May He bless you with understanding of this truth...

Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are,

and the things which shall be hereafter...

Revelation 1:19

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Chapters Eighty-One - Eighty-Five

Chapter Eighty-One

Wednesday, January 17, 2007



Hollywood with its movie studios and technology is a fascinating place.  A place where dreams come to reality and fantasies come alive.  A place where the old can be new again.  And, a place that's completely controlled by The Elite and our government.  Hollywood is where falsities and lies are turned into reality.  Where hate means love and love means hate.  Where Orwell's 'doublespeak' is reality.


I remember when Ann and I went to Newport, Rhode Island, one day.  We were totally surprised to find the streets along the docks were transformed to a century past.  The movie Amistad was being filmed there.  Amistad is a movie about an 1839 mutiny aboard a slave ship and the streets of Newport, Rhode Island, were transformed back through time to the year 1839.  It was amazing to see Hollywood's technology at work right out in the open .


If you've ever seen the movie Capricorn One with James Brolin and O.J. Simpson made in 1978, you will see Hollywood make men fly to, and walk on, the planet Mars.  Later, Hollywood did the same with the movies The Red Planet and Mission To Mars.  Even in the early 1950s, Hollywood made space movies.  There are many more movies created in Hollywood where aliens walk on Earth and fly around the Universe.  Star Trek even brought teleportation to life. 


So, I ask you this:  Why is it so difficult for people to believe some of what they are seeing is make-believe, created by Hollywood and our government?


Our government's plan for an "Alien Invasion" can, and just might, be a "reality" sometime in our near future.  With all the footage NASA has of UFOs flying around Earth coupled with holographic technology, the "Coming Alien Invasion" could be made to seem like reality.


The premise behind this plan is not just to frighten the people with "aliens and UFOs", but to control the people.  The lies and disinformation being spread by our government is meant for the people to look to their leaders for protection from the big, bad invading aliens.  And, once that's accomplished, we the people will lose all our rights and freedoms forever.


Hollywood, backed by our government, can make strange things seem a reality.  Some may ask:  Why would Hollywood back our government or visa-versa?  That answer is simple.  Hollywood makes billions of dollars from the movies they make.  Having the government help them makes it even easier for them to film in certain places, thus making even more money.


Once Hollywood puts the "Alien Invasion" footage together, those running our government will have it broadcast through the controlled news media for all the world to see.  And, hey, don't forget how the sheeple think, 'if it's on television, it must be true.'


With the Iraqi war blazing away and a potential war in Iran on the horizon, just imagine how the sheeple will react if--all of a sudden--Earth is invaded by 'aliens from outer space.'  This 'alien invasion' has been set as a contingency plan for some time. It was part of the Reagan administration...implemented by Dick Cheney, of course.


Just remember that Visitors will never invade Earth.  Our government will only make it appear so.



Chapter Eighty-Two

Wednesday, January 17, 2007



I worked the NSA (National Security Agency) for a while watching what was happening around the globe.  Nothing much at this time.  I floated between the NSA and the CIA and the White House gathering any intel I could.  Things were a little too quiet for my tastes.


Jona and Mr. Z called me home for another assignment, a very different assignment.  I got back to Omega headquarters and Mr. Z asked me if I've ever driven a tractor-trailer before.  My answer was, questioningly, no.  Well, Mr. Z asked, would you like to learn?


Being a typical male, big machinery and big trucks always fascinated me.  (It's a guy thing, ladies. I'm sure you understand.)  It was arranged for me to attend the North American Van Lines school to learn to operate a big rig and to purchase one.  After the teaching, it was fun.


For a while, I made regular deliveries as would any truck driver.  Then I was given a run that took me into Mexico.  I was delivering raw goods to a company that made disposable surgical gowns and such.  That delivery was made to Agua Prieta, Mexico, a border town which is the sister city to Douglas, Arizona.  In the mid-seventies, I lived in Douglas for a few years where I met a good amount of people, from both sides of the law.


I hung around Douglas for a few days just acting like I missed "home" and made contact with some of the people I once knew there.  These guys and I went to Mexico and partied in the clubs.  We just hung around with each other for those few days.  I got a few more deliveries to the same company over the next month and a half.  With every trip I made contact again and again with these guys.  Finally, it paid off.


