May He bless you with understanding of this truth...

Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are,

and the things which shall be hereafter...

Revelation 1:19

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Chapters Sixty-Six - Seventy

Chapter Sixty-Six

Friday, December 15, 2006



This tiny town in rural Mississippi turned out to be more corrupt than most major cities across America.  Every single one of the town council members was arrested on charges ranging from being a Ku Klux Klan member to drugs and more in between.  Every single police officer, the chief of police included, were arrested on even more charges which included aiding and abetting known criminals, the charges went on and on.  Even the local judges were arrested.  Every single one of them could be traced right back to Sam Clanton in one way or another. 


I stayed in the town, with Father Joe, while the FBI cleaned things up, arrested local citizens and took care of business.  Some local merchants wanted nothing to do with the law enforcement agents in the town.  The two restaurant owners immediately closed their doors and refused to open to serve the agents meals or refreshments.


The US Marshals stepped in on that one.  They seized the two restaurants, and brought in their own cooks, staff, and food.  When the owners tried to stop them, they too, were arrested for interfering with an on-going federal investigation.  Thankfully, these agents took no guff from anyone.  They were as horrified as I was at what took place in this tiny town.  The investigation lasted the better part of a year.


While all this was happening, Al, the man who ran the group home, slipped the black kid into the home.  Father Joe was furious. He knew what would happen, even with all the law-enforcers in town.  Racists were just plain mean, stupid people.  And, these barbaric animals did not change their spots.


On my last day in this town, things seemed fairly calm.  Miss Ellie and Mr. Hartley, our group-home neighbors, thanked me for what I helped accomplish here and said they hoped it worked.  They also told me they would pray for me everyday for the rest of their lives and promised to look for me when we all went 'home.'


That last day was a slow, quiet one.  Nadine had made some of her fried chicken, gravy and biscuits for dinner.  It was a good-bye celebration, Nadine said.  The man who ran the group home, Al, was mad at Father Joe, he said while we all ate together.  Nadine had made some peach cobbler, one of her specialties.  It was a pleasant evening despite Al's grousing and grumping.


The kids and Al, the guy who ran the home, went off to bed at about nine o'clock that night.  The rules were strict in the group home.  Father Joe and I sat talking and drinking iced tea.


About eleven o'clock, Father Joe went home to the rectory and I headed upstairs to my room.  I still was having trouble sleeping and just stretched myself out on the bed.  About an hour later, somewhere around midnight, I saw a golden-orange glow through the window.  I looked out--and, lo and behold, what I saw were four men dressed in short black robes, hoods on, and a big cross burning on the lawn.  Bellowing, they demanded that everyone of you Catholic sons-a-bitches leave


Within just minutes, sirens could be heard approaching.  The Kluxers, the cowards that they are, ran away.  I left the next morning, I was scheduled to leave that day anyway.  Father Joe had the children relocated instantly.  Joe stayed in that racist little town.  I have never heard how he made out.  I've often wondered if Father Joe survived staying in that sick little town.



Chapter Sixty-Seven

Friday, December 15, 2006



When I got back to headquarters, everyone was waiting for me.  I hadn't seen any of my fellow workers in more than a year.  I was in deep cover.  Everyone congratulated me on a great job.  That night Mr. and Mrs. C, the chefs, put on a feast, a welcome home dinner.  Nobody asked questions about the mission unless I offered to talk about it.  But, it was all too fresh in my mind.  All too fresh.


I wanted to get away for while, go someplace far away from all of this.  I didn't want to go home as my family was always mad at for me moving to Mississippi--you know how families can be.  So I decided to visit Salum, on Virum, alone.  I've always liked Salum and still do to this day.  In fact, we speak daily.  Literally, all day long.


The next morning, I left for Virum.  Virum, in these ships, is an hour's flight from Earth.  Although I've met Salum and Cellom before, I've not yet been to their home planet.  I was looking forward to some rest and seeing friends again, away from Earth.  I just needed to get away from people who feel no remorse in doing horrendous acts.


