May He bless you with understanding of this truth...

Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are,

and the things which shall be hereafter...

Revelation 1:19

Page 19

Book Two

Chapters Ninety-One - Ninety-Five

Book Two

Chapter Ninety-One

Friday, April 13, 2007



Book Two takes place from 1983 to present day.  In this part, I will speak of those 'more on that laters' I mentioned throughout the first part.  I will speak of total shock and awe experienced by the other fourteen Omega members, Visitors, and myself as well.  I will speak of the disappointment I felt, and the hurt and anger that almost broke my heart.  By this time, Mr. Z had passed away from heart failure at a ripe old age.  I became Mr. Z's replacement and director of Omega on Earth.  


In the early 1980s, we started seeing strange trails left by airplanes.  These were explained away as contrails from the airplanes.  The problem:  These 'contrails' did not act as most contrails did, or still do, for that matter.  A contrail is created by the heat of the jet engine's exhaust.  As the heat is released into the air, it becomes a vapor or steam until it matches the ambient air and dissipates.  The 'contrails' we were watching were not dissipating as regular contrails did.  They hung around for hours and hours before dissipating.  Some of these 'contrails' appeared to even 'drip' as they hung around those hours.


We questioned these 'contrails' continuously.  Jona told us that they were more than likely caused by the pollution in Earth's atmosphere.  Nope, we weren't buying that story.  It was just too strange.  After days and weeks which turned into months of nagging Jona about the 'contrails' Jona agreed to collect samples of those odd 'contrails.'  What turned up was truly frightening.


As the years moved on, we started hearing more and more about 'alien abductions' and cattle mutilations.  Again, Jona told us it was the government of the United States attempting to scare the sheeple of Earth into submission and then total control.  Okay... maybe Jona was right this time.


More tales of mind control from actual victims, began showing up on radio shows and in the book stores.  Most of these tales were connected to the control of the masses by the Elite.  This, too, made sense to me as control was, and still is, the main objective of The Elite.


Then, in 1995, something truly amazing happened.  An extremely large spaceship was spotted off the coast of California.  This ship was even photographed by NOAA satellites as it sat there high above Earth.  NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association which monitors the weather using satellites orbiting Earth.  Jona asked me and Sag and Leo to investigate this ship.  We did, and boy, oh boy, did we get a surprise.


In 1997, I decided to retire from Omega Agency.  One never really retires from Omega.  It's not like the Mafia or anything, but as a person chosen for this job, one is always on the job, so to speak.  In September, 1997, I met Ann.  My entire life changed that day.  Love is wonderful!  Unbeknownst to me, Ann had a job of her own.  Not through Omega, but through a Higher Power.  Life changed even more, except now it changed for both of us.


Hang on tight.  Buckle up.  And get ready for some shocking details…



Chapter Ninety-Two

Friday, April 13, 2007



September 9, 1982, saw the passing of Mr. Z.  Mr. Z was 79 years old at the time of his death.  He died from a massive heart attack which was building over the years.  Mr. Z passed quietly in his sleep.


September 9, 1982, was also the day I took over as director of Omega on Earth.  There must always be a director.  I was chosen as the director despite our mourning the loss of Mr. Z, my mentor.  A week later, Mr. Z was interred in Arlington cemetery as his final resting place.  To this day, I still miss him.


At the time I assumed the directorship of Omega, nothing much had changed in my job or job description.  I remained working in the field gathering intel from the various agencies and governments worldwide.  I remained in a very vulnerable position for a director.  Too vulnerable, were the thoughts of all fifteen of us.  I wasn't afraid or scared of being 'out there' but, as director, it just didn't seem right.  However, many years later, after the Virums took control of Omega on Earth, I found out I should have been pulled from field work.


In Book One, I wrote that human beings are not perfect, advanced, mature Visitor human beings as well.  The only perfect one is God Himself.  Omega came to Earth in 1929.  During the ensuing decades, strange things transpired. 


It was eventually discovered that Nicola Tesla was, in fact, contacted by Visitors.  This is a direct violation of God's Word and orders:  There will be no interference with the natural evolution of any living planet.  As it turned out, there were many incidents of interference in the natural evolution of Earth.


