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Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are,

and the things which shall be hereafter...

Revelation 1:19

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Chapters Eighty-Six - Ninety

Chapter Eighty-Six

Saturday, January 27, 2007



September 11, 2001, was just the beginning.  There will be suicide bombings on American soil.  Americans will be become panicky and scared.  People will be afraid to leave their homes.  Parents will be afraid to allow their children to go to school.  Then, the people will freely relinquish their rights and freedoms.  Then, the attacks will escalate.


A nuclear weapon detonating on American soil is not such a far-fetched scenario.  It will happen.  I sat in a meeting where this exact scenario was discussed.  The only thing is, the scenario and event would be orchestrated by The Elite and their people.  Their people are those currently in power today (January, 2007).


This is the prophecy of the world being destroyed by fire, Revelation 9:18, "By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths…"  But wait, there's more.  God also promises that there will be pestilences.  The Beasts of The Earth,  Revelation 6:8, "And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth."


In 1972, President Richard Nixon stopped all testing with biological weapons and agents in the United States.  What most people do not know is that the CIA felt Nixon was wrong and covertly opened their own biological-weapons laboratories.  A goodly number of which sit approximately fifteen miles south of the home Ann and I currently live in.


These labs have genetically altered many diseases, bacteria and viruses over the years since 1972.  Many of those diseases are being used on people around the planet today.  Many of those altered bacteria and viruses are being tested on unknowing American citizens as we speak.  Many of those bacteria and viruses will be used during the End Time.  Millions of people, innocent or not, will fall from these genetically-altered bacteria and viruses.


I've not visited the labs to our south, but I have visited other labs within the CIA's covert system of biological labs across our nation.  Genetically altering the DNA of bacteria and viruses is not an easy task, but there are scientists working within our government who are very good at what they do and do produce the results desired by The Elite.


Now, of course, to achieve their goal of world domination, The Elite will orchestrate these attacks using Islam and its followers.  The Muslims who follow the Qur'an are unruly, violent, uneducated, illiterate sheeple who can easily be led into whatever their Mullahs tell them.  This does not make them innocent of what they will do.  God gave all of us the ability to know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil.  That includes the Muslims of this world.  That choice is ours, every one of us.


Remember, the Qur'an states that world domination is also one of the main goals of Islam.  So, given any little excuse or reason, Islam will turn violent toward the West, as they are doing this minute.  Although The Elite will use the Muslims, the Muslims will still be at fault for the attacks.  They will not be innocent and are a violent people.  The Elite needs not to force or coerce the Muslims into action, the Qur'an itself takes care of that part.


This and much more is what's to come.  Since I became a part of Omega, I have had visions of destruction and End Time scenarios on a minute-by-minute basis, every single day since 1972.  I see the End Time destruction.  I see people dying.  I see buildings falling under attack.  I see the pestilence and its wrath.  I see the earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, massive thunder storms and more.


In 1986, after again visiting the Plajarans, I was given a vision of the Earth changes that will take place from all of this.  These I call the Future Maps.  You can view them on our website by going to  These maps show the changes that will take place after the wars of the End Time.


Remember, the Bible says in Revelation 16:20, And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.  Earthquakes and volcanoes will change the face of Earth.  Mountains will literally disappear, as will islands.  Continents will psychically change.  Where there was once a great continent, there will be a small one.  Where there was once a small continent, there will be a large one.  The entire face of the planet Earth will change under God's Hand.


Massive destruction will come with the End Time.  It is God's Will.  It is His plan and there is no stopping it or changing it.  It states in the Bible that people must repent, but repentance does not mean the End Time will stop.  Repentance means we will receive God's promise of everlasting life in Heaven, not here on Earth.  Only you can make that choice.  It is in your hands…



Chapter Eighty-Seven

Saturday, January 27, 2007



Throughout my career, I've been placed in many different jobs ranging from spying on our government to driving a truck to driving a city bus to working in the medical field and more.  All these different jobs led us to gather intel on a variety of subjects.  We studied people and their habits and quirks.  We've even had Visitors from advanced planets working in the fast-food industry on Earth.  These were people with an intellect far beyond Einstein's intelligence.