Virum is a pretty jewel of a planet, different, but pretty and friendly and great.  On approach, Virum is the prettiest, nicest shade of medium green one could hope to see.  It was daytime when I arrived on Virum.  Virum has two suns, one closer to the planet than the other, but both shinning brightly when I arrived.  By the way, Virum also has four moons.  They show up every night, side-by-side.


When Omega representatives go to any advanced planet, they first must land at an Omega complex.  I was no different.  I headed for the academy, I didn't know where it was, but the ship did.  As I looked down at the landing area, I saw Salum and a small contingent of men waiting for me, observing my descent.  Then, I noticed something very strange.  The grass I was about to land on was blue.  I do mean BLUE.  It was strange, different, but...beautiful.


I received a huge greeting from Salum and we walked toward the main building.  As we walked along, I noticed the grass again.  I also noticed a rose bush with multicolored roses on it, one even blue.  The colors of the roses are so very vivid, stark and was mind-boggling.  The very air had an exquisitely sweet smell to it.  And, the air was so clean I thought it might choke me.  Here I was on a massive military installation and the entire place was completely pristine.  No litter, nothing blowing around due to the light breeze, it was…pristine.


Salum is a very large man, I've been told he was always larger than the average Virum.  He stood a little over seven feet tall, he weighed approximately three to four hundred pounds and he was extremely muscular.  His long platinum blond hair hung freely to his waist and he was dressed all in black, the military uniform.


As with most large men everywhere, Salum was soft-spoken, gentle in his manner and graceful.  He moved like a ballet dancer, he was so graceful.  His demeanor was open and friendly, although standing next to this man you knew he could be a very dangerous man, if need be.  He exuded power and athletic prowess.  After all, Salum was a legend on Virum.


As I said, Salum and I became friends upon our very first meeting, on Earth.  And that old saying stands today--boys will be boys.  Salum looked at me and told me I looked like I was run over by an asteroid, a huge one at that.  But, nevertheless he said it was great to see me again.


Salum pulls no punches:  He got right to the point.  He started talking about my latest mission.  He told me it was an extremely tough mission, but that was part of my job.  Someone, from Earth, must witness the abominations of man on all pre-End Time planets.  The fifteen of us were chosen for this job, we accepted it.  Salum told me I did a phenomenal job on this particular mission and said he was really impressed with my ability to 'keep it together.'  He further reminded me that those responsible were brought to justice.


We talked for about two hours, just Salum and me sitting in his office drinking coffee.  Visitors, by the way, love coffee.  Many of them, even to this day, smoke cigarettes, cigars or pipes.  I'll explain more about this later.  Following our talk, I did feel better.  Salum has a way of making that happen.  He can put you at ease in a short time.


He told me he planned a small dinner for this evening, just a few close friends of his and that tomorrow he arranged for me to review his troops, then attend a military dinner in my honor that evening.  This should be interesting, I thought.


At dinner that night, I met a few of Salum's close friends.  Tyler was an Omega representative of the Virum Council.  Tyler was a quiet man, very soft-spoken, yet very attentive.  John was also a member of Omega's Council but at a different level.  John was an Omega representative to the Universal Governments, and in a highly placed position.  In fact, John is the number two man from Virum representing the Universal Governments.  We went to an extremely nice restaurant with excellent food and service.  Dinner was very enjoyable as I began to totally unwind.


In the next chapter, I will speak about the food on advanced planets and tell you more concerning the Universal Governments.  We had a good time and I made some new friends. 



Chapter Sixty-Eight

Friday, December 15, 2006



Let me take the time here to tell you about the Universal Governments.  The Universal Governments came into existence hundreds of thousands of millennia ago due to a major problem throughout the Universe.


Hundreds of thousands of millennia ago Virum, Lidum, Pleiadia, Zeta II Reticuli, Tyre, Nephala and Mars were the only inhabited planets in the known Universe.  Excepting Virum, and Mars, which I'll explain later in this chapter, all these planets had survived their End Time, matured and advanced.  Each of these planets was blessed with the appearance of Jesus Christ at a time in their histories which would be about the same time Earth, in our history, was blessed with Jesus Christ, these planets experienced very much the same things we, here on Earth, are experiencing right now. 