During one trip my 'friends' introduced me to a guy who just didn't seem to fit in with these guys I knew.  This man dressed like everyone in the Douglas area and tried to act like them, too.  However, there was something different about this man.  He seemed almost like a politician or something to me.  He had that air about him.  His name (which I will not give) didn't ring a bell to me, Jona or Mr. Z.  But I just knew this guy was connected in some way.


Unlike my other 'friends', this guy preferred to go to dinner, rather than the clubs, in Mexico.  He preferred staying in the United States over playing in Mexico.  Dinner outings would take us to Tucson where there were better restaurants.  This guy was very different.  He was also cautious, very cautious.  Finally, after about six months of playing this game, we went to dinner one night in Douglas.  That's when he made his offer.


The offer was for the use of me and my truck making deliveries into Mexico.  However, the deliveries weren't completely disposable surgical gear.  Hidden under the surgical gear were guns.  Guns of all sorts.  Rifles, handguns and ammunition for those guns.  I never really knew who the guns were meant for, but I did have an inkling of an idea.  The drug cartels and the Mexican rebels received those weapons. 


After about four years of running guns with this guy, I finally met his boss.  His boss eventually became the Deputy Secretary of State in the George W. Bush-Dick Cheney administration.  I won't name either that man or his superior, but I'm sure most of you would know to whom I'm referring.  Actually, the boss was a very likeable fellow.  We, too, ended up going to dinner and hanging out when I made it into Douglas and Mexico.


I ran guns for this fellow for a few years and gathered all the intel Omega needed.  I recorded conversations and video-taped our meetings.  We didn't want or need his underlings, he was the big fish in the pond, that's who we wanted.  And, we got him.  At least, we got the intel we wanted and it is stored in a safe place for future reference.


This was what the Fifteen of us did for all these years, gathered intel.  We never sold, traded or gave any of this intelligence to any other agency, country or person, other than Omega.  Our jobs were to gather the intel on all the coverups and conspiracies perpetrated by The Elite and our governments.  Let me say that the majority of our politicians never had, or have, any knowledge of the activities of The Elite and those in the upper echelons of our government.  Our senators and congress persons have no idea what is really going on.  They are controlled though.  Extremely controlled…



Chapter Eighty-Three

Wednesday, January 17, 2007



So many of our politicians are controlled and manipulated.  When a politician comes to Washington, D. C., they are courted by the lobbyists from a vast array of corporations.  Among them are some of the most powerful corporations on the planet.  The controlling corporations are the pharmaceutical-petrochemical corporations.  The drug companies and the oil companies.


These corporations are run by "The Elite."  The Elite are those families that control this planet, the entire planet.  They are the ones responsible for our wars, illnesses, diseases, housing, food, virtually everything that touches our daily lives.  They control it all.  ALL.  Everything we use, eat, drive and so on is dominated by The Elite.


The pharmaceutical corporations control our lives through the drugs and medications they produce.  They've invented the likes of Prozac, Paxil and more.  Drugs that control the minds of those using them.  Drugs that can turn a heterosexual into a homosexual.  Drugs that can turn a nonviolent person into a violent maniac.  These side effects have been widely documented.


There are the high cholesterol drugs, Lipitor, Crestor and the like.  These drugs have side effects that can make you appear to be under the influence.  They make you slur your words, make your words make no sense at all, as if you were just babbling on and on.  Yet, you, the user of these drugs, think you are speaking clearly and concisely.  They make your muscles weak and crampy.  The side effects of these drugs lead to your doctor prescribing even more drugs to cure the side effects.  It's job security for the pharmaceutical corporations.  There are literally hundreds of millions of people using these drugs every day.  The pharmaceutical corporations are making billions of dollars off of these drugs.  And, at the same time, controlling the people using them.


Amazingly, there is one thing that will relieve some of those side effects.  Smoking cigarettes.  Cigarette smoking has nicotine that will alleviate those effects.  This is why smoking, which was once very widespread, is being demonized.  Smoking will not allow the effects of these drugs to harm the people.  It's contradictory to the whole idea of the pharmaceutical-petrochemical corporations.  How can they use the drugs to control the sheeple, if the sheeple still smoke?