In the mid 1920s, Nicola Tesla was visited by advanced Visitors and given help with some of his discoveries and inventions.  This of course, changed the natural evolution of Earth.  It was Tesla who invented the radio, not Marconi.  Tesla invented the receiver which helped him to learn things given him by certain Visitors.  Marconi invented the broadcast radio.  It was Tesla who invented AC power, not Edison.  Edison invented DC power which would have given us a power station on every corner.  The list goes on and on.  However, the most dangerous invention of Tesla's was his 'death ray.'


This death ray later became known as HAARP.  High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, located in Gakona, Alaska.  An amazing tool which has the ability to control weather patterns, create weather patterns, and a list as frightening as Dr. Frankenstein's wish list. 


At first, HAARP was used to just control weather patterns over the United States.  It could shift a weather front from one state or area of the country to another.  HAARP could also be used to create earthquakes, as Tesla proved in the 1930s by creating two of them, one in New York City and one in Greeley, Colorado. 


Now, bear in mind that the entire Universe is electromagnetic.  This is God's power.  There are varying degrees of electromagnetics; so many, in fact, that even the advanced Visitors do not know them all.  Much of Tesla's work was based on the use of electromagnetic energy.  It was electromagnetic energy that created Tesla's two earthquakes.  In fact, it's electromagnetic energy which creates all earthquakes.


Electromagnetic energy in our atmospheres is what creates weather patterns.  Hence GLOBAL WARMING.  So sorry, Mr. Al Gore.  Global warming is the Hand of God at work, not man.  Well...Gore did make a good movie and won an Oscar for it.  But, hey, man has been wrong before and will be wrong many times to come.


Electromagnetic energy is the basic material of all things.  You, me, your children, the products we use on a daily basis…everything is electromagnetic.  God sends electromagnetic energy in a certain intensity to Earth.  The reason for this certain intensity is due to the evolutionary state of the planet God is sending it to.  More advanced planets get more energy.  Less advanced planets get less.


With the help of some rogue Visitors, Tesla was able to learn to harness that energy.  Unfortunately, Tesla was being used.  Tesla's idea for wanting this information was to help the people of Earth.  To give us clean, efficient fuel to power our homes and cars.  But, as happens to so many scientists, they are duped into having their inventions used for evil instead of for good.  Tesla's inventions were turned into weather-control tools, mind-control tools, and much more.


The early years of HAARP saw an ability to shift weather patterns and fronts.  As time went on, HAARP's scientists learned to actually create thunderstorms, rain, wind and hail.  However, they could not, as hard as they tried, create tornados or hurricanes in those early years.  Sorry to say that now HAARP does, in fact, have that ability.


The year 2005 saw a record number of hurricanes.  There were a record 27 named storms, of which 15 were hurricanes, exceeding the 1969 record of 12 hurricanes, and 7 were major hurricanes. Of the 7 major hurricanes, an unprecedented 4 reached Category 5 status.  Arlene (Jun 8-13), Bret (Jun 28-29), Cindy (Jul 3-7), Dennis (Jul 4-12), Emily (Jul 11-21), Franklin (Jul 21-29), Gert (Jul 23-25), Harvey (Aug 3-8), Irene (Aug 7-18), Jose (Aug 22-23), Katrina (Aug 23-30), Lee (Aug 31-Sep 1), Maria (Sep 2-10), Nate (Sep 5-10), Ophelia (Sep 7-18), Phillipe (Sep 17-23), Rita (Sep 18-24), Stan (Oct 2-5), Tammy (Oct 5-6 ), Vince (Oct 9-11), Wilma (Oct 17-25), Alpha (Oct 22-24), Beta (Oct 27-30), Gamma (Nov 18-20), Delta (Nov 23-28), Epsilon (Nov 29-Dec 8th), Zeta (Dec 30 2005-Jan 6 2006).

The 2005 hurricane season was the earliest hurricane season in recorded history.


HAARP's technology advanced greatly over the years…with some help, I might add.  HAARP can now create major tornados and hurricanes at any time of the year.  All that need be done is for HAARP to tweak the electromagnetic energy in the atmospheres and BOOM, you have a hurricane or major tornado.