The infatuation with fast food took Earth by storm.  This sparked a curiosity in these Visitors.  Why?  Laziness and impatience also took Earth by storm.  It's far easier to just order food out rather than cook it at home.  This has also led to the health problems many people on Earth are experiencing. 


From 1931 to 2006, there have been more than six hundred thousand Visitors on Earth mingling with Earthlings in many different capacities.  Omega first came to Earth, on a full time basis, in 1929 and has been here ever since.  However, as world events progressed, these Visitors, all six hundred thousand of them, were sent to their respective homes.  Currently (January 2007), there are three hundred plus Visitors working with Omega on Earth.  This number does include the chosen Fifteen Earthlings...and my spouse.


Throughout Omega's time on Earth, many varied studies have been conducted.  "Abduction" was not among those studies, or so we thought.  Much more on that later.  The Reticulans, who ran Omega for most of the time Omega has been on Earth, conducted studies of behavior patterns of Earthlings, medical problems of Earthlings and a major and massive study of the emotional state of Earthlings.  A great many of these studies were conducted by a Reticulan woman named Aviel. 


Aviel was an amazing woman.  She held multiple PhDs in psychology, biology, medical research, surgery, engineering and much more.  Aviel was considered one of the most brilliant Visitors ever to grace our Universe. 


Jona was also an amazing man.  He held multiple PhDs in engineering, psychology, unadvanced civilizations, deep-space travel and exploration and was considered to be one of the more gifted Visitors in our Universe.  Jona was said to be the Universe's "Golden Boy."


Jona's reign with Omega began approximately six hundred years ago.  He came to Earth as the head of Omega Earth, in 1929, shortly after contact was made with Group One.  Jona was responsible for setting up the underground facility, first in the Langley area, then underground Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The Langley complex was small.  Then Jona had the Albuquerque complex built. 


The Albuquerque Omega headquarters complex was a massive undertaking.  It sat five miles under the city of Albuquerque and spanned the breadth of the entire city in 1972.  The complex was vast and fully equipped.  Nothing was overlooked or left out.  Every convenience was included in this complex.  Everyone had their own personal sleeping quarters, no barracks-type for Jona.  There was a pool larger than what we call an Olympic pool.  There were gyms to workout in on all five of the complex's floors.  There were saunas and whirlpool spas, there were running tracks, there was even a remote location not too far from the Albuquerque city limits which allowed those Visitors who did not look as we do to get fresh air and be outside safely and undetected.


The Albuquerque complex could comfortably hold more than two hundred thousand people, ships and equipment.  The bottom floor, the fifth floor, was all hangar.  The hangar could hold thousands of ships of all sizes.  The hangar also contained the 'mechanics' shop area and a storage area for the ships.  When a ship was not in use, it could be 'stacked' upon others.  By stacked, I mean they don't actually rest on one another, they sit an inch apart and never touch.  The ceiling of the hangar was approximately one hundred fifty feet high.  From the hangar there were tunnels which led to all parts of the planet.  You could enter in Albuquerque and leave in China if you desired.


The fourth floor of the complex was a massive cafeteria, kitchen and medical center.  The third floor held the control center.  This is where all things happening on Earth were monitored.  It also held the private offices and laboratories for those who worked at the complex.


The first, second and third floors were all living quarters, gyms, running track, pool, spas and saunas.  The first floor also held the entrances and exits leading to and from the surface.  These entrances and exits were located in a variety of places.  Some were found in rural areas.  Some were found in the shopping malls.  Some were found near apartment complexes.  And some were found in some very odd places.  One of the oddest places was the one that was used most frequently, an adult book store.


There was a good reason for having this exit/entrance in an adult book store.  This was kind of a funny reason.  Aviel, the Reticulan scientist, really started enjoying hamburgers the way I enjoy them.  Burger King regular hamburgers with only mustard and mayonnaise.  Aviel came to love them.  She was only three feet six inches tall and weighed approximately seventy pounds, but boy, oh boy, could she put those burgers away.  I have watched Aviel eat a dozen of those small burgers.  And she did love them.  The adult book store was located next door to a Burger King restaurant.  A very convenient place if one loved Burger King.



