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Revelation 1:19

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Chapters Seventy-One - Seventy-Five

Chapter Seventy-One

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Since Mars was destroyed, the Universe has been quiet and calm.  I was still on Virum visiting with Salum and other Virums after my Ku Klux Klan mission.


One day, Salum and Cellom packed a big lunch, loaded their ship and off we went for a tour of the planet.  I'll tell you this, things sure are different when travelling on/above an advanced planet.  We saw the entire planet in one day.  Virum is four to five times the size of Earth and can be circumnavigated in less than three hours.  It sure beats travelling on Earth!


We flew over desert (very similar to the one Ann and I live in now);  we flew over oceans far more vast than those on Earth.  We flew over mountains that reached eighty thousand feet above sea level and were topped with glaciers and hundreds of feet of snow.  We flew to the southern hemisphere of Virum, which is much like our southern hemisphere, warm and toasty.


On Virum, as with all other advanced planets, there is no regional distinction among Virums.  They are one people.  No black, white, Asian, European, as here on Earth.  The Virums basically look alike.  They are all tall, at least 6 feet four inches;  they all have long blond to platinum hair.  Their faces vary, just as ours do.  Their fingerprints are different from one another and are unique.  Their DNA is also unique to each individual.  They are human beings--only advanced, evolved humans.  If they get cut, they bleed red blood, just as we do.  There are a few differences.  Advanced Visitors no longer have an appendix or gall bladders.  They no longer have tonsils.  Their immune systems are highly advanced and finely tuned.


In 1994, a test was conducted by the Reticulans here on Earth concerning the AIDS virus.  Two Reticulan volunteers offered themselves to be injected with the AIDS virus.  I have witnessed Reticulans with the common cold before.  We were sitting at a conference table during a meeting when suddenly one Reticulan sneezed, coughed and hacked.  I asked what that was about and Jona told me it "was" the common cold.  It passed through the Reticulan's system in approximately thirty seconds.  After that, the Reticulan was just fine.  That was my first experience seeing the advanced immune system in action.


The two Reticulan volunteers were injected with the AIDS virus, then they were monitored very carefully.  They shook the AIDS virus in one hour.  A long time for a Reticulan to be sick.  There were no traces of the virus in their systems after that hour.  It was gone completely.  The advanced, evolved immune system of the Visitors at work.  It was totally amazing.


I have also witnessed Visitors who were injured.  With my own eyes, I have watched Visitors with bleeding injuries heal completely, literally in seconds before my eyes.  I have watched as a Virum with a severely broken arm completely heal in three days, with total use restored to the arm.  This man acted as if nothing had ever happened to him.  Again, I was totally amazed.


None of this had anything to do with Visitor technology whatsoever.  It is simply their bodies functioning properly:  The advanced immune system.  The Hand of God at work.  These Visitors, most of them anyway, have been through evolution just as we, on Earth, are going through now, as you read this.  Remember, evolution has NOTHING whatsoever to do with people coming from any kind of monkey, ape or gorilla, or rising from the slime.  Evolution is simply God's plan for the advancement of His people.



Chapter Seventy-Two

Wednesday, January 3, 2007



Salum, Cellom and I continued our trek around the planet of Virum.  It is a very beautiful planet.  Unlike Earth, Virum is free of pollution.  The water is pristine.  The air is sweet and smells wonderful.  The animals are large and very healthy.  Al Gore would have nothing to complain about on Virum, the environment is perfect.


I asked about global warming and if it happened on Virum, ever.  Salum told me global warming takes place on all planets, regularly.  What the people of Earth of have yet to understand or realize, is that global warming is a natural occurrence which happens on all living planets.  It's not that Earthlings are stupid, they are just children still learning about everything.


By the way, Cellom who is one of the foremost biologists throughout the Universe, told me that global warming is a way God cleans a planet.  The shifting weather patterns help to keep the atmospheres free of pollution and deadly, useless gases. 


Global warming is essential to any and all living planets, including Earth.  And, as the old saying goes, 'Don't mess around with Mother Nature.'  Our Creator has put forth a plan for His Universe and He has not given His children the permission to mess around with His plan.  We Earthlings need to just sit back and wait for the global warming shift to move out, which it will.


As we flew over Virum, I noticed fields of blue grass.  Trees  that are so tall, measuring them would be a life-long job.  Fields of green grass.  Water of a beautifully clear blue.  Oceans, a sea-foam green color.  And a sky so blue, it's mesmerizing. 