In fact, at one time, I requested HAARP to create a massive thunderstorm to hide an incoming ship over Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Of course, HAARP had no idea I was making the request to hide a spaceship.  They had no need to know.  Actually, HAARP worked beautifully for this reason.


HAARP and the chemtrail project worked in conjunction to help alter the soil in which we grow our foods.  Again, this is done using--and manipulating--the electromagnetic energies of Earth.  The governments of Earth believe "he who controls the food, controls the people."  It's working.  We have Monsanto creating genetically altered seed of all kinds and types.  Monsanto dominates in genetically-altered seed.


Genetically-altered seeds can only be used one time, one season.  This forces the farmer to purchase more seed from the government.  One such seed has been altered to more easily grow corn in an arid desert environment.  Corn never grows well in that kind of condition.  However, the altered seed uses scorpion venom to help it grow in dry areas...requiring much less water.  I, for one, want nothing to do with even the thought of ingesting corn with scorpion venom.  So, call me old fashioned.


HAARP is also being used to control the minds of the people.  As I said earlier, we are all electromagnetic.  Disrupting the flow of the natural electromagnetic energy which flows in and out of each one of us, allows HAARP to alter that flow, disrupting our brainwaves. 


In some cases, individuals can be totally controlled and manipulated.  In most cases, people are taught not to care.  They are taught to follow the instructions given by our government through the use of subliminal messaging on television, radio and in print.


HAARP and subliminals are part of the prophecy of the Bible.  The governments of Earth are trying to kill God and Jesus Christ.  Look around you at the attacks on Christmas, Easter and other holy days.  The belief in false idols and gods (Allah).  In today's society, it is rapidly becoming a "hate crime" to be a Christian and believe in God and Jesus.  In fact, in Matthew 10:22, Jesus told His disciples, And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.  Is this not happening as you read this?  This is prophecy being fulfilled.



Chapter Ninety-Three

Friday, April 13, 2007



July, 1947, saw a serious act of interference on the part of those rogue Visitors.  We've come to know it as the Roswell Incident.  The Roswell Incident was a perfectly orchestrated cover-up which so many people have fallen for.  To this day scientists, investigators, researchers and the just-curious still believe the lies laid out for this cover-up.  Amazingly, so many people cannot see through it.


The story has it that ranch hand Mac Brazel happened upon some strange debris in the desert while out checking the land after a summer storm.  He then reported it to the local sheriff who, in turn, reported it to the military.  An investigation by the military claimed it might be a crashed spaceship and was published as such in the Roswell Daily Record.  Later, it was said to be a downed weather balloon;  even later, it was said to have been crash-tested crash dummies.


The Truth About the Roswell Incident


Sometime in late June of 1947, the government of the United States and its new group, the Central Intelligence Agency received information about spaceships flying around Earth.  The 'aliens' contacted certain members of our government expressing a willingness to put on a demonstration of the powers and abilities of the 'alien spacecraft.'  Our government bit.  In fact, they swallowed it all hook, line and sinker.  The date for the demonstration was to be Friday, July 4, 1947.


July 4 was the perfect date.  Let's not forget that the country recently won World War II and peace appeared to be coming to the planet.  With this 'peace' brought a relaxed attitude among the people and the military alike.  July 4 is a national holiday in the United States and, with peace at hand, many military bases worked that weekend with skeleton crews.  Skeleton crews who were truly too few in number and didn't have a care in the world after winning the war.  America was truly a power not to be messed with. 


However, behind the scenes, there was a different attitude.  Major figures in our government were hard at work.  They were prepping for an event that would change life as we knew it.  First contact with an 'alien race.'  Little did they know that 1947 was too late by eighteen years.


The prepping was being overseen by the newly formed CIA, the NSA and military.  Yes, the NSA has been around long before the CIA, a little-known fact.  This is why the NSA refers to itself as 'No Such Agency.'  Six Army Air Corps pilots were chosen to accompany two Visitors aboard the two spacecraft (three plus one each) that would be used in the demonstration. 