Petroleum, through the pharmaceutical corporations, is contained in the medications we take for our illnesses and aliments.  Does this make any sense to you?  It makes perfect sense to those wishing to control the people.  Keep the people ill and weak and control is easier.


This is the 'Drugging of America.'  The drugging has started at earlier and earlier ages now.  Our children are pumped full of drugs such as Ritalin from their first years in school.  Children who are the slightest bit rebellious, talkative or rambunctious, are put on Ritalin instantly.  And, the scariest thing of all is that this recommendation is made by the teachers of these children.  Since when does a teacher's recommendation for a prescription become the same as a doctor's recommendation?  Yet it happens everyday, in every town and city across this nation.


The 'Drugging of America' does not only mean medications and drugs, it also means video games.  Video games are responsible for the mind-set or mind-control of the children.  Through the use of video gaming, children's minds are being controlled and altered.


Ann and I can remember, I'll bet as you can, when children were far more respective of police officers, parents and adults, in general.  We can remember when girls were made of sugar and spice and everything nice.  Now girls are becoming more violent than boys ever thought of being. 


Children are performing violent crimes regularly.  Those violent crimes are video-taped by the kids themselves to earn respect among their peers.  How sick is this?!  Just the other day, we were watching the news and there were two young teenage girls from Long Island beating an eleven or twelve year old girl because she didn't give them the proper respect. The older girls video-taped the beating and it was shown on national news media.


Our children are being mind-controlled through the drugs and the video games.  The horrifying thing is that the parents allow these games to be played and even use those games as babysitters for their children.


The military is even using video games to aid in the training of our troops.  This IS a form of mind-control.  This is why the military has become increasingly violent with civilians. 


I can speak of all this because I have attended meetings with Elite members where just exactly this was discussed.  The control of the people.  Mind-control to turn people into sheeple.  No more personal integrity.  No more original thought.


Original thought is now a thing of the past…



Chapter Eighty-Four

Wednesday, January 17, 2007



Look closely, and you will see George Orwell's 1984, in play in our society today.  Our government is leading the people and turning them into sheeple for nefarious reasons. 


Turn on a television and you will be bombarded with thousands of subliminal messages per second.  Pick a particular channel or  your favorite show, it matters not which.  Everywhere you turn, you will be bombarded by these messages. 


The 'Thought Police' are hard at work.  And what they do is working.  Many people believe that the tide is turning.  They couldn't be more wrong.  The tide is flowing just as The Elite want it to.  This tide is not turning;  it is high, full, abundant, and coming straight at you.


It seems there are many people out there turning against the president and his administration.  However, that is exactly what is supposed to happen.  As people become more and more 'subversive', the government gains more and more control over them.


The liberal politicians and people believe they are getting what they want…a more transparent government.  Not so.  The government is coming closer and closer to total control of the people.  The people are getting their way with the Iraqi war.  Slowly that tide is seeming to change.  But once that does happen, things will only get worse, much worse.


Remember that old saying from World War II, "Loose lips sink ships?"  That is what's taking place as you read this book (January 2007).  Our government is being 'forced' by the people to become more transparent.  This transparency is nothing short of aiding and abetting the enemy.  This is exactly what The Elite want to happen.  Once that enemy feels they have the upper hand…watch out…DUCK!


These are the prophecies of the Bible being fulfilled.  This is God's Word and Plan in action.  No matter who leads our governments or what those governments do, it is God's Hand leading them all the way.  Welcome to the End Time.


It seems the United States just might be pulling troops out of Iraq.  This does not mean things will calm down, in fact, things will get worse.  Iran will attack Israel;  the U.S. will back Israel.  Russia will back Iran, as will China.  A little known fact, which has never been published or spoken about is the fact that Iran already possesses nuclear missiles.  Iran is in possession of six, count 'em, six Chinese nuclear missiles, all with the capability of striking the United States at its heart.  I have seen the CIA's and NSA's intel concerning this.  Our government knows Iran has these nukes along with the capabilities of using them.  I've seen the satellite photos of them.  I've read the intel on them with my own eyes.  I know they exist.


Russia's leader is Gog and the war to come will create what is called Magog.  This war will, without a doubt, be global.  This war will, without a doubt, touch American lives on American soil.  This is prophesized in the Old Testament of the Bible, as well as in the New Testament.  This is, and will be, a Holy War. The modern-day Crusades…Jihad.