Our trip made it appear that there were never any 'weather conditions' across Virum.  When I brought this up to Salum, he chuckled and said, "Let's see about that."


We flew toward the setting Sun, which by the way, rises in the west and sets in the east on Virum.  Salum flew to Virum's northern hemisphere which was just coming into the autumn season.  Instantly, we saw storms on the horizon.  As we got closer, the storms grew more intense and violent.  We flew through a thunder storm like nothing I've ever witnessed before.  (Let me just note here that weather is a hobby of mine.  I used to chase tornados in the tornado belt of Oklahoma and Texas.  Ann and I monitor the weather daily.  We've purchased a brand new, more advanced weather station because we wore out the old one.  Ann and I both love the weather and its changing conditions.)


As we flew through the thunder storm, we saw lightening bolts as I've never seen before.  Unbelievably bright flashes of light that could blind you instantly, if it weren't for the view shields of the ship we were flying in.  Thunder so loud it completely stunned me.  Rain drops the size of softballs.  Mind blowing.


As Salum flew the ship, Cellom was scanning the area using the ship's computer.  Cellom gave Salum a set of coordinates and off we went.  Salum began a mild descent.  As we went slowly and steadily down, we came to an area of wide open fields.  It was very similar to Kansas, the panhandle of Texas or Oklahoma, wide open and flat.  Another thunder storm was raging wildly and violently as we descended.  Then, suddenly, Salum told me to hang on!


Directly in front of us was a tornado ravaging the ground beneath it.  Salum estimates the tornado's height somewhere in the high thousands of feet.  Salum reminded me of the Fujita Scale used on Earth to measure the intensity of a tornado. 


The Fujita Scale:

F0 Gale tornado 40-72 mph


F1 Moderate tornado 73-112 mph


F2 Significant tornado 113-157 mph


F3 Severe tornado 158-206 mph


F4 Devastating tornado 207-260 mph


F5 Incredible tornado 261-318 mph


The tornado we were watching was tearing through the ground and leaving a trench in the dirt as it went along.  The trench, we measured later, was one hundred thirty-three feet deep and four miles wide.  Salum remarked that old man Fujita would have a heart attack if he ever saw one of these tornados.


All I could think was thank God no one lived out here.  Cellom told me Virums do not feel that they need to live in the areas in which these violent storms take place.  With the technology available to the Virums, it's much safer to live elsewhere and travelling is easy.


Salum accessed the computer and told me that using the Fujita Scale this tornado would most likely be rated an F10, maybe higher, with winds in excess of  3,500 miles per hour or more.  Virums use a different means of measuring than we do.  Example:  A Virum standing six feet five inches is measured as 90 telicuns.  Both Salum and Cellom tried to explain it to me...we all gave up shortly thereafter. 



Chapter Seventy-Three

Wednesday, January 3, 2007



We left the tornado area and Salum flew us to an area where volcanoes are.  They told me that these volcanoes were just as they are on Earth.  No difference really.  However, Cellom told me earthquakes in certain parts of Virum made Earth's earthquakes seems like mild burps.


Earthquakes (I never asked if they were called Virumquakes) were far more powerful than any witnessed on Earth.  By the way, I eventually did find out what Virums called them, quakes, plain and simple.  I also found out there was no such thing as 'aftershocks.'  On Virum, as on all advanced planets, they are called, 'afterquakes.'  They are quakes which happen after a major quake event takes place, but each one is a quake unto itself and measured and recorded as such.


I was really enjoying this excursion.  I was learning things I never knew or had even thought about before.  Salum flew over an area which looked very much like the Australian Outback.  The houses and villages were scattered great distances from each other.  Animals such as sheep and cattle were grazing the open countryside.  The herds were massive.  Hundreds of thousands of sheep and cattle in each individual herd.  In places throughout the Virum outback, there were grassy fields which stretched for hundreds of miles, then changed to barren desert.


This, Salum said, is where Virum's largest quakes take place.  Of course, I asked how people could live here if the quakes were so bad.  Salum looked at me, grinned and stated, "Advanced technology, my friend, advanced technology."  Salum continued telling me about the homes built in this area.  They are actually 'floating houses.'


My first reaction was, "WHAT?!"  With that, Salum swooped down to a house sitting literally in the middle-of-nowhere.  Remember, Salum is a legend on Virum and almost everyone either knows him or recognizes him.  We landed and a man stepped onto the porch of his house.  Salum and Cellom stepped out first, Salum asked me to wait until he spoke with the man.  They all shook hands, just as we do on Earth.  Salum then turned and called for me to come out.