Just at dusk on the night of Friday, July 4, 1947, two spaceships landed and took on their pilot passengers.  This was witnessed by approximately one hundred people.  One hundred very carefully chose people for this event.  Most of us will never know the names of those witnesses, but Ann personally knows two of them…her mother and father.  Ann's father, Richard Clayton Harris, Jr., was the Roswell base's Budget and Fiscal Officer.  The man in charge of the money for this project.  Ann's mother, Dollie C. Harris, was one of the CIA's top people at the time.  She was sent to watch over the proceedings and report to her superiors about it.  To read about Ann's father's interview from Strange Universe 1997, go to Ann, Her Father and Roswell on our website.  In the interview, Ann's dad remarks that he saw the ship hit the ground, bounce and then crash.


After the six pilots boarded the two spacecraft and were flown away for a short time, they returned for all to see.  During the brief time they were gone, the Visitors were teaching them how to fly the spaceships.  Advanced ships are flown using thought.  Remember that the ships are covered with a substance which is actually an artificial life form.  The connection between the artificial life form and the on-board computers make the connection to those piloting the ships through physic ability or mental telepathy.  A pilot never needs to touch or use controls to fly a ship.  However, they must be able to keep that physic connection matter what.


I do want to, and need to, tell you that all of us, no matter where we're from, or who we are, have the ability of physic connection.  It's just a matter of how in-tune we are individually and as a group or people.  If Earthlings make it to an advanced state, then they too will be able to enhance those abilities.


Just before dark fell that Friday, July 4, 1947, the ships appeared in the sky.  They were flying rather low so all below would have clear sight of the ships as they whipped around in manuevers never thought possible by any flying machine, even by today's standards.  As the Earth pilots became more comfortable with their ability to handle the ships, they relaxed…maybe too much.


The Earth pilots made ninety degree turns.  They made impossible hairpin turns.  They flew at unimaginable speeds.  They felt good, in control, self-assured.  All the while, which at this point was approximately an hour and a half, the entire demonstration was being filmed with motion film and regular film.  Those in attendance were frantically writing down everything they were witnessing.  History was being made right before their eyes.


The time stretched to two hours.  No one, not even the Visitors, seemed to notice the clouds moving in.  Clouds producing lightning strikes, nothing out of the ordinary in the desert.  This doesn't necessarily mean rain, just a little lightning.  Suddenly, as the ships were flying over the heads of the witnesses, lightning struck the ship closest to the ground.  With this the Earth pilot lost his train of thought and the ship went down bouncing off the ground a few times, then crashing nose first into the desert floor.  The second ship was luckier.  The Visitor aboard that ship managed to regain control of the ship, and it only bounced once off the ground and was airborne again. 


A panic ensued as people ran toward the crashed ship.  After finally getting the hatch open, the three Army Air Corps pilots were dead.  The one Visitor was severely injured.  Our government is so typical.  Their main thoughts were what to do with the ship?  How are they going to hide it?  How were they going to keep this from the public?  Never mind that there were three dead American pilots and one severely injured Visitor.  The main thought was to CYA.  More pictures were taken of the crashed ship.  The second ship landed and the Earthling pilots were let out.  The Visitor took off to parts unknown leaving his injured comrade behind. 


Within a matter of half an hour, another two ships appeared.  I neglected to mention that the Roswell ships were of a fat chevron shape.  The two newly arriving ships were perfect triangles, flat black in color and completely silent.  So silent that not one person even knew they had arrived until they landed and took everyone by surprise.


Out stepped Jona and a small contingent of Reticulan security men.  They were heavily armed.  Everyone stepped back from these armed Reticulans as Jona checked out the situation.  Needless to say, Jona appeared to be one angry man.  Interference had been committed by advanced Visitors on an unadvanced young planet.  Jona weighed the situation carefully.


Jona quickly made the decision to have the engine removed from the crashed ship.  If Earthlings got hold of this technology, Jona told me years later, a shiver ran down his spine with that thought, who knows what might happen.  Jona checked the three dead pilots.  They were torn up badly.  The Visitor, another Reticulan, despite his injures was bound and taken to one of the triangular ships.  Jona took one look at the Reticulan in custody and was instantly furious.  As it turned out, this man was Jona's brother.  Jona's brother was now not only a traitor to Omega, but to God Himself, as he violated the laws of interference.  Jona appeared fit to be tied.


