May He bless you with understanding of this truth...

Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are,

and the things which shall be hereafter...

Revelation 1:19

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Chapters Eleven - Fifteen

Chapter Eleven
Monday, November 13, 2006

After finishing our meal, we sat back and wondered aloud what was next.  Within seconds, our Hosts appeared.  As each Host stood behind each of us, we could hear them talking to us telepathically.  They were explaining the reason we were here.

Joining Mr. Z, the fourteen of us were chosen to be The Fifteen who are the representatives of Omega Agency on Earth.  Each planet where Omega Agency hosts representatives from the seven hundred fifty-two advanced planets, fifteen people are chosen to be the representatives of the host planet.  We were each chosen either at birth or before.  I was chosen before birth.  They went on to say that every moment of our lives had been monitored by them, the Plajarans.

They told each of us things that only each could know individually about himself.  They told us of the dreams and aspirations we each had growing up.  They told us of our illnesses from birth to the present.  They told us how we’d fared through those illnesses.  They told us of the fun times and the sad times.  How we’d handled each situation emotionally.  They told us of our accomplishments in our formal education.  They told us of our accomplishments in our family education.  In short, they knew every aspect of our lives.  And, they told us each, individually, privately.  Each was hearing his own life’s story told to him by his own Host, telepathically.

They told us that when we learn to read minds and telepathically speak that we must abide by the rules of privacy.  They elaborated further, telling us when we should telepathically listen to certain people when they spoke and who those certain people would be and why.  They stressed the point that we should be listening to those who are in power and who are in control of our world.  They told us that we would learn all of this before we leave Plajara.

Our Hosts then began to tell us what was expected of us, now and for the rest of our lives.  What they meant by their instruction was that we had to be fair in all our decisions, thoughts, feelings and attitudes throughout the rest of our lives.  They asked each of us to listen very carefully, more carefully than we had ever listened before.  Our mission in life is to help planet Earth prepare for an invitation into the Universal Governments.  As hosts of planet Earth, it is our job to carefully monitor everything that happens on Earth.  This includes politics, the economy, agriculture, education, law enforcement, government, everything. 

With that much imparted, our Hosts transmitted to us to get ready for the most unbelievable, intense, amazing experience of our lives.  We were about to learn the true history of our planet.  From the very day of its conception, when Earth was a mere twinkle in the Creator’s eye, right up to the present day.  And beyond.

The fourteen of us looked at each other totally confused.

The true history of Earth?!?

The answer to our confusion was offered immediately.  Our Hosts began by telling us that the history of Earth has been, and continues to be, altered to fit the needs of the people in power.  Our history forged, changed, from the time that man first walked the planet, right up to and including this exact moment.  The Hosts went on to say that history and truth on our planet are manipulated by the minute.  They continued saying that everything that has happened, that is happening, and that will happen on Earth, will be given to us immediately during our lives.  We might not immediately recognize what is being seen and heard, but it would not be long until we all understand.

What the Hosts meant, exactly, was that we will see, hear, feel, smell and taste what is happening, what has happened, and what will happen.  This will take place through telepathic, or psychic, abilities.  Visions, memories, thoughts, everything will pass through us, and we will retain all of this information.  All of it.  Throughout our entire lives. 

The Hosts informed us that we would become virtual history books.  Except that the history we will be learning, hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling and experiencing will be the true history of our planet, Earth.

How are we supposed to retain all of this information?  The fourteen of us aren’t stupid, naïve or uninformed.

The Hosts explained that at the present time, we, as Earthlings, use only five percent of our brains.  But, the mind is a totally fascinating organ.  Our underdeveloped minds can handle much more than we realize.  Earth’s sciences are young and are in the early stages of unfolding.  However, our scientists are learning more and more with each passing day, with every passing minute.

Our Hosts then instructed us to enjoy the next scheduled meal, have a nap, take a shower, or whatever it is we do to relax and clear our thoughts.  And, when the time of cleared minds had been accomplished, the Hosts would then begin our learning transmissions.  They also warned us not to fear what will happen.  What we will be experiencing will be the most phenomenal download of information that we, or anyone, had ever experienced.

At that juncture, we solemnly returned to our quarters.  After we’d each spent a few minutes alone, thirteen men suddenly converged on one room.

