a simple yes.  Jona said/thought right back that that is because there is much of the Universe we know nothing about.


Jona told me there have been explorer ships flying the Universe for millennia.  These ships are the largest ships Omega has.  The average ship is thousands of feet long.  There are two ships that are each one mile long per side of the triangle.


All of the explorer ships have the ability and space to grow crops, raise animals and families.  The ships produce water from the dew of the plants and the explorers are constantly on the lookout for water sources throughout the Universe.  And believe it or not, there are oasis-type satellites out there which have water.  Remember that a satellite is a non-living planet, such as Earth's moon.


The explorers are exceptional people and are hand-picked for this particular job.  Living on a ship, no matter how big it is, is not an easy way of life.  Most of the time, if explorers step outside the ship, they must be in suits due to the lack of atmosphere.  So far, none of the explorers have found any new living planets.  But, we keep looking.


Gettng back to the weapon.  The weapon can only be controlled by DNA.  If your DNA is not logged into to the weapon, it'll never work.  However, if you're one of the lucky ones (sarcasm) and your DNA is logged in, then at some time, maybe, you will be called upon to use the weapon.  Jona added let's hope that time never comes.


Jona added that all living planets with Omega stations on them each have one ship with this weapon.


About a year later, my DNA was logged into the weapon.  There were other DNA samples logged in, Jona's, Mr. Z's, Sagittarius' and mine.  It was weird, when they logged in my DNA, chills ran up and down my spine and the hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up.



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