May He bless you with understanding of this truth...

Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are,

and the things which shall be hereafter...

Revelation 1:19

Page 16

Chapters Seventy-Six - Eighty

Chapter Seventy-Six

Thursday, January 11, 2007



Over time, I made many trips to Area 51.  I liked the place.  You must give credit where credit is due.  Some of these scientists, otherwise known as brains, are amazing.  The things that run through these people's minds, then turned into reality is fascinating.  These scientists take science fiction and make it reality.  Although there are a lot of inventions which came from Area 51 that I do not agree with, these people are awe-inspiring.


The brains at Area 51 are working on a 'UFO' looking type plane.  It has nothing to do with Visitor technology as none was ever shared by the Visitors.  These disc-shaped ships (I don't like calling them UFOs because far too many in the public connect the term UFO only with Visitors) look like something from a Steven Spielberg movie. 


The brains cannot get it through their heads that the disc does not have to spin in order to fly.  They believe that the spinning motion aids the flight of their prototypes.  It is just not so.  This spinning motion is one of the reasons people see spinning, wobbling, unsteady movement from the 'UFOs' seen by the public.


Have you ever seen a Harrier Jump Jet take off or land?  A Harrier jet is capable of vertical/short takeoff and landing.  If you've seen the movie, True Lies, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, he flew one near the end of the movie. 


That technology is very similar to that of the disc-shaped ships the brains are using at Area 51.  Turn the thrusters toward the ground and the thrust pushes the disc off the ground in a vertical direction.  Then, shift the thrusters horizontally and off you go, just like any jet.  The big problem and mistake is that the brains are using nuclear energy to power the discs.  Of course, this makes for a dangerous little toy the brains are playing with.  One must watch for radiation leaks, poisoning and so on. 


Because of the nuclear power plant, people have seen a 'UFO' land leaving burn marks on the ground.  We've all heard of people who were buzzed by a 'UFO' and been burned by its exhaust.  Because of the nuclear power plant, this is why people hear the sounds of the 'UFO' approaching or leaving or hovering.  Due to the exhaust of the 'UFO' is why people have witnessed dust blowing when it lands or takes off.


However, all these 'signs' of 'UFO' activity that have been recorded and witnessed over the years are GOVERNMENT PROJECTS attempting to duplicate what has been seen from witnesses and photographs of real Visitor ships coming and going from our planet.


Although there really was a spaceship that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, the engine and flight techniques of that particular ship have NEVER been reverse engineered…NEVER.  The reason for that is simple.  The government never got its hands on the engine of a real spaceship using Visitor technology.  Remember, the Visitors removed the engine from the crashed Roswell ship and left the hull and other technology. 


Some technology that has been reverse engineered are things such as super-tenacity fibers (Kevlar), night vision (the view screens for the real spaceships), microwave ovens (cooking and other various tasks performed aboard spaceships) and fiber optics (the 'wiring' of a real spaceship).  The engine was never reverse engineered and never has been.  Therefore, not knowing that the real Visitor's ship was powered by something entirely different, the engines for the government ships was nuclear.  This is because it is easily produced and can be produced in a small area, so the brains thought.  Nuclear power was logical, brainy thinking.  But...they are barking up the wrong tree.


And, of course, not knowing Visitors, the government brains just assumed the Visitors use nuclear power.  Nuclear power is dangerous and unstable and should never be used in powering any type of vehicle.  When you're obsessed with making your experiment work, you will stop at nothing.  Even if it means endangering those working on the experiment.  The people working an experiment take second place over having the experiment actually work.  Human lives mean nothing when it comes to our government.  Only winning counts.



Chapter Seventy-Seven

Thursday, January 11, 2007



It has always amazed me, since I learned how real spaceships work, how simple it is to make an engine just like the Visitors use, but how the brains always miss it.  That, to me, shows the Hand of God at work.  He's not ready to have a Pre-End Time planet know certain secrets.


Actually, I can tell you how the engine works without fear of it being duplicated.  I know the brains will never figure it out correctly.