Mine.  I was secretly pleased.  I, too, hungered for an opportunity to talk over with the guys what we’d just been told.  We discussed our fears, our thoughts, our emotions, concerning this new situation.  We 'cussed-and-discussed' for almost three hours.  We came away from our impromptu meeting feeling better, uplifted, more secure that we could and would handle whatever our Hosts threw at us.  After all, we are supposed to be the chosen people for this mission, and certain incidents in our lives had already reflected that ability, and some other special attributes, as well.


Chapter Twelve
Monday, November 13, 2006

They left, each returning to his respective room.  Each man showered, slept, unwound, did whatever it took to relax.  We daydreamed about our missions.  We daydreamed about our purpose in life.  After all, we are just ordinary people.  None of us asked to be chosen for this…but, here we were.

We were on another planet.  Well, not just another planet.  The one special planet which is the home of honest, phenomenal, powerful, genuinely nice people. 

As I began to relax, I drifted off.

I awoke with a start.  Unbelievable amounts, unimaginable amounts of information were flowing into my head.  When I’d cleared my eyes and focused my vision, there were scenes of everything passing before my eyes.  Yet…I could still clearly see my quarters around me.  Imagine being in a tunnel, of sorts, with lights, people, everything coming at you at quite a speedy clip, but nothing actually hits you.  Now, take that even further:  Imagine that everything you see coming at you is retained in your memory, plus everything you see that is really happening around you.  Now, imagine that ALL of this and more is being retained in your memory.  With a language barely adequate, this is the best that it can be described.  It was fantastic.  It was strange.  It was wonderful.  It was scary.  After more than thirty years, it is still fantastic, strange, wonderful and scary.  It has been the greatest honor among great honors to be chosen for this life-mission.

The data download continues.  Memories have disappeared, mostly of my youth and early childhood.  Memory information that is no longer necessary is replaced by the new data.  For our jobs, childhood memories were not necessary and could only emotionally hinder us later in life during our upcoming missions.

Throughout the download we saw Earth's creation.  We saw sections of the Universe coming together.  Stars, gases, asteroids, comets, and so forth, forming the Universe. 

We saw the asteroid hit Earth and destroy the planet and the dinosaurs.  We saw Earth recovering, and come to life again. 

We saw Atlantis and what took place there.  What actually happened with Atlantis was very interesting.  Atlantis was at a stage we could relate to ancient Rome.  The difference was that the people of Atlantis were controlling, domineering.  We saw the development of Atlantis from tribes in tents to people designing amazing architecture.  We watched as the Atlantians built aqueducts bringing water to houses and businesses.  We watched the development of sewer systems to sanitarily carry waste from the city.  We watched as they sanitized that waste, making it safe to be near.

We watched as the Atlantians discovered electricity and learned to heat their homes.  We watched as Atlantis discovered a new form of energy.  A form beyond nuclear power.  Then, we watched as Atlantis was not able to control that new power.  We watched as Atlantis imploded.  We watched as the rest of the world imploded.  We again watched as Earth died.

Atlantis was located off the east coast of Bimini in the Caribbean. Under the waters off Bimini, one can find paved streets, buildings, businesses and homes.  One can see the sewer systems and aqueducts which once carried water to the millions of people of Atlantis.

One can also find the still-alive reactor that destroyed Atlantis.  That reactor area many of us know as the Bermuda Triangle today.

Approximately two hundred thousand years scrolled by as Earth again recovered.

We saw Adam, then Eve.  We heard God speak to them.  We saw Abraham hear God speak for the first time.  We saw the Old Testament come to life. 

We watched as Noah built his ark and filled it.  We watched as God yet again destroyed Earth.  Forty days and forty nights of rain flooded the entire planet, killing all but Noah and his family.  Eight people saved who were chosen by God to repopulate the planet.

We watched and witnessed the violence that came to be an every-day part of life on Earth.

We watched as the people of Earth openly and obnoxiously ignored God's Word.  We watched and watched.  Learned and learned.  Cried and laughed.  Felt good, then felt bad at what we were seeing. 

The New Testament sprang to life.  We watched as Jesus' words were fulfilled.  We watched the corruption spread through the churches and the people.  We watched as greed and the hunger for power became the norm.

We were taught the Bible prophesies. 