Chapter Eighty-Eight

Saturday, January 27, 2007



Due to some very strange and disturbing circumstances, the Albuquerque complex was closed in 2006 and relocated near our home in the desert southwest of New Mexico.  More on that later.


The new complex is not nearly as large as the Albuquerque complex.  In fact, it is only about a sixteenth of the size of the original headquarters.  The reason for the smaller complex is because Salum (the Virum) sent all Visitors who were living on the surface of Earth back to their home planets.


This new complex has only three levels, and still sits five miles underground, in the middle-of-nowhere New Mexico.  The first floor is all living quarters.  The second floor is divided between living quarters and offices.  The third floor is split between the cafeteria/kitchen, control center, medical center and hangar.  It's a more efficient little complex than the old one.  Easier to keep clean, too.


There are a limited number of tunnels from this new complex and only one exit to the surface.  A massive swimming pool was added in December, 2006.  This was added onto the outside of the existing complex.  It is positively amazing what the Visitors can do when it comes to construction.


The underground complexes are built to an exacting design that can withstand earthquakes, ground movement and so on.  Although it appears to be buried in the ground, it does actually float in the space hollowed and cleared for the complex.  Any buildings added to the complex would also float.  The 'concrete' used in the building of these underground complexes seems  similar to the concrete with which we are familiar.  However, there is a major difference in the ingredients of Visitors' concrete.


Visitor concrete can withstand a direct hit from a nuclear weapon.  Radiation cannot penetrate their concrete and it will not crack under a direct hit.  The complex will rock and roll under a direct hit, but survival is almost guaranteed.  Because Earth is a pre-End Time planet, this particular concrete is also used to help against earthquake activity and will withstand any earthquake, short of the Biblical earthquake.


When digging the 'hole' for an underground complex, the Visitors use a special ship.  This ship can bore into the earth at light speed, literally.  Remember, being seen by earthlings constitutes interference.  These ships are small, fifty-foot triangles.  They bore into the earth, scoop the dirt and fly the dirt to a satellite planet similar to our moon.  Leaving dirt mounds of that size that would not draw attention from anyone passing by in outer space.  Again, no interference.  As the dirt is scooped in, it's packed tightly, very tightly.  The resulting packing leaves a triangular hard-packed slab, which is ejected as the ship passes over the satellite planet.  This has absolutely no effect on the satellite planet or the Universe.


The 'concrete' is then sprayed by the ships on the exposed sides of the dirt where the complex will be.  This 'concrete' starts to harden in a matter of minutes.  Once the concrete is hard, an opening is bored through the outer shell of the complex as an entrance for the construction ships.  This opening will eventually be used as the entrance/exit for one of the tunnels.


A complex the size of the original Albuquerque headquarters, described above, will only take approximately one week from start to finish.  Completing the inside and furnishing it takes a mere three days.  Advanced technology, amazing!



Chapter Eighty-Nine

Saturday, January 27, 2007



One of the jobs of the fifteen men chosen as Omega representatives from Earth, is to monitor the UFO community and government agencies which do the same.


In the mid-1970s, we noticed a sharp increase in the amount of reported abductions and cattle mutilations.  It seemed the government had implemented some sort of campaign against the people.  As I've said, the Visitors do not abduct people and they most definitely do not mutilate cattle.  This would make no sense.  Why would a human being need to probe another human being?  What result would cattle mutilations gain?  It just makes no sense to the advanced Visitor.


Remember, though, human beings are not perfect.  Visitors are getting close to perfect, but are still not perfect by any means.  There is only one being who is completely perfect, God.  Also, remember that God has a plan for this and every other pre-End Time planet.  God can, and does, and has, used certain people of pre-End Time planets to achieve His End Time promised in His Bible.


President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, of Iran, appears to be setting up to become the anti-Christ, the Twelfth Imam, Islam's version of the Second Coming of Christ.  As Islam is not a religion, this is more of a political move for control and war.  Islam is a pagan society which uses false gods and prophets to achieve its goals.  Again, this is God using Earthlings to bring about His End Time.


President George W. Bush is showing signs that he is willing and ready to be a part of that war with Iran.  Again, God using Earthlings to bring about the End Time.