Virum was a chosen planet from the very beginning.  Virum did experience Jesus Christ but not in the same manner as all the other advanced planets, which today totals seven hundred fifty-two, Virum was already a matured planet and completely understood and accepted Christ's Words and teachings, therefore by-passing an End Time.  Mars was an extremely young planet and would soon experience Jesus Christ but never made it that far.  For good reasons, I might add.


In order for a planet to achieve deep-space travel (remember, flying through the space around Earth is not deep-space travel), that planet must go through an End Time, mature, with the help of God, Jesus and the Visitors, then they can and will advance.  Advancing is being taught about the technology of the advanced Visitors, which leads to space travel, then eventually deep-space travel.


Maturing is, and I'm going to be redundant on purpose, becoming totally, completely and absolutely responsible and trustworthy.  Maturity is understanding the rules set forth by the Creator to achieve and keep a perfect balance throughout the Universe.  Maturity is not breaking those rules.  Maturity is living those rules daily.


When maturity is achieved, that planet will be given technology that will allow them to visit the other advanced planets throughout the known Universe.  Thus, sharing everything from technology to culture to foods and so on. 


All advanced Visitors accept the younger planets and people openly.  There is no prejudice with these Visitors.  They never look down upon a younger people as being stupid or ignorant.  They remember that all people, at some time, were alike.  The Visitors look upon a younger planet and its people as children, which they are.  This is not meant to be demeaning, it's just that those people are children.  Children need to be taught.  They need to learn.  They need to understand right from wrong, good from evil.  This is a task given to advanced Visitors from the Creator.  To teach, guide and help those children to grow and mature even further than they have already.  To become good Universal citizens.  To be productive and to help advance the knowledge of the Universe.  To become a crucial part of the Creator's Universe, helping others learn more and understand more.  Remember, one can always learn something from anyone, as long as one's mind is open.



Chapter Sixty-Nine

Friday, December 15, 2006



The next morning, at 6:00am, we reviewed Salum's troops.  Virums are known as early risers.  What I found amazing was the fact that the Universe and the advanced planets are all peaceful people, not pacifists, but peaceful:  So why the need for a military?


After reviewing the troops, back at Salum's office, I asked him this.  His answer was simple.  Yes, all the advanced planets are peaceful and the pre-End Time planets are violent, but without the ability to deep-space travel, which poses no threat to the rest of the known Universe, but we do not know what's out there.  There are parts of the known Universe which are yet to be explored.  So not knowing what might exist out there, we must always be prepared.  Therefore, a highly trained military is still necessary. 


Salum said he would give me an example.  Hundreds of thousands of millennia ago there was a pre-End Time planet, Mars, which somehow had the ability to deep-space travel.  Deep-space travel is usually received only by a post-End Time planet, Salum said.  However, unbeknownst to anyone, Mars had somehow gotten their hands on this information and ability.  At the time, there were only seven inhabited planets in the known Universe.  They were Virum, Lidum, Pleiadia, Zeta II Reticuli, Nephala, Tyre and Mars, in that order.  The most advanced of these planets was Virum, with Lidum next, followed by Pleiadia, Zeta II Reticuli, Nephala, Tyre, then Mars.  Mars, the youngest of these planets, at the time, was a pre-End Time planet and had not yet been blessed with Jesus Christ's presence.


However, as a pre-End Time planet, Mars, as Earth is today, was a violent, dangerous planet.  Among the seven planets things were calm and peaceful.  Life was nice.  Then, very suddenly one day, Zeta Reticuli was attacked, brutally, I might add, Salum said.  There were thousands murdered and property was destroyed unbelievably.  The big problem was the fact that no one knew who had attacked Zeta Reticuli, or why.


Things settled down a little as Zeta Reticuli buried their dead, rebuilt and tried to gain some semblance of normality again.