We witnessed the coming End Time.


Chapter Thirteen
Monday, November 13, 2006

It is simply amazing how many lies we are being, and have been, told in our history books, daily newspapers and electronic media, by our religions, and by our governments.

History has been altered to fit the agendas of various governments and The Elite.  When an event or discovery takes place and our leaders feel that knowledge of it should be withheld from the people, then they withhold it.

To what, exactly, am I referring?  Let’s let the example be the development and testing of the first atomic bomb.

We have been taught that the first test of the first atom bomb took place at White Sands, New Mexico, in the early 1940s.  Actually, the first atomic-bomb test was in 1929, off of Bikini Atoll.  Development and testing was under the supervision of two of the greatest minds of our time, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein.  Many of you may insist that the discovery of heavy water didn’t happen until the nineteen forties.  But that is just another piece of the misinformation puzzle to hide the truth from the general population.  In 1929, the United States was not at war and had no immediate need for such a destructive weapon.  Then, Albert Einstein became a major problem.

It is well-known today that Einstein was a pacifist.  This weapon that he had helped to create did not fit into the niche of his beliefs.  Einstein packed up his records and notes and passively walked off the project.  That is why, in 1955, Einstein wrote that if only he had known, he would have become a watchmaker.

The main idea for the whole atomic-thing invention was to bring a new source of energy to the people.  It was to be a cheaper and more efficient source of power than are coal, oil and water.  However, the United States government and military had another idea.  Their idea was one of control.  With a weapon of such magnitude, it was believed that the United States could, and would, control everything.  We know that plan did not work.  Other countries now share the technology.


The Plajarans taught us martial arts, weapons training, explosives training.  They taught war strategies, not Earth's but Universal strategies.  Strategies that would help save our lives during our dangerous missions which lay ahead.

The Plajarans removed or diminished our emotions.  This was to help us for what we were to take part in.  This would help us keep our sanity during the times ahead.  Of course, later in life our emotions were restored.  This was a good thing as I never would have been hit by that two by four Ann carried when she walked through the door of my friend's apartment on the night September 09, 1997.  Boy, I'll tell you, love at first sight is like getting hit with a two by four, only glorious.  I had a meeting with Stanton Friedman on that night.  Stanton was running late and he called to tell me so.  He asked if I didn't mind, could he bring his friend with him.  Sure, I agreed. 

Stan and Ann were out looking at German Shepherds and it started pouring down a rain unlike we've seen in Albuquerque in quite some time.  They showed up. Both were soaked.  Ann said she felt like a drowned rat.  She looked it too, so did Stan.

However, the second Ann walked through the door…BAM, I felt as though I had been hit with that two by four.  Love at first sight.  A very great, strange feeling.  After our meeting, as Ann and Stan were leaving, my friend and I walked the two out to the parking lot.  As soon as Ann and I got equidistant from one of those big vapor lights…it exploded.  I guess it was love at first sight for Ann, too.  Ann and I were married on December 27, 1997.  This went on with us for a couple of years after we were married.  It started to get expensive after a while having to replace light bulbs all the time.  Life's been GREAT since.

The meeting with Stanton Friedman went okay, but he put everything we talked about in his 'gray basket.'  I guess that means he really didn't believe it.  Well, it's no wonder, what I told Stan was the truth.  All he knew were lies the government spread.  Stanton, by the way, has never even seen a UFO, yet, he is considered an expert.


Religions have fallen into that very same trap of control.

The Bible was given to us by the Creator.  It was meant as a guideline for how our lives could and should be lived.  The Ten Commandments, as originally given to Moses, were the basic Golden Rule premise.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  I have often wondered what has happened to those very basic ideals over the millennia.  What happened to kindness?  What happened to respect for our fellow human beings?  What happened to love they neighbor as thyself?  Can we even imagine what Earth would be like today if we just respected one another?  Earth would be heavenly, wouldn’t it.

The Bible's words and meanings have been altered, forged, manipulated, many times.  Used for the purpose of control of the population of Earth by organized religions.  When it was truly meant to bring us all together as one people.

Let me give you an example.  I was raised in the Catholic religion.  For a brief time as a youth, I attended a Catholic school.  Every Wednesday afternoon, I had to attend Catechism.  In catechism class, we were taught what we needed to know by nuns and priests.  We were never taught to, and never allowed to, read the Bible.  We were instructed to only listen to and learn from the representatives of the Catholic Church.