The engine rests in a small box, the shape of the average shoebox.  It works using magnets.  The magnets draw on the ambient energies and transform them into what is called Universal Energy.  This energy is a highly concentrated form of electromagnetic energy.  Bear in mind that all things, you, me, the Earth, the planets and the entire Universe, are all powered by Universal Energy:  The Hand of God.


A small amount of any electromagnetic energy will start the engine spinning within its box.  As the spinning increases, it gathers more and more energy.  As the energy level grows within the box, at a certain level it interacts with the Universal Energy and lift and propulsion occur.  Now, this doesn't all take place within the engine's box.  Once the correct level of Universal Energy is reached, that energy engulfs the entire ship to achieve lift and propulsion.


I should say that the engine is in a constant state of 'on.'  It never actually shuts down, it basically sits in idle when not in use.  To fly the ship, a thought must be given to the ship, through its computer, which will increase the intake of electromagnetic energy to start the engine spinning faster.  The faster the engine spins, the more energy is produced, then connects to the Universal Energy and flight is achieved.  Remember, electromagnetic energy surrounds us all, at all times, therefore, by unshielding the engine's box and allowing more flow of electromagnetic energy to the engine, the magnets start spinning.  This all takes place in a fraction of a second.


As I said, the ship never actually shuts down.  Not shutting the ship down is why these real spaceships never rest directly on the ground or floor.  All advanced spaceships are the same, exactly the same, when it comes to propulsion.  Some might have looked differently at times, but basically they are all the same.  Real Visitor spaceships HAVE NEVER touched the ground when landing.  The two Roswell ships did touch down, but they were not landing.  They were piloted by Earthlings who did not fully understand flying these ships.  There are no landing legs, or pods on real spaceships.  Therefore, they leave no marks when 'landing.'


Due to the Universal Energy used to power the ship, there is no noise created from a real Visitor spaceship.  Can you hear the constant flow of electromagnetic energy surrounding you?  Of course not.  So, therefore, why would anyone hear a real spaceship? 


Over the millennia, different styles of ships have been used by the Visitors.  There have been discs, the chevron, the rounded rectangular shape (which are actually used just as we use tractor-trailer trucks), there have been various forms of the triangle and then the equilateral triangle was made.  This is the ship used most by the Visitors.  It is nothing but an equilateral triangle, flat on all three sides, flat on the top and bottom.  It is known to be the single most aerodynamically correct shape in the Universe.  It works. It works extremely well for deep-space travel.


I'll use the example of a typical four-person ship, the forty foot triangle.  Each side of the equilateral triangle is forty feet long.  The corners come to a perfect and sharp point.  One must be careful around the three points of the ship as they can cut or poke a person, they are that sharp.  The forty foot ship is seven feet in height.  This makes for a Virum having to bend at the waist, duck, to enter and stand inside the ship.  The average Virum can stand upright once inside the ship, but there is only a few inches of head room.  The average Visitor has no problem with the height of these ships. 


The ships' wall thickness varies.  The average wall of the ship is a mere two and one-half inches thick.  Some other ships require that the thickness be six inches.  The triangles with the thicker walls are used mainly for exploration.  These explorer ships will be out in the Universe, or could be, for years at a time, thus requiring more insulation of the walls for safety reasons.  Remember, even the Visitors do not know everything that is out there in that vast, openness of space.  It is huge.  Beyond explanation.  Beyond imagination.


The 'skin' of the ship is made from an ore not found but on only one planet.  That planet is A-Lok.  A-Lok is approximately one and a quarter trillion light years from Earth.  A mere fifteen minute trip for the Visitors.  This ore, when combined with other ores and some chemicals, creates an artificial life-form.  Combine this skin with the ships computer and it's almost alive.  It can read danger in its path.  It can sense temperature fluctuations.  And, most interesting is, it can repair minor damage to itself.  The damage must be very minor though.  The main ore from A-Lok is called Quiltineum.  Quiltineum is found only on A-Lok and is A-Lok's main source of industry and revenue.