Jona spoke with General Ramey in an attempt to find out what was going on here.  After speaking with General Ramey, Jona decided to leave the cover story in the hands of General Ramey and his people.  The ship was so badly damaged Jona left it with the general after Jona removed the engine.  Jona made the decision that the damage had been done; and he hoped, a little more wouldn't hurt too badly.


Jona eventually found the other Visitor pilot, who also infuriated Jona.  It was Jona's cousin.  Interference is a crime punishable by termination.  Jona personally escorted his brother and his cousin to Zeta Reticuli.  There was a quick trial and the two offenders were put to death.  Jona carried out the terminations personally.


This shocked everyone in Omega.  Not only Omega on Earth, but Omega Universally as well.  Jona terminated both his brother and his cousin without batting an eyelash.  This was the one incident that led to Jona's "Golden Boy" status throughout Omega (but not with the Virums).  It was believed by most that Jona was a true follower of the rules and of God's Word. 


The part of the Roswell Incident story involving Mac Brazel was part of the cover-up.  Brazel needed money and the military supplied him with cash and a brand new pickup truck.  Naw, nothing suspicious there.  As for the three dead 'aliens', those were the badly decomposed bodies of the Army Air Corps pilots that were limitedly paraded around.


The damaged ship provided technology that has led to night vision, super tenacity fibers, microwave ovens and other microwave technology.  Fiber optics came from the crashed ship along with more inventions resulting from the advanced technology.


As for the Jesse Marcel, Jr. story:  That is one hundred percent the truth.  Little Jesse Marcel saw the I-Beam and remembered it exactly as when he saw it the first time.  Yes, the material when crumbled would unfold itself to a smooth piece of metal.  This metal is Quiltineum which I spoke of in Book One.


On Wednesday, December 27, 2006, our ninth anniversary, Ann and I received a package in the mail.  The stamps on the package were not canceled.  There were no markings indicating the package came through the Deming Post Office.  We did check with our mail carrier and she stated she did deliver it.  The large padded envelope came in with all her other mail.  It had not been left anonymously in our box during the night.


The package contained a piece of metal, crushed, dented and torn. It is ten inches long by five and one-half inches at its widest part.  A note accompanying the metal stated it was a piece of the Roswell ship which crashed in 1947.  I had Omega check the metal…it's Quiltineum.  It is from the crashed Roswell ship of Friday, July 4, 1947.  Yep, that is Roswell dirt still clinging to it.  The Quiltineum is now dead, no longer even possessing artificial life.  However, the metal has been traced right to the exact ship that crashed in the Roswell desert and is now stored in an underground hangar in Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio.


Ann and I would like to thank the person who sent us the Roswell ship metal.





Chapter Ninety-Four

Friday, April 13, 2007



Since the Roswell Incident, and even long before, there has been one myth or another emerging about 'aliens and UFOs', crashed spacecraft and the like.  In these next chapters, I will dispense with those myths.


First and foremost, on planet Earth, throughout Earth's entire history, there has only been one crashed spacecraft…the Roswell Incident.  I repeat, there has been only one crashed spacecraft.


Tall tales, stories and myths abound concerning 'UFOs and aliens.'  The biggest problem is the complete lack of reliable information into which UFO investigators and researchers and the UFO Community could look at the subject using plain, old-fashioned common sense.  The publicity and excitement level over 'UFOs and aliens' drives people to create their own tall tales and to perpetuate the myths.  Thus, distorting everything about this subject.  Simply and sadly, the UFO Community can never seem to come together--to agree-- on anything. 


Author's note:  I do have to research UFO events through the internet and UFO Community because 99.99% of the UFO sightings, stories, encounters and so forth are pure fiction.  I've worked side-by-side with Visitors from 752 advanced planets who have monitored Earth for centuries and even those Visitors know nothing of the majority of these tales.


But, before we start looking at these cases, let me ask you some questions.


1.  Why is it so hard for people to believe that God created man in His own

      image (i.e. human beings)?


2.  Why is it so difficult for people to understand that human being is a

     species and Earthling describes a place?  (Human beings can come from

     any planet.  They would just be human beings from Virum, Tyre or the

     like.  Just as human beings can come from Earth, thus being called



3.  Does it make sense for one human to "probe" or internally study another

     human?  (No.)