I cannot, at any time, remember being encouraged to read the Bible.  Oh, yes, we were supposed to have one in our homes.  Bibles were used to record family events such as deaths, marriages, births, first communions, and were passed from generation to generation.  But, we were never supposed to read the Bible.  We were to read the catechism.

The churches of organized religion, for the most part, fell into the control trap, just as governments did, a long time ago.  Control the masses.  Talk at them.  Tell them what they are supposed to think.  Tell them what they are supposed to believe. Tell them how they are supposed to feel.  Tell them to have as many children as they possibly can.  Tell them how they are supposed to act, to dress, to tithe, to volunteer, to vote, to…    …Keep shouting at them, sermonizing up storms of guilt.  But, don’t tell them to read the Bible.  Don't allow them to know the true Word of God.

Hmmmmm… Things that make you go hmmm…

One thing used to mystify me.  There are books in the Bible that were written by, to, or about, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, the Apostles, Ruth, Solomon, Job, Samuel, Joshua, Esther, Ezra, Enoch and many others.  Why didn’t Jesus Christ ever write anything in his own hand, or even dictate to a scribe? 

He did.



Chapter Fourteen
Monday, November 13, 2006


The week passed rather quickly and the fourteen of us were to return home.  We were expecting Jona and Mr. Z to pick us as they had dropped us off.  However, the Plajarans had other ideas.


They gathered us together in the main hall and told us we were excellent students.  They reminded us that we were never to abuse the information we had been given.  Never allow the governments or The Elite to get their hands on what we were taught.  It could be considered interference in God's plan.  Interference was punishable by death.


We were reminded that "loving thy neighbor" truly meant to respect others and their right to be.  We were reminded that only God judges and that God said, revenge is Mine saith the Lord.


We were told that, at times throughout our coming lives, we would need do things that didn't fit the Commandments.  But never to forget that He is a forgiving God.  We have been chosen to do a special job.  That job will put us smack into the middle of some very horrendous scenarios.  Host One told us that we will be forgiven for what we do is part of His plan.


After making sure we understood and felt comfortable with that, the Plajarans told us we would be going home.  Problem.  Neither Jona nor Mr. Z had arrived yet.


Host One just looked at each one of us, smiled and the next thing that happened completely, totally, awesomely blew us away, literally.  With a flash of light, all fourteen us were standing in the middle of the main hangar in Omega's headquarters.


Of course, what showed up were fourteen dumbfounded, stupefied, highly informed people, us.


As it turned out, we learned that the Plajarans can 'zap' themselves in or out of any place in the Universe.  And, I'm here to tell you, 'zap' doesn't do it one bit of justice.  That was actually a bone-chilling experience.


We were welcomed home by Jona, Mr. Z and Aviel.  They wanted to hear all about our week of training.  They seemed as excited as we were.  We all felt like a couple of kids on Christmas morning. 


However, what was really strange was that we truly didn't feel any different than we did before we left.  Except maybe more confident about our future jobs.




We all took a couple days off.  We went home, saw our folks, brothers, sisters and friends.  We enjoyed some time in the present world.  However, there was a certain feeling deep inside each one of us.


The feeling was a change.  A change in our outlook on life.  A change on how we now feel about our government and other world governments.  It's not that we felt superior or anything, in fact, it was just the opposite.  We felt compassion, caring and a need to help our fellow Earthlings.


We, for the first time, felt a definite connection to Earth and the people living here, Earthlings more than Visitors.  We also, all of us, felt a gnawing need to get back to work.  Our new jobs awaited us.




It turned out that that connection was very real.  All fourteen of us showed up at headquarters on the same day, just about the same minute.  Something was drawing us 'home.'


We spent the next months learning the computers, meeting everyone at headquarters.  We learned the basics of just about everyone's jobs in Omega on Earth.


Jona spent four hours a day with us as he taught us to fly the ships with confidence.  We bumped into walls, ceilings, we scattered people as we lost control and started falling.  By the way, our practice flights were in the main hangar.  We were like youngsters learning to drive,  DUCK!