The techniques for mining Quiltineum are very similar to mining on Earth or any other planet.  I guess you can say mining is mining.  Some of the tools and machines used during the mining process are very different from anything we know, but their job is the same as machines on Earth.  Mining Quiltineum, as with mining anything, is a stressful and demanding job.  It's not a punishment or anything like that.  A-Lok is not a prison planet or colony, it's a living planet, just as Earth is.  As a matter of fact, the miners on A-Lok make exceptional wages.  They don't get paid in money as we know it, they receive credits as wages.  I'll talk more about that later.


I'm sure you can imagine that having a product like Quiltineum and being the only planet that produces it, makes for a great demand, thus stressful.  The A-Lokian miners work long hours and work very hard.  As the demand rises for Quiltineum, stress levels also rise.  There are fist fights that breakout among the miners.  The A-Lokian police refer to these fights as blow-outs.  A blow-out is a release of built up stress among the miners.  The fights are never serious, rarely any major injuries.  Any major injuries caused by a blow-out only results in a loss of production and more work for others who are missing the injured man.  Blow-outs simply relieve stress.  They don't happen often, but they do happen.  Even advanced societies have stress and stress needs to be relieved somehow.  Among the miners, it's machismo that shows through.  Hey, we're all human and imperfect.


Quiltineum is used not only in the manufacture of spaceships but for many other products.  The Visitors' computers are made of Quiltineum.  Some household appliances are made of Quiltineum.  A great many products are made using Quiltineum.  Therefore, an extremely high demand is always in order for Quiltineum. 


Quiltineum is also used in making the frame of a ship.  It's mixed with different ore and chemicals to make the frame even stronger than the skin.  The truly mind-blowing thing about Quiltineum is its weight.  The average person, male or female, can grab the front of a forty foot ship and stand it on end using one hand.  The entire forty foot ship, with everything in it, weighs approximately one hundred pounds!


Thank you, Esther, for your invaluable Quiltineum tutorial.



Chapter Seventy-Eight

Thursday, January 11, 2007



Visitors and spaceships do not have any magical powers or tricks they use when flying ships to and from Earth or anywhere else.  Visitors are not demons or fallen angels.  They are simply advanced human beings, albeit, far more advanced than we are. 


They do not use trickery to hide their ships coming and going from Earth.  Many people have said they have seen a UFO and as they are watching it, the UFO disappears, instantly.  This is not trickery, magic or anything of the sort.  Simply, it's advanced technology.  Technology the likes of which we, on Earth, have not seen nor will see for some time to come.


Visitors' spaceships have the ability to travel ten times the speed of light.  I know I've said this before, but it needs to be said again and again so that people understand.  As Earthlings, our eyes and bodies are not advanced and, consequently, have functions which are not developed to their full potential.  This limits us Earthlings greatly.  Remember, as Earthlings, we use only five percent of our minds' power.  The average Visitor uses seventy-five percent of their minds' power. 


The Visitors' ships can travel faster than light travels by a multiple of ten.  As uninformed Earthlings, we believe the speed of light to be 186,000 miles per second.  The true speed of light is actually 1.5 million miles per second.  Far faster than we know here on Earth, or can yet measure accurately. 


When a UFO is seen by an Earthling, the person watching it sees the ship and then suddenly it disappears.  This is caused by the ship accelerating from below light speed to faster than light speed.  As Earthlings, our eyes can only see, or register, light speed.  Anything beyond light speed, we cannot see, or register, in our minds.  As I said, it's not a trick, it's just our current capabilities as  unadvanced, unevolved Earthlings.


A Visitor can see beyond light speed because of their advanced evolutionary state of being.  Their pupils are larger than ours, thus allowing the information being seen by them to register more easily and much faster.  Their minds have the ability to store far greater amounts of information than ours.  Again, this has nothing to do with trickery, demons or fallen angels.  It's just the Visitors' advanced, evolved state of being.