I stepped out into scorching heat, far worse than Death Valley by a long shot.  However there seemed to be zero humidity.  I later found out the humidity was only a mere one and one-quarter percent and the temperature was a searing one hundred fifty-two degrees Fahrenheit.


The man invited us to come in out of the heat for something to drink.  But, everyone just stood there waiting.  Salum told me to run to the porch and jump up on it.  It was only one small step up.  I did as Salum asked.  I was large back then, weighing three hundred fifty-one pounds with six percent body fat;  I was a power lifter in those days…the good old days.


I ran for the porch and hit it hard.  The entire house moved ever so slightly.  I stepped off the porch and did it again.  This time watching where the house met the ground.  It DID move!  However, as we all walked through the house, it never moved.  Boy, oh boy, was this strange.


The man whose name was Isaac, introduced everyone to his wife, Esther.  We sat in their kitchen.  Doesn't matter what planet you're from or on, the kitchen always seems to be the most comfortable room.  Esther served us all iced tea.  Esther also put out some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  It was quite an honor for Isaac and Esther to have Salum in their home.  We made some small talk, then Salum asked Isaac to tell me about the quakes in this area.


Living in this area, Isaac and Esther, as well as everyone else living in these parts, are experts when it comes to quakes.  Isaac said that the average quake is never felt unless you are actually standing on the ground.  In the house, nothing is felt.  However, Isaac continued, we did have a quake a few years back that was a whopper.  They said their house rocked and rolled for more than an hour. 


Isaac said the quake measured a magnitude of 23 that day.  On Earth, the magnitudes of earthquakes only go as high as 10.  Over the years, I've met seismologists from Virum and other planets.  Man alive! did they have some stories to tell about quakes.  Anyway, Isaac said that the barns rocked and rolled.  The livestock just laid down and rode it out.  As abruptly as it started, it ended Isaac said.


Now you're probably wondering about damage to the house and barns.  There wasn't any damage.  The use of Universal energy on advanced planets is a wonderful thing.  There are no electrical wires or poles to be damaged by a quake or tornado.  The energy flows into the house just as any energy would through a house or building.  Water to the house and barns is obtained through a form of osmosis using the Universal energy which draws the water into storage tanks in the house and barns.  Waste from the toilets and bathrooms is neutralized using the Universal energy and ends up as a gas which is released through vents in the house. Venting to the outside air, with no odor or contamination at all.


The house never touches the ground directly.  It floats, just as Salum said it does.  You can ride out a quake simply by going indoors.  This is just the opposite of what happens here on Earth.  On Earth, the best thing to do is get outside into an open area. Not on Virum or any other advanced planet.  Simple...get yourself inside your home.


Salum, Cellom and I stayed for about two hours.  Isaac showed me the barns, the livestock and some of the tools he uses in his work.  Amazingly, a lot of the tools are very similar to those we use on Earth.  Some of the differences are the tractors used to tend the fields.  They float instead of touching the ground.  Their tractors do no damage to their crops.  Harvesting is easy and simple and quick.


We thanked Isaac and Esther for their hospitality and information, and continued our excursion.



Chapter Seventy-Four

Wednesday, January 3, 2007



We headed back to Virum City where Salum's office is located.  When we got there it was early evening.  Cellom said she was going to get cleaned up and we would meet for dinner.


At dinner, we were joined by a Virum Omega council member named Tyler.  As it turned out Tyler, Salum and Cellom all grew up together, went to school together, through the military academy and on to Omega together. 


We went to a very nice restaurant, much like any nice restaurant on Earth, except the food was healthier.  The service was excellent.  The waiters on Virum are called "friends," instead of waiters or bus people.  They all act as if they are your friend, your life-long friend.  The food was exceptional.  Virums really tend toward beef.  It's obvious they really prefer beef over anything else.  Virums do eat other meat, but beef seems to be their favorite.  Virum chefs are incredible and can prepare beef in hundreds of different ways.  The menus read like books.  Anything your heart desires is on the menu.


I remained on Virum for about a week and a half, this trip.  It felt good to get away from all the violence, hate and nastiness of Earth for awhile.  I really needed the break.


When I returned, everyone was happy to see me but things were busy in the Omega headquarters complex.  Sag was out of the office, so to speak, working a stint at the CIA.  Aquarius was working at the NSA, as usual.  Mr. Z and Jona were overseeing everything.  I was home again, nothing new.