The crew that worked in the hangar posted signs above the entryways into the hangar.  The signs read, "Look up or look for Excedrin headache number 5."  Bunch of jokers these guys.  But hey, it's all in good, clean fun.


One day while practicing 'tight turns,' I slammed a forty-foot triangle into a corner.  Of course, to make matters worse, I panicked.  The ship just hung there in the corner because I was panicking and the ship didn't understand my panic.  Needless to say, the next morning someone hung a bulls-eye placard in that particular corner.  It is good to know the Visitors have a sense of humor.


With fourteen new guys learning to fly over your heads, these guys needed a sense of humor.


Eventually, we did learn to master the flying thing.  Yes, I know I said the ships fly by thought, but first you must learn to crawl before you can walk (or as in this case, fly).


Jona took us to the Mars area where he wanted us practise high-speed flying.  Remember the hippies back in the sixties when they used to say, "Wow, what a rush, man?"  Well, I do have to back up that statement…WHAT A RUSH!


The disks were able to fly at eight times the speed of light.  Remember that the true speed of light is 1.5 million miles per second.  This was unbelievably exciting.


The really exciting thing, though, were the triangles. They are able to fly at ten times the speed of light.  Even more exciting was the day Jona taught us to 'walk' the triangles.  Walking the triangles was different, fun, exciting and scary all at the same time.  Walking is when you are on the ground and you walk the triangle from corner edge to corner edge at high speeds.  It's used as a distraction technique if you're ever in trouble.  How would you like to be standing there watching this triangle come at you at phenomenal speeds walking on its corners?  Close your eyes and imagine it. See? It works.


As I said, we finally mastered flying the disks and triangles.  Both vehicles are completely silent, do not give off any exhaust of any kind and are run on what's called Universal energy.  More on Universal energy later.




Chapter Fifteen
Monday, November 13, 2006


Here's some information that should answer a few questions people have about the ships. 


A lot of people ask me why the ships just flat disappear from sight. Poof! Gone. Blinked out. 

The answer to this is very simple.  Earthling's eyes are undeveloped and can only see the speed of light.  If a ship moves faster than the speed of light then as an Earthling, we cannot see it leaving.


Lack of noise or sound from the ships.

All planets, people, all living things and everything in the Universe is electromagnetically-based.  Electromagnetics are us, all of us.  A ship flies using a form of electromagnetics called Universal energy.  Most believers in God call Universal energy our spirits.  This is what makes us all be. Electromagnetics are all around us, everyday, every minute, every second of our lives.  Ever hear them?  I'll bet your answer is no. Electromagnetics, as Universal energy, makes no noise or sound.


Imagine living in the future and living near a 'freeway' and not hearing the sounds of traffic while you're trying to sleep, watch TV, read or whatever. Nice, huh?


The different shapes:  What do they mean?

Actually they don't mean a thing.  The different shapes are the same thing as the different models of cars here on Earth.  The disk could be considered a classic vehicle, while the triangle is the new, modern vehicle.  The triangle is more aerodynamically correct for deep-space travel as its very sharp, pointy nose cuts through any atmosphere.  Currently, there are far more triangles in use than disks.


The triangles can also open their 'screens' which allows you to see either all around the ship or straight ahead of you or below you. Your choice.


What does the spinning of the disks do?

Disks do not spin.  The disks move just as the triangles do.  Just as your car does.  It moves straight ahead, turns, goes backward, can go up or down and so on.



Inside the ships there are no G-Forces.  The computers in the ships compensate for the atmospheric conditions which the ship is currently in.  This is why when flying in a ship one cannot feel the G-Forces pulling at them.  It's a great way to make sure the pilot is in total control of the ship.  You wouldn't want a ship traveling at ten times the speed of light to get away from the pilot now, would you?


What are the bubbles on top of the disks?

A lot of people who have seen disks have stated they can see someone sitting in the bubble on top.  This is not so.  The disk does have a 'hump' in its design, but it is not a bubble that someone can see out of or into.


What are the cigar-shaped ships?

The cigar-shaped ships are transports.  Trucks, lorries or trains, if you will.  They transport all sorts of goods from planet to planet in what is called intergalactic trade.  They are just like the tractor-trailers we see driving down our highways.  They are never used for anything else, just transporting goods.


I'm sure this has answered some of your questions about the ships. 



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