May He bless you with understanding of this truth...

Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are,

and the things which shall be hereafter...

Revelation 1:19

Page 10

Chapters Forty-Six - Fifty

Chapter Forty-Six

Wednesday, December 6, 2006



As for the 'grays'.  The grays are not aliens, Visitors, Martians or whatever.  Unfortunately, they are Earthlings.  That's right, Earthlings.


Our government has sponsored certain programs over the years, covert programs such as MKULTRA, the Ultimate Warrior Project, and, yes, even UFO inventions and much more.


We've all heard of the abduction of children that takes place all the time.  Two hundred thousand per year go missing.  EVERY YEAR.  A great number of these missing children are used in genetic-manipulation experiments. 


One of those experiments resulted in the 'grays.'  They are worker bees, very similar to androids.  Actually that was not originally the idea of the experiment, but the 'grays' were the result of a failed experiment. 


In fact, there was a woman abducted once and taken to Dulce, New Mexico (a so-called UFO underground base), by military personnel.  While on the airplane transporting her to the Dulce area, she saw an air force man carrying a 'gray' under his arm walking down the plane's aisle.  She was horrified by the sight.  The air force man told her not to worry, he said, "We make these."


Dulce, New Mexico does have an underground base. However, it is one of many underground bases constructed and used by our government.  Ann and I live fifteen miles north of quite a few of these type bases.  All underground facilities.  They are scattered throughout our desert in southern New Mexico.  This is one reason illegal immigration is not constantly checked in our area of the desert.


New Mexico's government and the U.S. government allow the illegals to roam freely through this region.  If too much law enforcement were used in this area, too much suspicious activity would be revealed hereabout.


Everyday, at varying times, cars carrying three, four, or five people drive onto the properties of covert government facilities, deposit the passengers for the day and pick them up again at night.  There are small or abandoned houses on these properties which contain the means to get underground.  Some have ladders, some have stairs, most have a stairway.


These underground facilities are heavily guarded, even though you'd never know it.  Try to enter one and you will find out the hard way.  There are sensors and monitors and cameras that watch these areas.  They are very well hidden, but hidden in plain sight.


Helicopters regularly, casually fly over these areas patrolling the underground bases.  The helicopter patrols have become more frequent in recent years due to the latest underground base built in this area.  Cheney's western White House was completed about four years ago in this area.


When Ann and I moved here in 2002, we intended to put our home on a five-acre parcel which has been in my family since the early 1970s.  This five-acre spread is fifteen miles south of our current location.


But we had great difficulty getting a mortgage.  We were told it was because we wanted to use a generator for our electricity and were denied a mortgage.  We had been told that many people living in that area use generators for electricity and are not connected to the grid.  Driving around, we could plainly see that after a certain point, there simply were no utility poles.


It was baffling everyone.


Ann and I finally purchased a different five-acre lot fifteen miles north.  But we had originally applied to fourteen mortgage companies and every one of them turned us down.  All with the same excuse:  Using a generator was just not acceptable.  The generator in question was going to cost twenty-four thousand dollars.  It came with a dozen very large batteries for power storage, automatic shut-off and turn-on, everything state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line.  And it was to be housed in a small building which would match the stucco on our home.  The building was thought of because the mortgage companies all said we needed something like that so as not to disturb our neighbors.  Neighbors??


Ann and I laughed out loud at that one.  Our closest neighbor down there was seven miles away.  The five acres in question was literally out in the middle of nowhere, just a skimpy fifteen miles north of the Mexico border.


So, after purchasing the new five acres (on the electric grid), an amazing thing happened.  All fourteen mortgage companies accepted our offers and we were left with a major decision of which offer to take.  All because we were now on the grid?  Not very likely.


It was shortly after we got settled into our new home, on the new five acres, that we found out about the underground western White House.  Which, by the way, turned out to be only a mere two miles from our original five acres. 


Now, when I say there is nothing out here in our desert, I mean just that.  So, if law enforcement, local or federal, noticed any strange activity--new people moving in--they would surely try to find out what's going on.