Israelites are the chosen people spoken about in the Bible.  Deuteronomy 14:2 says,  "For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God, and the LORD hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth."  God will use Israel to bring about Armagedon.  That's right, like it or not, Israel's Jews are the chosen people.


I know there are a great many people out there who believe it is Israel which will eventually start the Third World War, but don't forget, it is God's Word and Plan.  That is Israel's mission under God.  The great war of the End Time will be fought in Israel and end in Israel.  Revelation 16:16, "And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon."


We are currently in our End Time here on Earth.  There have already been wars and rumors of war.  Gog and Magog (Russia and China) will help Iran and Islam against Israel and the United States.  This war will touch the home soil of all countries, even right here in the good ol' U.S.A. 


There will be no country or peoples untouched by this coming war.  This is a war of state against state, culture against culture and people against people.  This will be an all-consuming war.  This will also be a nuclear war.  A nuclear war the likes of which we can only imagine.  Just because it's a nuclear war does not mean that all people will die or even be affected by the radiation.  There will be survivors, many of them, millions of them.


Cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Houston, and so on, will become contaminated by radiation and be rendered uninhabitable for years to come.  The atomic bombs used on Japan during World War II were air-bursts.  The bombs were detonated over the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at an altitude of approximately fifteen hundred feet.  The bombs that will be dropped during this coming war will be mostly ground detonations.  This is what will contaminate the soil, buildings and kill millions of people.  This will be the war to end all wars.



Chapter Ninety

Saturday, January 27, 2007



There are many, many factors that all lead to Armageddon.  There have been all the past wars fought, won or lost.  There have been laws made, rules altered and beliefs changed.  Cultures have changed, traditions banished completely.  The Elite's control factor plays a major role for the coming End Time.


Corporations and governments are attempting to change, and have changed, the DNA of the soil in which we grow our food.  Seed is now genetically engineered for control purposes.  Chemtrails criss-cross our skies on a daily basis.  HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) located in Gakona, Alaska, has the ability to alter existing weather, and to change global weather patterns. 


For years, HAARP could only conjure up a good thunder storm.  However, the engineers at HAARP now have the knowledge and ability to create massive thunder storms which will produce tornados.  HAARP can now aid in the formation of hurricanes.  HAARP can also now direct those hurricanes in any direction desired by heating the waters preceding the hurricane.


The HAARP scientists have also discovered a very scary side benefit of  the HAARP technology:  mind control.  Remember that we are all made up of water and electromagnetic energy.  Controlling the electromagnetics can alter the water in our bodies in a way similar to the rising and falling tides, only more intensely.  Raising those 'tides' in our brains can have some very adverse effects on the human mind, as well as the human body.


HAARP, along with the use of subliminal messaging, can control the minds of people from all walks of life.  Unfortunately, for those living in America and other 'democratic free societies' television has become a major part of our daily lives.  It's through the use of television and its subliminal messaging, aided by the HAARP technology, that the minds of the average citizen can be controlled.   


There is an old Bible saying, "All things work together for good (for those that love Him)."  That has been completely reversed during recent years.  Now it must be said, "All things work together for evil."  The average television watcher is bombarded with hundreds of thousands of subliminal messages per minute.  That's right, you read that correctly, hundreds of thousands of subliminal messages per minute.


These messages vary in content including but not limited to supporting our government, speaking out against our government, falling for the pharmaceutical corporations' advertising that we all need drugs to stay healthy, to believing that we all must have oil to power our societies.  Control, control, control.  That is the name of the game The Elite are running on the unsuspecting people of planet Earth.


Let us not forget the ever popular video games.  Video games have become a major source for subliminal messaging and mind control.  There are literally millions upon millions of people, men, women and children, playing these video games.  Our government even uses video games for training our military and law enforcement officers. 


The Elite's goal is total control.  The scary thing?  They are succeeding.  The scientists and engineers are highly competent people and very inventive.  They come up with techniques for mind control on a daily basis.  Some of the most brilliant minds on this planet are working toward mind control.  Turning the people into the sheeple.


These scientists and engineers have brilliant minds and fantastic ideas, but if you think for one minute they did this all on their own…wait for it!



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