Jona and Mr. Z were concerned about me and wanted me to see their doctors, just in case.  I did as they asked and the doctors gave me the thumbs-up and sent me on my way.  I reported to Jona and Mr. Z for further orders.  I was sent to Area 51, Nevada. 


When I got there, the 'brains' were working on a new airplane.  It was called Aurora.  Aurora was a chevron-shaped plane with two small tails on each end of the top side of the plane.  It was a pretty big airplane.  I wandered around checking it all out (I had the clearance needed so I wasn't asked anything or bothered in any way) before I stopped and found the lead 'brain' on this project.


When I met him, he was more than happy to finally get to speak with someone outside his group about his project.  Everything in Area 51 is classified Top Secret or above, so having a new person to talk to was exciting for this guy. 


He told me Aurora is being designed as a stealth bomber.  A stealth bomber that can fly more than ten times the speed of sound.  This would make Aurora virtually undetectable.  The speed of the plane would make it so that the sound of it wouldn't be heard until after it dropped its payload and was far from being in danger from anyone on the ground.  WHOA!  This was interesting


I asked him if they had tested it yet.  Once, he told me.  It worked well, but not well enough for him.  He had more things to tweak and adjust before he would let them fly it again.  He was very proud of the engine he'd designed for this plane.  It was a pulse-drive engine.  Totally different from anything used or seen before. 


I asked when he expected it to be flown again.  He told me he was hoping to get it off the ground again tomorrow evening.  Then asked if I would be around to watch.  I told him if he was sure it would fly tomorrow evening, I'd be here.  I left so he could get back to work.  I wanted to see this thing fly.


I went to the general in charge of Area 51 and told him I would be staying until Aurora flew again.  He set me up with living quarters and everything I needed for my short stay.  I spent the rest of that day and most of the next just wandering around and checking things out.  This place was phenomenal. 


I watched a test that was being conducted of a rifle and a pistol that could shoot a "tracking" bullet.  The bullet was locked onto the subject's heartbeat by a simple half depression of the trigger, from a distance of no more than fifty feet from the subject.  Also, both the pistol and the rifle were made of an undetectable plastic of some type.  Sounded interesting, I thought.  I hung around to watch.


The test was a scenario of the president entering a room filled with people to make a speech.  They used everyone available for this test.  They even asked if I wanted to be in the crowd.  I told them that I'll just observe.


I watched the 'assassin' as he shook hands with the 'president' who was walking to the stage where he would deliver his speech.  The 'assassin' had his hand briefly in his right pocket and removed it just as the 'president' got to him and shook his hand.  Nice move, barely noticeable at all.  Even the trained agents protecting the 'president' didn't notice.


The 'president' finally had his turn at the podium, which was about an hour later.  They did things here as they would actually happen in real-time situations.  As the 'president' started his speech, the 'assassin' walked slowly to the back of the room, close to the doors.  He started a heated conversation with the security agents guarding the door.  The conversation grew louder.  More agents converged on the 'assassin.'  Then, suddenly the 'assassin' pulled the pistol from his pocket, pointed it at the agents, which made them duck and get into their positions to protect the 'president' who was up on the stage and nowhere near the danger. 


The 'assassin' fired the pistol, point blank at the agent.  Its report was loud as any pistol would be, making people turn toward the sound, then duck for cover.  The 'assassin' fired the pistol directly at one of the agents who instantly ducked to avoid being hit.  However, amazingly the bullet never reached the agent.  Upon watching the replay of the video of the test, you could see the bullet being fired from the pistol aimed at the agent.  But, the bullet made a U-turn, missed the agent and tracked in on the 'president' at the other end of the very large room.  It was strange and scary all at the same time watching this take place in slow motion.


On stage, at the podium, the 'president' who was wearing a bullet-proof vest and Kevlar T-shirts (two of them) never realized what hit him.  The bullet tracked directly to the heart beat of the 'president' knocking him to the floor.  If this were real life, the 'president' would be dead from a direct hit to the heart.


The 'assassin' fired a few more rounds and managed to make his 'escape.'  Due to all the confusion which naturally followed, the 'assassin' managed to get away.  Now, these agents were, in fact, Secret Service agents who at one time had guarded a president or two.  They were totally trained and never told about the test or what would happen.  They were just told to protect the actor president as they would a real president.  The Secret Service agents were completely confused and totally concerned about these weapons.  Later, they implemented new protection techniques for guarding a president.  However, they were unsure their new techniques would be, or could be,  effective against these new weapons.


