Bossack's Ark

Hi there! 

Mr. & Mrs. Noah here.

Things are getting interesting around the ol' homestead.  I sure hope Ann and I won't be too blown away if a hippopotamus walks into the yard...

There's some curious activity taking place around the homestead.

Here are 2 photos of a bird and a brand new nest being built.  This

bird started this nest overnight and is finishing it today.  We thought

birds only built nests in the spring.  However, this photo was taken today,

Sunday, August 20, 2006.  The nest was not there yesterday.


We have a new bunny running around the homestead.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Miniature dinosaur!! 

Nope, just a little ol' horny toad...

Hey!  Where all da bugs be at?!


Somebunny is becoming very comfortable with Ann and me as we walk around the yard.

She even stays out in the open while we walk around and feed her and the birds. 

I guess she knows a good thing when she sees it.

This is Nervous Jack...

This is Somebunny, you know, as in 'you're no bunny 'til some bunny loves you.'

Somebunny moved in beside our grill-hut and the porch stairs.




Hey, what is that down there?  Do ya think we can eat it?


Will you look at this?!  Can we eat it?


Where did you go?!  Come back here and look at this!  Think we can eat it?!


Will you forget your stomach!  Where are the kids?!  I still think we can eat it!

One night while taking pictures of the 9:10 Express, a bat buzzed us.  Well, later that night Ann stepped out to the porch and lo and behold, there were about a dozen bats perched on the stucco of our house on the porch, roosting for the night.

These are daytime pictures.  Look at them covering their eyes from the sun while they sleep.


We have two bird feeders on the porch.  Mostly, we get little finches and sparrow-type birds. 

However, lately, we have Mourning Doves sharing the feeders with the sparrows.

Gee, and I thought Mourning Doves were only ground feeders...

This little guy seems to be complaining.  Hey, Lady!  How about leaving some for me?

We haven't seen Quail in a couple of years.  Now, we have what seems to be hundreds in the morning, feeding in our yard. 

Here are two of our quail running through the yard.

This is Bull, the Bull Snake.

Bull Snake is a harmless snake and is named for its distinctive hiss, which sounds like a bull grunting.
They are found in agricultural areas of the U.S., where they prey on rodents that destroy crops. They are whitish to pale brown with dark blotches and from 1.5 to 2.4 m (5 to 8 ft) long.

Three types of bull snakes are the common bull snake of the central U.S., the western bull snake of the West Coast, and the pine snake of the East and Gulf coasts.

Bull snakes are also sometimes called Gopher snake.

This Red Tailed Hawk stops by every now and then just to check on things...


And, watching over it all is our own Homeland Security...Buddy.