Chapter Eighty-Five

Wednesday, January 17, 2007



Now please, don't fall for the lies spewed through Islam.  Islam's goal is world domination, just as our government wishes world domination.  Both sides cannot win.  The people cannot, and will not, win.


Don't think I'm an Islamophobic or anything, I just know the truth.  Back in 1985, I was sent to Afghanistan to meet with Osama bin Laden, then a "freedom fighter" against the invading Russian army.  My mission, which I chose to accept, that particular visit was to get proof that bin Laden had what we heard he had.  What we heard was that the CIA gave bin Laden twelve suitcase nukes.  Not only did the CIA give him those nukes, they also taught him and his people how to use them. 


During my visit to Afghanistan, that time, I did meet with bin Laden.  He seemed like a man who wanted his people to be free from control.  Free to practice his 'religion' of Islam.  At first, I liked him.  I thought he was a capable man who meant well.  Since that visit, I've learned much more, far too much more.


Meeting bin Laden piqued my curiosity of Islam.  I've spoken with those who know Islam inside and out.  I've studied the Qu'ran.  I've read much of the Hadith.  I now know bin Laden was a liar and has tried to deceive the other religions of this planet.  What scares me is, he is succeeding. 


The proof of what I say is written in the Qur'an.  The "Qur'an" is supposed to be Allah's words through his prophet Mohammad.  The truth and reality is that Mohammad made up the whole Qur'an-thing as he went along.  "Islam" is nothing more than a doctrine of hate, deceit and control.  The Qur'an states in 4:168, “Those who reject [Islamic] Faith, Allah will not forgive them nor guide them to any path except the way to Hell, to dwell therein forever. And this to Allah is easy.”


There are only two ways to end this coming Holy War according to Islamists.  One:  death to all nonMuslims.  Two:  submission as salves to Islam.  Muslims worldwide, without exception, believe this.  The lies of Islam make many believe that there are radicalized Muslims and peaceful Muslims.  This is just not the case.  Here is another example of what all Muslims are taught.  Qur’an 9:29, “Fight those who do not believe in Allah or the Last Day, who do not forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, or acknowledge the Religion of Truth (Islam), (even if they are) People of the Book (Christians and Jews), until they pay the Jizyah tribute tax in submission, feeling themselves subdued and brought low.” [Another translation says:] “pay the tax in acknowledgment of our superiority and their state of subjection.”  Submit or die.  Those are the alternatives.


The current administration is doing everything it can do to escalate this situation.  Tuesday, September 11, 2001, was an orchestrated event.  I know there were multiple events which took place, but it was orchestrated as one big event.  Despite what many say, that there were no Muslim terrorists aboard those planes, that is a false statement.  There were, in fact, Muslim terrorists aboard those planes.  However, those terrorists thought they were hijacking those airplanes which would result in a Tehran 1979, hostage situation, only much larger.  And, lest we forget, the Ayatollah Khomeni did, in fact, manipulate the presidential election which followed that hostage situation.  President Jimmy Carter lost to President Ronald Reagan, one of Dick Cheney's cronies.  Which eventually led us to where we are this day.


The Muslim terrorists controlling the 9/11 airplanes suddenly discovered they had no control over the flight of those airplanes.  A little-known system called the 'Blackhawk' was in use during that time period.  The Blackhawk is a system which can remotely control a commercial airliner.  On September 11, 2001, that system was in use.  Those Muslim terrorists believed they would be hijacking commercial jetliners, not becoming martyrs that fateful day.


The two towers of the World Trade Center were felled by small nuclear devices which used tritium as their base.  Tritium has a half-life of ten to twelve days and a low radiation output or signature.  Anything other than tritium would have too much of a radiological signature.  The stories that the airplanes' burning fuel downed those towers is so lame and crazy that I cannot believe people bought that story.


Those two towers were designed to withstand the impact of four Boeing 727 jets (the largest at the time the towers were built) at the same time, one hit on each side of each tower.  It amazed me so many people believed that the burning fuel downed those towers. 


The events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, were one set of the many scenarios discussed at the meetings with The Elite which I attended.  The entire day was completely and totally orchestrated from the git-go.  And, this is only the beginning.  As the saying goes, 'But wait, there's more…'



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