The word "AGENCY" is not synonymous with government only


Taken from Merriam-Webster's on-line dictionary

Main Entry: agen·cy
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -cies
1 a : the office or function of an agent

   b : the relationship between a principal and his agent
2 : the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power : OPERATION
3 : a person or thing through which power is exerted or an end is achieved : INSTRUMENTALITY

   <communicated through the agency of the ambassador>
4 : an establishment engaged in doing business for another <an advertising agency>
5 : an administrative division (as of a government) <the agency for consumer protection>

I feel I must reiterate my past statement concerning Omega Agency.

Omega Agency is not, never was, and never will be, a government agency.

Omega Agency IS NOT connected with any government, government agency,

government program or project on this planet.

Omega has acted as a "watchdog" for many years now.
Infiltrating government agencies, the military and the political circles of this country has been a major part of Omega's operations over the last seventy-six years.

For the last thirty-five (35) years (1972-2007), this has been my role within Omega. I was given an above-top-secret clearance by Omega which allowed me to infiltrate any and all parts of the government of the United States of America.

During this time, all fifteen members of Omega's council have taken part in these operations, and many still do.

Our main goal has been to learn the secrets of the New World Order. Learning those secrets has meant uncovering the hidden agendas for the purpose of overthrowing this country's government and many others of this planet. It has meant finding the truth behind the cover-ups and conspiracies perpetrated by the leaders of our governments.

During my years of "watching" our government, I have been privy to much of the agenda that is now upon us as citizens of this once-great nation.

I have sat in on meetings where discussions of taking away the rights and freedoms, granted by the Constitution of the United States, had taken place.

I have listened to plans to sell out America by some of the leaders of this nation. I have seen the plans to detain Americans in concentration camps that have been created around this and many other countries.

I have actually discussed the effects of a nuclear explosion within our major cities with more than one major politician of this country. We have openly discussed the expected causalities of an action such as this. We have talked about the differences between a full-sized nuke's and a suitcase nuke's effect on these cities.  We have thrown around the possibilities of using such an action to aid in the removal of the Constitution.

This, and much more, was my job within Omega.

Absolutely the best part of this job was the fact that these major players had no idea who I was or what or for whom I worked. For thirty years, these people thought I worked for the Echelon.

Echelon is the name chosen by the leaders of the New World Order. The Illuminati, the Bilderburg, the Knights Templar: There are many names used for the barbaric New World Order leadership. It all boils down to being the very same people, no matter which name you choose.
But, they are the ten families that run the entire world. The people who make the decisions for your life. The people who dictate every move each of you will make throughout your lives.

We know them as the owners of the pharmaceutical-petrochemical corporations.

We know them as the owners of the Federal Reserve Bank.

We know them as our presidents, past, present and future.

We'll come to know them as our captors.

January 25, 1929, the first atomic bomb was tested on this planet.

Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla were only two of the scientists working on this project.

In June, 1929, a small organization known as "Group One" was visited by people representing the Universal Governments.  These representatives were tall, blond, very good looking, and were here to offer an idea to the new, small organization of dedicated patriotic citizens.  This small group of citizens saw the handwriting on the wall.  They were concerned about the direction the world governments and the United States government, in particular, seemed destined to maintain until the end.

An alliance was formed in June, 1929, between the Universal Governments and that small group of Earthlings.  The birth of Omega on Earth, from Group One, took place on that day.  The Visitors brought such a good idea that the young organization was more than happy to accept their proposal.

Omega is the security force of the Universal Governments.


Omega came to Earth for the following reasons.


    1.  Earth is the next planet slated for acceptance into the 

         Universal Governments.

    2.  Now that Earth has come into the Atomic Age, Earth poses 

         a threat of pollution to the Universe.

    3.  The nuclear weapons this planet has in its possession are of 

         phenomenal strength.  Such strength and its full potential are 

         unknown to the people of planet Earth.  The power 

         possessed by these weapons is more than enough to 

         destroy all life, the planet, its atmospheres, and in the 

         process, take the moon with it.

The Universe belongs to all planets.  It is known as the neighborhood.  The neighborhood is not Earth's to pollute or change.