This might result in these agencies finding the biological weapons laboratories placed here after President Nixon banned biological testing in the 1970s.  They might also discover the chemical weapons laboratories or the secret nuclear labs or even the genetic labs which are hidden underground in this region.  These are facilities our government never wants the sheeple to know exist.


I have personally seen the 'grays.'  They are, unfortunately, genetically manipulated children for heinous experiments carried out by our government.


I have also witnessed, first-hand, many times, I might add, the Ultimate Warrior experiments.


I watched once as a genetically-altered man was used during one such experiment.  This man was huge.  Six feet six or seven inches, two hundred fifty to maybe even three hundred pounds of solid muscle.


The man was told to stand in front of a wall.  He did so.  With that the scientist pulled a .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol, pointed it directly at the man's chest.  The man never moved an inch.  The scientist pulled the trigger which resulted in a roaring blast in the small area.  The man was just ten to fifteen feet away from the scientist with the gun.  The man just staggered and immediately stood up straight.  Upon closer inspection, the man had been shot twice with the .45 in the pectoral muscles of the chest. 


The bullet holes were only superficial marks.  The two bullets were instantly encapsulated, just under the skin of his chest, never entering his chest cavity.  The bullet holes started to heal in a matter of minutes.


The man never fell or completely lost his balance.  He just stood there and waited for the inspection by me and the scientists.


AMAZING!  Sick and perverted, but amazing.



Chapter Forty-Seven

Wednesday, December 6, 2006



The Ultimate Warrior Program was incredible.  The things these scientists could do.  I do not believe in or support genetic manipulation of any sort.  Not even stem-cell research which is a form of genetic manipulation or altering. 


But, I do have to say that these scientists are phenomenal.  One must give credit where credit is due.  Sick, perverted or blasphemous, it's amazing to watch the brain in action.


Over the years, I have watched the Ultimate Warrior Program progress.  These GM men were supposed to be our future soldiers.  The ultimate fighting machine.  It was mind-blowing.


I'll give you an example of the Ultimate Warrior which I'm sure many of you have seen.  Watch the Bourne Identity and the Bourne Supremacy with Matt Damon.  These two movies are good examples of the Ultimate Warrior Program.


The minds of these men were 'cleaned', emptied of all memories and information to make room for only the important data.  However, unlike Jason Bourne, all the test subjects eventually would lose their minds, literally.  They would eventually go stark-raving mad.


Before this happened, each test subject was doing great.  They were ultimate warriors.  They could win any war, any time, any where.  They were unstoppable and undefeatable.  They truly were Ultimate Warriors.


Their strength was increased.  Their stamina was increased.  Their ability to think strategically on their feet was increased.  Their weapons ability was unreal.  Their hand-to-hand combat skills were scary.  They were undefeatable.  Their muscular structure was enhanced.  They were the secret weapon our government was looking for.


Unfortunately, every single one of the test subjects had volunteered, so they thought, for something altogether different.  But this is what they became.


It was one of many jobs, missions, I had during my career.  It was very interesting to watch but still sick and perverted.  I believe that this was messing around with God's creation and was very dangerous.


But, like I said earlier, every one of the test subjects totally and completely lost their minds.  I do believe it was the 'cleaning' of the mind that did that.


As I found out, this is all standard practice within our government's secret agencies.  No one cares about the test subjects.  They just consider them to be meat and nothing more.


I have found this to be true in many different aspects throughout my career and in many different agencies in which I was involved.


I'm sure many of you have heard of MKULTRA, the CIA's mind-control program.  If not, I'll explain.


MKULTRA was started in the late 1940s and was an offshoot of Operation Paperclip.  Paperclip was a process in which our government 'captured', or 'rescued', German scientists from under Hitler's control.  They were brought to the United States very covertly and were very well hidden.


Why?  Were we afraid Hitler might get them back?  Not on your life.  Our government wanted these scientists, desperately.


MKULTRA became a major project for our covert agencies.  They wanted to control the people through the use of mind control.  They invented subliminal messaging, which by the way, is in all our television, computers, newspapers, magazines and radio.  We are bombarded on a minute-to-minute basis by subliminal messages.