4.  Why would Visitors honestly abduct anyone?  (Scare tactics is the only

      thing that comes to my mind.)


5.  With such advanced technology right at their fingertips, wouldn't it make

      perfect sense that if the Visitors did, in fact, want to control Earth it

      would be ridiculously easy for them to do so?  (They don't want to.)


6.  Why is it so difficult for people to understand that Earthling eyes can

     only see to the speed of light that can be measured on this planet at this

     time, and not beyond?  (Thus, disappearing UFOs. "Poof!  It's gone!")


7.  Why is it so hard for people to understand that science, as we know it on

      Earth, just might be different beyond Earth on advanced planets?  (Such

      as the true speed of light.  186,000 miles per second [Earthling

      calculation]. 1.5 million miles per second [Visitor calculation].)


Before you go on, take a few minutes and ponder these questions.


People accept the fact that Visitors are advanced people with technology far beyond our wildest dreams.  Yet, far too many people end up believing that these Visitors are demons from Satan, fallen angels and so on.  I guess that means the folks who designed, built and produced the first computers on Earth must be demons from Satan or fallen angels. If someone discovers or invents something new does that mean that he or she is a demon?  Now, really, does that make any sense at all?  In fact, it lacks common sense and is so immature a statement as to be childish.  Yet so many folks have been led astray and continue to harbor these beliefs in these end-time days.  Read your Bible:  With God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26


Another place where there is a major lack of common sense is when it comes to UFO "experts".  Ever notice how so-called UFO experts are ex-military or ex-government?  These are people who have been directly involved in the cover-up of UFOs and Visitors.  Then, suddenly, they have a change of heart?  Sorry, makes no sense to me.  I do not trust these people.  In fact, one very famous Ufologist and Roswell researcher, who I might add has written many books on the subject of UFOs and is considered to be one of the top UFO researchers in the field, admitted to Ann and me that he has never even seen a UFO.  Yet from photographers, video and testimony of witnesses, he has it all figured out?  Ann asked this man, a nuclear physicist, a scientist, a question pertaining to physics.  The question Ann posed:  What if physics is different in outer space than it is here on Earth?  His answer:  He became loud and obnoxious and stated that "physics is physics, no matter where it is."  A man of science.  A man who should have an open mind.  A man who should be seeking all possibilities.  However, a few years later, Ann and I saw this man on a UFO television program where he posed that same exact question as if he'd thought of it himself.  I guess Ann got to him.


But, getting back to the subject.  These are the UFO experts.  These are the people most go to for answers.  These are the people who have put all the disinformation out there in the first place.  But, hey, they are the experts.  Throughout my career I have worked with CIA agents, NSA agents, DIA agents and so forth.  I've always found them to be loyal to the masters they serve.  In other words, the lies and disinformation go on and on, round and round.


These so-called experts are more interested in selling their videos, books, papers and photographs.  Fame and fortune is what these people seek.  Not truth.  Here I sit, writing my autobiography which I am posting on our website and all for the minimal fee of NOTHING.  The truth is free.  Ann and I are not accepting donations for anything.  We are selling the Roswell I-Beam Replica, but I'm here to tell you, it is not a big seller.  Ann and I pay for web hosting and everything connected to our website, publishing and design.  The book you're reading is our gift of the truth for all who wish to read it.


Ann and I have attended a few UFO conferences in the past.  They turned our stomachs.  The lies, back-biting and competitiveness that occurs make us sick.  Just speak the truth.  In the Bible, John 8:32 tells us,  And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  Yet, the main objective of all these UFO "experts" is to get as deeply as they can into your wallet.


All I ask is that you, the readers of this book, open your minds and hearts.  Use the common sense God gave us all and think about this.  The internet is laced with articles about our government using holographic projections as a weapon.  But, people cannot grasp the fact that those same holographics can be used to make people think they saw UFOs flying all over the place.  Thus, 'The Coming Alien Invasion.'  Let us not forget what Henry Kissinger said at a Bilderberg meeting back in 1991, "Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government." 


The governments of Earth are seeking total control over all the people.  A coming alien invasion would work beautifully to scare people into submission.  Henry Kissinger set it up back in 1991, and it's being carried forth as you read this today (April 2007).  Billy Meier once admitted he faked his photos, yet there seems to be a cult which formed around his lies.  Unfortunately, there are many like him out there attempting to control the minds of the sheeple. 


