The Original Roswell I-Beam Replica

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      Richard Clayton Harris, Jr.

  Born August 3, 1915
    Died August 12, 1997

     Budget and Fiscal Officer
        Roswell Army Air Field 1947
      Roswell, New Mexico

Caption on photograph reads:

Roswell AAF N.M. Budget & Fiscal Office July 1947

Red circle Dad

Yellow circle Mother

     July 4, 1947:  The day that Roswell, New Mexico, became the Mecca for UFO investigators.  The day that the United States government started one of its longest and greatest cover-ups.  Dad was at the very heart of it.  I was almost six months old.
     As Budget and Fiscal Officer, it was his job to allot the funds necessary for the cleanup and cover-up of a crashed space ship north of Roswell that has become known as The Roswell  Incident.   Dad allotted the funds to pay for housing and food for extra personnel, and extra fuel for the unscheduled flights to the air field at Fort Worth, Texas, and then on to Wright Patterson Field near Dayton, Ohio.
     Dad had a chance to view the bodies.  But he did not have a strong stomach.  As he approached the door to the morgue, the odor turned him away.
    However, he did mention in a 1997 interview with Kevin Randle for Strange Universe, that it was, in fact, a space ship that had crashed near Roswell in 1947.
     As a result of this interview, which first aired February 12, 1997, Dad was killed in his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Dad was 82.  The circumstances behind his death are very strange, indeed.  Being confined to use a walker, it was unusual for it not to end up near his body.  There was a six-inch hole in the adobe wall;  his skull was crushed in the back, and his neck was broken.  The Albuquerque Police Department and the Medical Investigator said that the hole was caused by his fall from a standing height.  But what made the purple bruises on his forehead and face?  Why was his body found ten feet from that hole in the wall?  Why was there blood on the carpet, on the couch, and on the phone??  Why were his slippers found at the opposite end of the room, in the dining area, on opposite sides of that room???  None of this was mentioned in the police report or in the coroner's report.  One more question:  Why were there CIA agents investigating along with the APD?

    I have had a life-long interest in UFOs and Visitors because of being born in Roswell in 1947, and because my father was directly involved in the Roswell Incident.
    All my life, I would ask Dad to tell me about what he saw.  He would bend down, get right in my face and shout, "We were told to forget it.  It never happened."
    But I never stopped asking him.
    In 1996, I opened a small business in Old Town Albuquerque called UFO LAB.  It was a huge success for such a tiny shop.  Then, a free-lance producer's wife, Mrs. John Grace, found the UFO LAB.  She brought John along on her very next visit and he asked to do an interview as UFO LAB was the only one of its kind in the world at that time.  During the interview, I explained about my dad and my life-long interest in this subject.   I was shocked when Dad agreed to be interviewed by Kevin Randle for Strange Universe.  The segment turned out well.  I was rather pleased.  It first aired on February 12, 1997.  And, Strange Universe ran our segment all that year in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident.  About once a week, customers would come running into the UFO LAB and excitedly tell me that they'd seen me on television the night before.  Life was fun.
     On August 13, 1997, my brother called to tell me that our father was dead.  He had been dead for about 12 hours when his caregiver found him and called 911.
    Less than a month later, Stanton Friedman introduced me to Dennis Bossack on September 9, 1997.   It was love at first sight.  We were married on December 27, 1997.  Even though Dennis and Dad never got to meet each other, Dennis honors him, and me, by referring to Dad as his father-in-law.  We packed up and headed for the East Coast on January 14, 1998,  settling in Hope Valley, Rhode Island, on March 27, 1998.
    In September, 1999, plans were initiated to re-open the UFO LAB in Richmond, Rhode Island.  The grand opening of our museum, information center and gift shop began the week of November 22, 1999.  Stan Friedman was in attendance for a book signing and chatting with customers.  Of course, he charmed everyone, as usual.  Along with many other famous folks, Stan's also been a guest on our radio show,  DNA LIVE RADIO which aired on Sundays, from 6 to 10pm, WBLQ, 88.1 FM,  Westerly,  Rhode Island.  Our last show there was December 2, 2001.

Ann Bossack


The Original Roswell I-Beam Replica

$20.00 includes shipping.  Contact us at