Just as suddenly as before, Tyre was attacked, by assailants unknown to anyone.  Tyre was hit even harder than Zeta Reticuli was hit.  Tyre received millions more casualties and far more destruction.  Still no one had any idea by whom or why they were attacked.


As Tyre was rebuilding, Zeta Reticuli was attacked yet again.  Luckily, not as bad as the first attack.  Shortly after the second Zeta Reticuli attack, Lidum was attacked viciously and violently.  Lidum, a planet of eight billion people lost seven hundred million in just one attack.  Lidum was hit so hard that they lost fifty-five of their major cities across their planet.  The attack was heinous.  However, it was still unclear who attacked these planets or why.


The Virums mounted an investigation on the attacks.  As the Virums travelled the known Universe, things calmed.  However, the Virums could not find anything that would lead them to the attackers.  For a whole year, the situation remained calm.


Then one serene, beautiful day, Pleiadia was violently attacked.  They too, received many casualties and much destruction.  You must remember that during this time, these planets were young also.  Their technology was not yet fully advanced.  They were all new to deep-space travel. 


One-by-one these planets were attacked by the unknown attackers until every planet received an attack or multiple attacks.  All but one, Mars.  Mars, don't forget, was a pre-End Time planet and had not yet achieved even localized space travel.  Therefore, Mars was the only planet of the seven not attacked.


The investigation continued without results.  It was still unclear just who attacked all these planets.  For some reason, Lidum  received the most violent attacks, eleven in all. 


Throughout the years after the attacks, Lidum, the entire planet, just flat disappeared from existence.  Strange, but that's what happened.  No one, and I do mean no one, was able to even locate where Lidum once sat in the Universe.  Lidum mysteriously disappeared from the heavens, never to be seen again.  Many have wondered if Lidum was destroyed, totally.  There were no answers to any of the questions.  Lidum was gone…



Chapter Seventy

Friday, December 15, 2006



Zeta Reticuli was the second most attacked planet.  They too, received many casualties and much destruction.  During the clean-up of Zeta Reticuli, evidence was found linking the attacks to Mars.  Mars?  That was everyone's reaction.  Mars wasn't even able to travel within its own space, let alone deep space.  Surrounding Mars, at that time, were the same rings as Earth now has.  We, on Earth, call them the Van Allen Radiation Belts.  These belts are supposed to prevent pre-End Time planets from achieving deep-space travel.  How could Mars get past them?


The entire known Universe was stumped and confused by these findings.  However, Reticulans found a downed spaceship, the same kind as everyone had at the time, and lo and behold, inside were two Martian bodies.  Even the dirt from their boots was matched to the soil of Mars.  In fact, it was a perfect match.


The conclusions were clear.  Somehow Mars had attained information allowing them to become mobile in deep-space while they were still a pre-End Time, violent planet.  It was assumed that the Martians were attempting to advance themselves and steal the technology of the advanced planets. 


Was this a part of God's plan no one knew about?  How did Mars get this technology?  Who gave it to them?  The questions mounted. 


The six other planets then formed an alliance to work together to find out more.  Thus, the birth of the Universal Governments.


The Reticulans volunteered to mount expeditions to Mars to find out more.  As Mars was a very violent planet, these expeditions must be covert.  The Martians were a very large people:  They stood twelve feet tall.  Each weighed about six hundred pounds.  They had dark brown hair, very dark, almost black and long.  The males wore beards.  Most males were in the Martian military, as Martians were constantly at war amongst themselves on their planet.  Sound familiar?  Just like Earth, right now.


The Reticulans sent four ships, with four men per ship, a total sixteen volunteers, to spy on Mars and gather as much intel as possible.  Intel dispatches were sent to Zeta Reticuli by the droves and passed on to all the other planets.  It was becoming more and more clear that it was, in fact, Mars who attacked the other planets.


Despite the intel, the attacks continued on the other planets except for Virum, and Lidum which had disappeared and could no longer be found.  It was assumed that Virum was not the target of more attacks because at that time Virum was the farthest planet from Mars.  Virum was also the most advanced of the seven planets and had the latest technology and ships.  Virum also had the first and only military of the advanced planets, even before the formation of the Universal Governments.  Lidum was gone.  No one could find it, therefore no one could attack it.