My career working with the Visitors has shown me technology which is totally amazing.  And, so many within the UFO Community do believe this also.  I have seen technology which would allow the Visitors to take complete control of Earth, or any planet, in just a matter of minutes.  So, if this is supposed to be the agenda of the 'aliens', why haven't they used it yet?  Why has such an advanced people waited for this planet to be polluted, corrupted, and destroyed, before they take over?  Common sense.  That's all that's needed to see the truth about the Visitors.


The Visitors are here only to monitor the events taking place on Earth.  Earth is an End-time planet which is rapidly heading toward that decisive End.  The Visitors are here to monitor Earth for the sake of Universal history.  If you use your common sense, it makes perfect sense, doesn't it.


The advanced planets I've visited are beautiful, pristine places.  The water is clean, sweet and cool.  The food is free of chemicals, preservatives and hormones.  The people are lovely, open-minded individuals willing to help in any way.  The air is clean.  The skies (at least on some planets) are a blue the likes of which we, on Earth, can only imagine.  Why would these people want Earth?  I guess they must all be clean freaks and wish to clean up Earth or something.  Most Visitors, despite their ability to travel the Universe, stay on their own planets.  That's home.  That's where their families are.  That's where their friends are.  That's where they want to be…home.



Chapter Ninety-Five

Friday, April 13, 2007



I must say, however, that there is virtually no real information out there concerning UFOs and Visitors.  The main problem concerning such information is the Law of Interference.  Ufologists and researchers continue to and can only guess about UFOs and Visitors.


The only real opportunity Earthlings had to study Visitors was the crashed Roswell spacecraft.  Remember, though, that the engine was removed by Jona before he allowed anyone to inspect the downed ship.  Yes, the I-Beams remained onboard, but there is zero concern about those.  They are written in a language that Earthlings will never understand--not in the near future, anyway.  And, yes, I did use the plural, I-Beams.  The I-Beams are found along the inside walls of all spacecraft.  The I-Beams are schematics for anything and everything onboard a spacecraft.  The average spacecraft incorporates 122 of these I-Beams.


Because I was chosen for this job (why me, I may never know, but I was chosen for it) I was trained in the language used on the I-Beams.  I was also given the ability of physic connection which keeps me in touch with the Visitors every second of every day.  All fifteen of us chosen ones where given the same exact abilities.  All fifteen of us are also in constant contact.


I would just like to make it crystal clear because so many people I have spoken to, and corresponded with, truly never understand, or get right, that since 1972, I have worked literally side-by-side with Visitors from 752 advanced planets.  Just as you have worked with your daily co-workers, I worked with the Visitors.  We've spoken, both psychically and vocally. We've touched, shaken hands, hugged.  We've shared meals together. We argued with each other; we apologized to each other.  We've cried and grieved with each other.  Just as you have interacted with the people around you, I've interacted with the Visitors.


I've been taught by them.  I've learned from them.  I've shared moments in their lives and they in mine.  We’ve watched each others' backs.  We've done laundry together.  We've cooked together.  We've helped nurse each other back to health at times.  We've worried about each other.  We were, and still are, a family.  Just like you and your family.


We've had fun together.  Played together.  They taught me their ways of life.  I've taught them things about Earthlings.  We've studied each others' quirks, likes and dislikes.  I've discovered that just like me, some Visitors really dislike Zucchini and spinach.  In short, the Visitors are human beings…just like you and I are.


My autobiography, especially Book Two, will be the first, the very first book, in which information concerning the Visitors and spacecraft will be shared.  This is the truth.  This is what I've been asked to do.  I realize many of you reading this book might think me crazy, imaginative, or any other adjective you might care to use, but I do assure you that this is truth.  This will always be the truth.  I have no reason to lie.  I have no reason to judge anyone.  Two of my favorite Bible verses are:  John 8:32, And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you freeLuke 6:37Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven...  And, please keep in mind Ecclesiastes 1:9there is nothing new under the sun.


This is my autobiography.  This is my life.  This is my mission…


My beloved Dennis, servant of God, passed away on April 24, 2007.

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