So, when you see a UFO and it just flat disappears, it only means it has accelerated beyond light speed which takes Visitors' ships a mere fraction of a second to achieve.



Chapter Seventy-Nine

Thursday, January 11, 2007



Visitors' spaceships are not indestructible, they're tough, but not indestructible.  It has been stated that some military aircraft have fired upon UFOs, but have not hit them.  This is simply due to the maneuverability of the advanced spaceship and the piloting ability of the pilot. 


Earth's military fighter jets are extremely maneuverable, but nothing the likes of a Visitor's ship.  Our pilots have to be concerned with "G" forces when flying at high speeds.  The Visitors never have that problem.


Because of the advanced technology, a Visitor's ship can move in incredible and frightening patterns.  If one of our fighter jets tried to stop, then instantly make a ninety degree turn, it would fall from the sky.  Not so with Visitor technology.  A maneuver such as this is commonplace for an advanced society. 


The atmospheric conditions inside an advanced spaceship can instantaneously compensate for any change, no matter how fast that change occurs.  So, let's say, a UFO coming under attack needs to avoid fire being given by a fighter jet, it can move so quickly to avoid that gunfire without any changes to the internal conditions of the ship.  Simply put, there are no G-Forces created by fast manuevers.  The internal atmospheric conditions remain constant at all times, under all circumstances.


The same technology allows the Visitors to travel through deep space without worry of changing conditions due to the cold and lack of atmospheric conditions surrounding the spaceship.  This means the pilot and crew of a ship never need to wear a spacesuit inside any of their ships.  Not even for taking off or landing.  The internal atmospheric conditions always remain the same.  Life support is always constant within these ships.


Now, I'm not saying that these ships or the Visitors are perfect, by any means.  There is only one perfect person and we all know Who that is.  There have been incidences where the ship's systems have failed, or been damaged by space junk or something.  The ships are equipped with safety devices to allow for these mishaps.


Some of those safety devices I will describe here.  The ships skin can repair itself if it takes minor damage.  The artificial life of the skin acts similarly to our own skin.  When cut, it will heal itself.  However, this can only happen when the damage is very minor.  Anything beyond minor damage must be repaired by the pilot or a mechanic.


If a major break or damage occurs in the skin of the ship resulting in loss of atmospheric conditions another safety device takes over.  Hopefully, the pilot and crew will be seated when major damage occurs because the seats have a built-in device that will instantly surround the occupants of the seats and cocoon them in a temporary shell which will sustain life support.  This, too, occurs instantaneously upon receiving major damage.  This safety device can, and will, sustain life for up to twenty-four hours.  Anything beyond that, a spacesuit is needed.


I know that Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, and many other Earth astronauts, would have loved to have a Visitor spacesuit.  Believe me, they are different.


We've all seen the bulky spacesuit worn by Earth astronauts on television and in books.  Heavy, bulky, cumbersome suits that restrict their movements.  The spacesuits of the advanced societies are truly amazing by comparison.  They look like jumpsuits.  They fit like jumpsuits.  They weigh only five pounds.  The device which allows for breathing, warmth and sustainability of life is a tiny box-like thing which weighs only eight ounces. 


This tiny device can produce life-sustaining air and warmth for an indefinite amount of time.  The device is worn on the belt of the jumpsuit and is connected to the jumpsuit itself through a tube the size of a single fiber-optic strand.  The helmet used in conjunction with the jumpsuit is not a large plastic-type as are the helmets used by our astronauts.  The helmet is similar to a hood of a winter coat.  It is not large or heavy, and has a much better fit than Earth's space helmets.  The faceplate of the Visitors' helmet is almost indestructible, but not totally.


The helmet is attached to the jumpsuit by a Velcro-type material which is far more dependable than the Velcro we know and love.  This Velcro-type material will not leak if worn properly.  However, if not used correctly, it can and will leak, killing the wearer.