The destruction of planet Earth and its moon would throw off the balance of the Universe.  Yes, planets and suns do explode throughout the Universe.  However, that takes place naturally.  Man-made destruction of any planet is unheard of throughout the Universe.  It is not man's place to overstep the Creator's plan of evolution.

The Visitors have been visiting Earth for millions of years.  However, 1929 was the first time in the history of Earth that the Visitors have remained on the planet for any length of time.

The Visitors are not here to lead Earth into the future.  They are not here to hybridize with Earthlings.  They are not here to colonize Earth.  They are not here to abduct citizens of Earth.  Unfortunately, the governments of Earth, particularly the U.S. government, are abducting people as a scare tactic for the purpose of disinformation.

The Visitors are not here to save Earth from destruction.  If Earthlings choose to kill themselves, they may do so.  However, they will not do it by nuclear means. The 'nuclear means' I refer to here are what I normally call "Big Dog Nukes."  These Big Dog Nukes are unknown to a lot of people on Earth.  These nukes posess the destructive power to completely turn Earth to dust.  And take the moon with it.  If any Earthly government attempts to use these nukes, this would be the ONLY time the Visitors would step in and interfere.  These nukes must not and will not be used...ever.  The smaller nukes, the regular ones, WILL be used.  However, Earth has the ability to clean itself of the radiation and fallout.  The whole scenario is just how the Creator intended it to be. 

Omega consists of representatives from seven hundred fifty-two (752) planets from various parts of the Universe.

Each planet within Omega and the Universal Governments has a Lead Council of fifteen people from the host planet.  Earth is no exception.

Although it is called a Lead Council, these fifteen people do not rule over or control the planet or Omega.  All decisions are made in a fair and democratic manner.  The Lead Council is an advisory board, so to speak.

Each of the fifteen people on the Lead Council were chosen by the Visitors for fairness, understanding, compassion, open-mindedness and are not from families of the elite, politicians or controlling class of planet Earth.

Each of the fifteen were chosen either at birth or before birth.  The chosen fifteen did not become aware of this until 1972.  This was the year Omega instated the Lead Council on Earth. 

The fifteen were taught the correct history of Earth, the history of the Universe and its many planets and occupants.  They were taught about the Treaty of Orion, which brought about the formation of the Universal Governments.  All this was taught to the fifteen by the Plajarans.  Plajara is the oldest and longest-known living planet in the Universe.

The main objective for Omega on Earth is to observe and document the politics of Earth.  To record history as it really happens for the future.  To monitor the subversive groups that make up the governments of so many countries on this planet.

To monitor the cover-ups, conspiracies and control perpetrated by these subversive groups.  To monitor those in control of the governments, such as the pharmaceutical-petrochemical corporations, who are in total control of the superpower governments of planet Earth.

Omega also monitors the planet to see if it follows the prophecies and Bible Code.  Both contain the complete and true history of planet Earth.

Since my induction into Omega in 1972, after my training, I have received visions.  These visions have been constant.  By constant, I mean everyday, every minute, every second.  These visions have been scenes of war and destruction.  Scenes of destruction brought on by Mother Nature and by man.

I have seen earthquakes destroy cities and kill thousands of people and animals.  I have seen earthquakes, man-made, to raise fear and uncertainty in the masses.  Weather patterns that have been changed by nature and by man have wiped out millions in my visions. 

Fire ravaging millions and millions of acres of the earth and burning for months on end has been a constant in my visions.  I have seen crops wiped out worldwide creating great food shortages.  This resulting in man controlling man over a meager morsel of bread. 

I have seen great clouds covering the sun, bringing darkness to the entire planet.  I have seen winter in July.  And I have seen millions dying of the cold.

These visions appeared to me during the last thirty-three years and continue to this very second.  Throughout the last thirty-three years, none of these visions made sense to me.

These are the scenes of the end of life as we’ve known it.  The End Times.  Armageddon.   

I am not trying to scare anyone, just telling what my life's mission has been.  What my job is and has been since birth.  Why I was brought back to life from my stillborn birth…

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