Another aspect of mind control was to create pawns to use on our government representatives to control them and sway their decision-making processes and their votes. 


They created sex slaves to use on the representatives and powerful businessmen of this country.  That worked for a while, but the attitude of people was that sex was a necessary thing in our society.


They then expanded that idea to create sex-slave children.  Pedophilia became a useful tool in mind control.  Our representatives were set up through alcohol and drugs to have sex with children while unknowingly being filmed for control purposes.


Look around at today's society, it worked.  Frightening, but it worked.  Perverted, but it got the results the covert agencies wanted.


This insanity really did work all too well.  Look at today's news and how pedophilia is running rampant through our society.  There are even advocacy groups that claim it is good to have sex with children, at any age.  Sick.  Sick.  Sick.


Notice how sports has become such a major part of our daily lives.  Sporting events dominate the minds of many.  In many towns and cities around our nation, Friday night is for high school football.  Saturday afternoon for college football.  Sunday for professional football.  Then, add the basketball to it all and baseball (which is not as popular as it used to be).  Football, soccer, basketball are becoming full-contact sports.  Violent, nasty and no longer contains 'sportsmanship.'  What about those gruesome, bloody wrestling pay-per-view matches?


Mind control touches so many aspects of our daily lives IT IS SCARY.  And, getting worse



Chapter Forty-Eight

Wednesday, December 6, 2006



Control of the people is a very important factor for The Elite.  A couple of the most promising control techniques have worked very well for a very long time.


Always remember this statement.  Keep it in your head at all times.  He who controls the food, controls the people.


Have you ever noticed that our government uses the term, 'managing' when they refer to our health?  We have 'managed care', they 'manage our health' and so on.  And best of all, they 'manage' our medication.


The pharmaceutical-petrochemical corporations now control our daily lives.


Think about it.  Think VERY hard about it.


We have always been a chemically dependant society, but after September 11, 2001, things got worse.


After that planned 'terrorist' attack on the United States, the largest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor, the American people turned even more toward chemicals to help relive their frustration, depression and stress. 


Paxil , Prozac, Zoloft and so on are antidepressant medications which have horrendous side effects.  Yet our doctors and health care facilities push antidepressants like they were candy.


Example.  While I was in the hospital this last, and final time, I might add, I had a cardiologist stop by to check me out.  He asked for my medical history.  As I was starting to answer his questions, he started telling me my history.  I've never met the man.  He'd never met me.  He had never seen my medical history, as he didn't have it.  However, when I became angry because he was telling me my medical history, without ever meeting me before, he asked me why I was angry.  Then he asked if I wanted medication for depression and anger...or did I want to see a psychiatrist.


I blew my top!  I was appalled, shocked.  I said to him, "How dare you presume to know me when we've never met until five minutes ago."  He persisted in trying to push his drugs on me.  I was feeling very badly, which was why I was in the hospital to begin with, and he's telling me my medical history, not knowing me at all, tries to push those horrendous drugs on me, and I'm not supposed to be angry?


He persisted so much I was ready to hit the man to shut him up.  After a while, we came to an agreement.  He admitted he didn't know me, therefore could not have known my medical history.  I agreed to calm down as long he didn't TELL me my medical history.  He also understood that I was not about to take those nasty drugs.


I got worse while I was in that hospital, going downhill rapidly.  As it turned out, some strange things were taking place during my nine-day stay. 


I was put on an 1800 calories per day diet.  At one point, the dietician stopped by, looked at my menu, read it, did a double take and read it again.  She asked me why there was a notation stating 'half portions' written on the delivery menu?  I told her I thought that it was she who put that there.  "You're the dietician," I told her with a slight shrug of my shoulders.


She said she didn't order that at all.  She looked at my plate, told me someone was cutting my portions in half and that it wasn't her.  She said that what she was looking at on my plate was a 900 calorie per day diet, definitely not enough for me to survive.  She said it was extremely unhealthy, and wouldn't help my nutritional level at all.  She promised to check on it.