The jumpsuit itself is made of a material very similar to our Kevlar, but is much stronger, sturdier and more flexible.  It too, uses the Velcro-type material for its closures.  It ranks as a super-tenacity fiber even on advanced planets.  If a wearer should fall on rocks, or a surface with sharp protrusions, the suit will not tear easily.  And, if it is torn, a minor tear can be repaired with a tape specially designed for the jumpsuit.


It's MacGyver to the umpteenth power…super duct tape.  And, the tape can be used in many different circumstances.  Around the house, in the garden, on a spaceship, on a spacesuit or even to quickly repair a concrete break in a sidewalk or house.  As I said, SUPER DUCT TAPE!  I'm sure every Visitor household has at least one roll of this tape in a drawer in their kitchens.



Chapter Eighty

Thursday, January 11, 2007



Many of those who have said they have been contacted or spoken with Visitors have said they were paralyzed or couldn't move when visited.  The paralysis when actually seeing a Visitor is due to a safety feature the Visitors use so that the visitation is nonviolent.  This is no longer used after the visited understands that the Visitors will not harm them.  When the Visitors have to be seen, or need to be seen, those seeing them are given a physic message to look, a 'see me'-type message by the Visitors.  Certain people are chosen to see the Visitors.  Not just anyone gets to see a Visitor.


Seeing a Visitor's ship is a different story.  A ship flying through the air at speeds less than light speed can and will be seen by any who happen to glance upward at the right time.  In fact, our government, through NASA, has recorded hundreds of thousands of hours of Visitor spaceships flying to and from Earth and around-and-about Earth's atmospheres.


In typical fashion of our controlling government and The Elite, who really control everything, there is a contingency plan for our government to implement an "Alien Invasion."  In fact, Henry Kissenger alluded to this in a speech he gave to a Bilderberg meeting in 1991: "Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government."  Through this statement of Kissenger's, he and The Elite and our government have prepped the world for a "Coming Alien Invasion."


Today (January 2007), as you read this book, the UFOs being seen by many around the world are nothing but a holographic-type projection.  This is meant to scare the uninformed people inhabiting Earth.  The Visitors have stopped all contact and all sightings of their ships over the last two years.  This is because Earth is coming closer to its End Time;  interference must not, and will not, be allowed.


Holographic projection is an easy task for the technology level in use by our government.  In fact, they've been employing it for years.  Many will say this is ridiculous. is now reality.


The Elite and our governments help to perpetrate the lies and disinformation throughout the world by using the UFO community.  Please notice that the majority of UFO experts are, or have been, connected with a government entity.  If they are, or have been, civilian workers take special notice which companies and which schools they attended.  The majority of the Ivy League schools are controlled by the government.  Ninety-nine point nine percent of all Masters and PhD programs are controlled by our government.  The teaching and thought processes of the these candidates are manipulated and controlled.  Thus, the spreading of lies and disinformation.


Now, don't get me wrong, I am not saying that all these UFO experts are consciously, purposely, lying to the people and spreading disinformation.  The information they have received concerning UFOs and aliens is planted in them.  It's planted through their training, their schooling, their work environment and so on.  Those in the military receive, via mind control, thoughts and suggestions through their military training.  Then, when the time is right, their handlers release these people and their retained information to the public.


Take note that the vast majority of people who have seen UFOs or have been visited by Visitors are not, and never have been, in the military, or hold a Masters degree or PhD of any sort.  When the Visitors have visited people, it's been the regular, everyday  person, not the manipulated, controlled person.


Too many of the so-called top UFO experts have never even seen a UFO, much less been visited.  Yet, they are the experts?  I still can't understand that line of thinking.


Enough with me ragging on the UFO Community.  KEEP AN OPEN MIND!  Think things through before falling for the lies.  Stop and think to yourself, just what if?


Just what if my information, what you are reading this very moment, is the correct information?  I know it to be the truth.  Ann knows it to be the truth.  Many friends of ours and family know it to be the truth.  It makes perfect sense…if you stop and think about it with an open mind.


Just what if?



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