One day, the intel flow from Mars ceased.  Nothing came in for days, which turned into weeks.  Something was wrong...seriously wrong.  The Reticulans sent more ships to see if they could locate the men that were assumed missing.  On approach to Mars, the new expedition found one ship floating in space.  They approached and attached to the ship and carefully entered it.  Inside they found sixteen dead Reticulans.  They were brutally, horribly tortured, then murdered.


They also found, during the search of the ship, Martian military emblems, spent ammunition shells and signs that these volunteers had been discovered by the Martians.  It was clear that the culprits were the Martians and that they have become an extremely violent people.


However, there was a larger problem.  The Martians now had three Reticulan ships.  These ships would enable the Martians to become even more violent and dangerous than they already were.  If they had the ability to reverse-engineer this technology, the intergalactic wars would become worse.


Amazingly, within one month, the Martians did, in fact, reverse-engineer this newly found technology.  They attacked even more violently than before.  They attacked all the planets, even Virum was targeted one more time.  The Martians now had stealth technology making them far more dangerous than ever before.  They also had better weapons.  Things were not looking too good for the other planets.  Something needed to be done.


As the wars raged across the known Universe, the newly formed Universal Governments worked hard to find a way to stop the violent, barbaric Martians.  They needed to be stopped before they wiped out all the other planets.  The Universal Governments who were a brand new organization themselves, were getting desperate for a resolution to the attacks.


The Reticulans became the heroes.  They suggested a weapon they had engineered themselves which might stop the problem.  After all, millions of people were being murdered all over the known Universe.  The destruction was growing more and more with every attack.


This new weapon was powered by Universal energy, the life force of the whole Universe.  God's energy.  This weapon became the single most powerful weapon ever seen to this day.  The destructive power of this weapon was unfathomable.  However, something needed to be done to stop the senseless killing.


The Reticulans told the Universal Governments that they would put on a demonstration of the weapon.  All the representatives gathered near a satellite planet, similar to our moon, to see whether this new weapon would, in fact, work.


Boy, did it work!  The whole satellite was turned to dust in a matter of only three seconds time.  Nothing was left.  Not even debris that would hinder space travel could be detected.  This was the ultimate weapon.  This weapon would stop the Martians.


The council members met on Zeta II Reticuli to find out just what they should do with Mars.  As the weapon could be controlled and adjusted, the power increased or decreased, a decision was needed.  The council agreed on total elimination of life on Mars, without destroying the entire planet.


But, there was one more problem.  Who was going to do the dirty deed?  It was tossed around the council.  No volunteers came forth.  Things were not looking good.  Someone had to go out there and actually use the weapon.  It was decided that it would be the Virums as they were the only planet that had a military.  However, the Virum members of the council fought this and won.  Just because Virum had the military, why should it fall to them?  Good question.


Finally, the heroic Reticulans came to the rescue and volunteered.  They would do it.  They set it up.  Tested the weapon a few more times and set a date for the first official use of the weapon.  By the way, they even named it 'The Weapon' which stands to this day.


The Reticulans flew to Mars.  They orbited Mars one last time and backed off to a distance of one-quarter light year.  They fired the weapon at a decreased power level.  Instantly, all life ceased on Mars.  The trees were dead.  The grass had vanished.  The oceans and lakes and rivers dried up.  Mars instantly became a planet of desolation.  Nothing was alive, not even a cockroach.  The only thing left standing was what we on Earth call the 'Face on Mars.'


The Face was an important factor at one time for Mars.  Much like the pyramids we have on Earth, the face "fed" the very young planet of Mars.  It was the only structure left standing.  It was a structure built by the Hand of God Himself.  I'll talk more about this later.


Mars became a dead planet.  All life had now ceased.  There were no birds flying.  No fish swimming.  No human beings  anywhere.  Nothing was left.  Mars no longer existed as a living planet…



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