The only medication I was on was Lasix (a diuretic, you know, a "water pill") due to my congestive heart failure, and potassium to stop cramping caused by the Lasix.


Well, as the days went on, I started getting very drowsy to the point of dopey.  I knew neither of those two medications caused that kind of reaction because I've been using those for years and still am today.  Never had I experienced that kind of reaction.


I entered the hospital on Friday, August 5, 2005.  On Saturday morning, August 13, 2005, I called Ann and told her to "come get me out of here."  I had a very strong feeling that if I remained in that hospital, I wouldn't live through the night.  At approximately 1:00pm, Ann got to the hospital and I checked myself out, against hospital wishes.  We finally got out of there by 1:30pm, after the hospital staff tried and tried to get me to stay.  Ann settled the argument by flatly telling them that I had been "a patient" all my life and that I lived in my skin and knew what was best for me.  Way to go, Annie!  She grabbed a wheelchair out in the hall, helped me into it, and away we went.


When I entered the hospital on Friday, August 5, 2005, I weighed in at 274 pounds in the emergency room.  On Saturday, August 13, 2005, when we got home, I weighed in at 208 pounds.  In a mere nine days I lost 66 pounds.


On the way home, Ann told me my "color" had concerned her.  I was gray, she told me.  Actually, a few weeks later our UPS driver confirmed that while making a delivery.  He looked me square in the eye and fairly shouted, "Wow, Dennis, you look great!  You're not gray anymore!"


On the way home from the hospital, before we left Las Cruces, Ann stopped at a good ol' MacDonald's where I ate two Big Macs and instantly started feeling better.


I found out that the nurses attending me where adding extra potassium to my daily meds.  Too much potassium can kill you.  I also believe, after checking with other medical professionals, that the nurses were adding some kind of a drug to my Lasix intravenous line.  This was causing the drugged, dopey feeling I was experiencing.


Thank God, Ann paid attention to her feelings, her intuition, and didn't even try to talk me into staying in that hospital as the doctors and hospital administrators wanted.  I would have been dead for sure by the next morning.  Ann told me she felt the same way…someone was trying to kill me using the nursing staff.


Of course, I pursued finding out what was being used on me.  I spoke with hospital officials and they said they checked and double checked everything and the nurses did nothing outside the doctors' orders.  Both Ann and I now know that was just the hospital covering their butts.  We would have had a major lawsuit had we wished to file one.  We did not.  I don't believe in suing suits.


I put my life in the hands of our Creator and Ann and things changed dramatically. 



Chapter Forty-Nine

Wednesday, December 6, 2006



For months before my hospitalization, I couldn't do much of anything.  Not even the little easy daily things.  I felt miserable and weak.  For some unknown reason, the Lasix quit working and my congestive heart failure took over my life.


Since leaving the hospital that Saturday, August 13, 2005, I have become a completely new and different person.


However, there was one last thing that happened.  While at home on the evening of Saturday, August 27, 2005, I was hollering at a baseball player while watching a Red Sox game and I suddenly lost the vision in the right side of both eyes.


My blood pressure was very normal that evening.  We checked it, I felt great, but still it happened.  To this day, as I write this, I have not recovered my full eyesight.  But, I'm adjusting to it nicely.  If this is how God wants me, then His will be done.


Since that time, getting out of the hospital and the loss of vision, I have painted the entire inside of our house, this includes cutting an angled line separating one room from another with two different colors.  By the way, the line came out straight and looks good.  I painted the porch and the foundation of our home.  Ann and I both spread gravel around the house.  I've used our tractor and cut the entire five acres we live on and then some. 


I've continued writing this book.  I've taken up playing the drums again.  For my birthday, this year, November, 2006, Ann bought me a set of drums.  I played professionally during the late 1960s and early 1970s, but haven't played since.  I've even recently added a second bass drum to the set.


The drumming has helped me greatly.  I'm feeling stronger, have more stamina and my walking has improved unbelievably. 