The test went off without a hitch.  A new deadly, untraceable weapon was born.  Your tax dollars hard at work.



Chapter Seventy-Five

Wednesday, January 3, 2007



I wandered the rest of the day around Area 51, then over to Papoose.  Actually, it's called Papoose Dry Lake and it's the totally Above-Top-Secret section of Area 51.  Nothing new or exciting was happening there that day.  I wandered around a little longer waiting for evening and the Aurora test.  I headed back over to Area 51 where I went for an early dinner.


Evening came and turned to night, still no test.  I found the 'brain' working on Aurora and asked him if it would be tested tonight.  He told me I was just in time.  He planned to move it out of the hangar in about ten minutes and turn it over to the test pilot.  I waited.  This I wanted to see for myself.


Well, exactly ten minutes later, Aurora was moved from the hangar.  On the tarmac, the 'brain' turned the plane over to the test pilot who seemed like he couldn't wait to get in it again.  Just like a child with a new toy. 


The pilot fired up Aurora.  It growled like the beast it was.  It felt alive.  It felt awesome.  It felt dangerous.  It felt evil.  Very evil.


As Aurora slowly moved to the runway, which by the way, is the longest runway on Earth, I noticed the engine's exhausts.  They were green.  A dancing, shimmering green.  An eerily glowing green.  My first thought was that this is what people are mistaking for a UFO. would, could, be considered a UFO.  UFO means Unidentified Flying Object.  This airplane most certainly would be a UFO if anyone saw it flying overhead.


Aurora was taxiing to the far end of the runway in the dark of night.  It truly looked eerie as it moved along through the darkness.  When the pilot got it to where he needed it to be, he turned it around.  From our position outside the hangar, all that could be seen was the eerie green glow behind Aurora.  As the pilot wound it up, the green glow intensified. 


Suddenly, with the growl of a wild beast unleashed, Aurora sprang to life and movement.  The ground shook beneath our feet and we were quite a distance from that plane.  The green glow became an eerie green streak behind Aurora as it raced down the runway.  Then, it just lifted off.  It took off like a bird in flight, graceful, steady and sure.


Aurora took off in a westerly direction and almost instantly disappeared from sight.  I thought I would be able to see the green glow for awhile, but Aurora was flat gone.  While we awaited Aurora's return, the 'brain' told all of us watching to keep our eyes on the sky.  To watch for the green streak in the wild-blue-yonder.  He told us to listen for the growl of Aurora as it went over our heads.


Within minutes, someone spotted the green streak off in the distance.  Boy, was it moving!  Aurora passed directly over our heads.  It was nothing but an eerie green streak.  Not a single sound.  We all watched as Aurora disappeared from sight.  Then suddenly, there the noise was, the growl of Aurora, loud and earthshaking.  But Aurora itself was long gone from view.


The 'brain' asked us to follow him and directed us into a building that was nearby where we all entered an auditorium.  The 'brain' took the stage along with some of his scientists who worked on Aurora.  This guy was like a proud new father.  Attending the test flight were generals, politicians, unknowns (like me), and people from all over Area 51.


When the 'brain' took the stage, applause broke out.  Frantic applause.  The 'brain' was in heaven...or was it really hell?


He talked about Aurora as if it were a child.  A child that he and his wife had given birth to.  As I said, he was the proud father of a newborn baby.  He explained about Aurora's engine, the pulse drive, he called it.  He tried to explain it but to no avail.  It was way over our heads, he was the 'brain' not those of us in the audience. 


He spoke about the flight controls of it but directed those remarks to the military men in the audience.  He spoke of the payload it could handle when completed.  His plan was to make it the most powerful and dangerous bomber ever. 


He spoke about the speed and the advantage the speed gave 'us' as a military.  With the speed of Aurora, its payload could be dropped before the plane was ever heard.  What an advantage, most agreed.  Excitement was high at this meeting. 


Most of the military men wanted to know when they could get their hands on Aurora.  When it could be delivered was one of the big questions.  Unfortunately, there were some things needing fine tuning and adjusting and more test flights before he would ever think of releasing it to the military.


It was amazing watching this Aurora take flight.  It was even more amazing listening to Aurora.  And, what was even more amazing was NOT hearing it as it flew right over our heads.  The one thing I still say to this is: Thank God, it hasn't been used yet.  Remember, this took place in 1975.



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