Before and just after getting out of the hospital, every time we went to a large store, Wal-Mart or Sam's Club or Home Depot, or Lowe's, I could not walk around the store without leg pain.  I had to ride one of those darn carts like an old man.  It was embarrassing and added to my stress.


Recently, though, that pain has disappeared.  I now can walk around any of those stores.  Furthermore, I can walk ALL those stores in one day without pain.  I do get tired by the time we get home, but hey, I just turned fifty-five years old.  As Ann always tells me, "You've never been 55 before."  Of course, Ann is usually right:  I am getting older and can no longer do those things I did at age twenty or thirty.  You women have this thing.  You always know what's right for your hubby.  We men should pay more attention to our wives.  Women usually are smarter than men.


A lot of my recovery is due to Ann.  She changed the way I eat and I feel wonderful!  Smart woman, my Ann is!


Hey, you guys, pay attention to this:  Ann was right, as your wife probably is.  There is a definite difference between men and women.  Men know certain things...women know the rest.  That's why God chooses our mates and 'evenly yokes' us.  He knows what He's doing.


I do believe that without Ann by my side, and our Creator, I would not be writing this book today and posting it.


Thank you, Honey!  And, Thank You, God!



Chapter Fifty

Wednesday, December 6, 2006



On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 24, 2002, I was sitting at the kitchen table, attempting to eat lunch.  Notice I said "attempting to eat lunch."  Normally, nothing interferes with eating.


I was cold, shivering, not hungry and felt bad, VERY bad.  It's strange to hear me say I'm cold.  Whether it be summer, fall, winter or spring, I'm usually warm all the time.  I was fully dressed, yet I had also wrapped myself in my robe.  I just couldn't eat, I didn't want anything.  My appetite had evaporated.  I just wanted to sit there and vegetate.


Ann insisted on taking my temperature.  It was 103.4 degrees, I was burning up.


Ann got me into the shower and off to the doctor in Deming.  I saw the doctor at 2:00pm, he had no idea what was happening to me.  My left testicle was swollen to the size of a large grapefruit and red.  Very red.  The doctor called the local hospital and I was admitted to the hospital at 4:00pm.


The hospital staff had absolutely no idea what was happening to me.  They instantly started pumping antibiotics into me through an IV.  The doctor's orders were for a new bag of antibiotics every two (2) hours.  That is a fast IV.


I was admitted on Tuesday, September 24, 2002, at 2:00pm and stayed at the Deming hospital until I was transferred to a larger hospital in Las Cruces, New Mexico, on the afternoon of Thursday, September 26, 2002.


My stay in the Deming hospital was not without its strange happenings.  During the early morning of Thursday, September 26, 2002, I was not getting the antibiotics ordered by the doctor.  I called the nurse, asked her about it.  She told me I wasn't due for a new bag until 1:00am, this was at 12:00am.  At 1:00am, I still hadn't received a new bag of antibiotics.  I called the nurse, she told me I was not due for a new bag until 2:00am.  At 2:00am, I called her again as I still hadn't received a new bag.  The nurse told me I wasn't due for a new bag until 3:00am.  I questioned her about the orders the doctor had issued.  She told me those were the doctor's orders.


At 3:00am I called yet again as the nurse never showed up.  She told me the new bag wasn't due until 4:00am, doctor's orders, she added.


Well, enough was enough.  I reminded her that I wasn't dead or completely out of it, or stupid, when I'd entered the hospital and that I'd heard the doctor issue the order for my antibiotics.  I also told her that I was medically knowledgeable and trained as an EMT.


When the nurse insisted that my new meds were not due until 4:00am, I reminded her that she had been telling me this same thing every hour with a different time for the new meds.


I then told her I was calling 911 and we'd let the police handle the problem.  Amazingly, I received a new bag of antibiotics within a matter of minutes.


I asked her if she was 'going against' doctor's orders.  Of course, she ignored that remark.  I told her that if those orders were actually in place as she'd said they were, then she shouldn't have feared having the police called in.


I was right.  The nursing staff was being used to try to kill me.



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